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Who Is the Messiah? The Exclusive with Nuri Muhammad

Who Is the Messiah? The Exclusive with Nuri Muhammad

Is it possibleEbony S. Muhammad (EM): I would like to begin with a quote from Brother Jabril Muhammad out of his publication, “Is It Possible That the Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive???” He says, “Remember , the devil has built a religion (in fact, this entire world) on lies and half truths about Jesus”.

The whole world is awaiting the Messiah who is prophesied to come at a particular time under particular circumstances.

My question to you is who is this devil that Brother Jabril is speaking of, and what are some examples of how he is using religion to deceive the world about Jesus?

Nuri Muhammad (NM): Of course whenever we speak in terms of Satan, Devil, Iblis, Lucifer, the Dragon or the Serpent under the searchlight of the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, we don’t see those as ghosts, monsters or goblins. We understand that the Scripture was written in parables, metaphors and similes. Each of these labels or names are descriptions of a human being. Therefore, as the Bible says in 2 Thessalonians, “They shall not come except there be a falling away first…”. Look at the language, “…and the man of sin be revealed.” The father of sin has been in the world, but he’s been misrepresented by everybody as being a monster, a ghost, a goblin or some spirit. Yet, if the man of sin has to be revealed, this means that the masses of the people have not known the Devil or Satan for being what he really is. They’ve been looking under the ground, in the sky for some immaterial, superficial being when he actually is a human being. What we learn from the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is that God is a man and so is the Devil.

It should be very obvious that what Brother Jabril is saying in this statement is 100 percent Actual Fact, and the Scripture backs him up in what he is saying. In the Bible, in the book of Revelations, it reads that Satan deceived the whole world. Well the question is are Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus not in the world? If Satan has deceived the whole world, then everybody has been the victim of the touch of Satan. Therefore, what people call religion today shouldn’t be called religion, because it doesn’t meet up to the definition when you look at what each religion is striving to produce.

The goal of most religions, when you study them, is to turn the people who accept the religion into believers, worshipers, followers, saints, disciples, apostles or companions. However, the word religion in its etymological root is: re- meaning to do again and ligion– in Greek meaning to get to God. So religion is supposed to be a spiritual process that gets man back into oneness with God. Therefore, the goal with real religion is not to produce a saint, a disciple, apostle, worshiper, believer, follower or companion. The real goal of a real religion is the turn man into God. Hence, when you study religions all over the Earth as well as their goals and you study the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as exemplified and explained by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, you find that the Nation of Islam is the only group on the face of the Earth that really meets up to the definition of religion; getting back to God, becoming God. Our ultimate end is not to stop at discipleship or apostleship. Our goal is to meet with God, to become one with Allah (God) and to become gods walking among men.

secretI can’t speak for exactly who he (Brother Jabril) is talking to, but he sounds like he’s addressing what the Bible would call those principalities and the rulers of the darkness of this world. The spiritual wickedness that exists in high places. Not just the common, average, everyday do-bad devil in the streets. He’s dealing with the higher authorities of devil that has the ability to make domestic, foreign, political and religious decisions. They are the ones that have manufactured this system.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said this, “The greatest deception in this world is to have the whole world looking back 2,000 years ago for the Messiah”. That is the greatest deception. Out of all of the lies that have ever been told to any human being on Earth; and we know that all lies go against the grain of the nature of the brain. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that the brain cells were created to think right. Each lie told to the brain has a certain amount of destructive power attached to it depending upon the size of the lie. Well, what the Minister is telling us is that the most destructive, most powerful lie that destroys the brain is to have the world looking back 2,000 years ago for the Messiah.

Do you know to look that far back and to see accurately is impossible? Man only has 20/20 vision. That means that the human eye is only built to see 20 feet away, even in its healthiest state, and judge things accurately. Once you get to 30 feet, 40 feet, 50 feet then there becomes distortion. Well we know that from what we’ve been taught that those Scientists Who made Bible and Holy Qur’an, made one year of history for every one mile of the whole circumference of the planet. Therefore, to have somebody looking back 2,000 years spiritually for the Messiah is like asking somebody to look 2,000 miles backwards to judge an object properly. It’s too far away. The eye is not built to see that far, and the mind cannot even calculate. So, we live in a world where everybody has been misjudging who the Messiah is, when he’s coming and how he’s coming. Everybody believes in him, but nobody accurately conceives him until Allah (God) came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad to give us that Knowledge.Fard_Muhammad


EM: Yes sir, thank you very much!

My next question is why Jesus? Of all the Prophets and Messengers of God, there’s more confusion about Jesus especially revolving around his death. What is the significance and what is the purpose for so much confusion? How is it serving the Will of God?

NM: As Minister Farrakhan has taught us in multiple ways, the Adam that brought death into the world through sin represents the grafting of the Caucasian and them coming into existence. They brought sin into the world. The Scripture says, “By one man sin entered into the world, and by one man all will be reproved of sin”. Therefore, whenever you’re looking at Jesus you’re looking at the second Adam. Adam was the first physical replica of man. If people see Jesus as who he really is, then they become obligated to duplicate him as he really is, because he’s that second Adam.

To keep confusion about him is important, because as long as you can keep people looking at different persons or looking at different characteristics about Jesus in an improper way, then they will never be able to duplicate him as he is and allow him to be the second Adam he’s supposed to be.

The thing I would suggest to those who will read this interview and those in the world is that anytime you’re expecting someone to return that you’ve never met, the first thing you’re expecting that person that’s telling you who’s coming to get you or coming to be with you is a description. By the fact that he (Jesus) had hair like lamb’s wool, feet like brass burned in the oven, let’s us know that he’s a Black man.

Then when you look at the characteristics of Jesus and the workings of Jesus, we should be able to list those characteristics as a template and lay it over the top of whoever we’re thinking in modern times to be that Messiah figure. If he does not match those characteristics then he’s not the one, but if you find someone that matches them then you’re looking at him. In mathematics there’s a Law of Probability that says whenever you have twelve or more details in an object that matches the object you’re comparing them to, then you are looking at the same object just in a different space at a different time.

imageWe as followers of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, challenge the world to take the function, workings, description and characteristics of Jesus and lay that over-top of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad or lay it over-top of the works of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, and I guarantee you can find twelve or more details. Jesus’ mother’s name was Mary. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s mother’s name was Marie – same name. It says in the Scripture that Jesus came among his own and his own received him not. How did we handle the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and how are we handling the Minister? He made the blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, the lame walk and he raised the dead. Turn all of those physical healings in a spiritual reality, then look at the way the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan have done with the Teachings. We can keep going on and on and everything we read about Jesus we see manifest in the workings of the Minister and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. If there are twelve or more details that you find common in comparing in the Minister or the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad to Jesus, then by the Law of Probability in mathematics we can say we’re looking at the same object, just in a difference space and time. Therefore, these represent Jesus to us.

EM: Beautifully said! Thank you!

We’re taught that there are parts of the Bible that is considered seventy-five percent prophesy. How can one properly view or learn to view its contents and correlate it with what is taking place today? Why is it so important to be on time with that prophesy, and what is the drawback or consequences of misunderstanding the Time?

NM: Man, these are very good questions… The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said in Message to the Blackman that the Bible is nearly two-thirds prophesy, which would make it about sixty-six percent prophesy and thirty-three percent history. What he did say was that seventy-five percent prophesy was the New Testament. Twenty-five percent of what we read about Jesus actually happened 2,000 years ago, and the other seventy-five percent is happening now.

If we’re going to use the Bible and turn it into some holy history book where everything we’re reading about happened 2,000 years ago, 4,000 or 5,000 or 6,000 years ago, and it happened in another country on another continent to another people, then it would be better for us to throw the Bible and the Holy Qur’an into a pillowcase and fight the Devil with the pillowcase. We can’t call the Bible the living Bible. Every church I’ve been to, they’ve referred to the Bible as the living Word of God; emphasis on the word living. Living means to be in existence at the present time. If it is in existence at the present time, we can’t afford to look at it as a history book telling us about what God did to people on other countries and other continents that look difference than us and not try to be able to relate that to the modern time. No. If we study it right we have to look at some of the signs and descriptions that tell us that God, Himself, didn’t want us treating it like an old history book.

The fact that we don’t know any last names of anyone in the Scriptures…what was Moses’ last name? You say, “Well Jesus’ last name was Christ”. That wasn’t his last name, that was his title! We don’t know the last name of Abraham, Solomon or David. If God was interested in us looking at this as history, then He would have wanted us to know the family that these people came from. The fact that the last names are not mentioned shows that God is more interested in us studying the function of the people than the family that the people came from.

bible-quranWe call Bible and Holy Qur’an “Scripture”. Scripture by definition means a part of a greater writing. There is more than we read in the Bible and Holy Qu’ran that makes up the Word of God. The 66 books of the Bible or 114 chapters of the Holy Qur’an does not match the great Wisdom of the All-Knowing. The Holy Qur’an says it like this, “If all of the trees in the earth were pens, and the sea with seven more seas added to it (were ink), the words of Allah would not be exhausted. Surely Allah is Mighty, Wise”. (31:27) Therefore, when you look at the amount of ink and pens as compared to water and trees that it would take to write the Bible or Holy Qur’an, all you would need is a twig and a puddle. Not all of the seas with seven more added to it with all the trees as pens. The Wisdom of Allah is that much bigger than the Bible and the Qur’an.

However, the word scripture also has in it, as a base word, script. A script by definition is a pre-recorded document that dictates actions in advanced generally for plays or movies. Long before the stage has been built for the play, long before the lights and cameras are on to film the movie, somebody wrote a script. The script tells the actors and the actresses what to do, what to say, when to do it, how to say it and how to do it. Well the Bible and Holy Qur’an are not scripts for plays or movies, these are scripts for life. Allah, out of His Mercy, has written thousands of years ago, in advance, what we were going to be experiencing today. Therefore, if you’re reading the Holy Qur’an where it says, “If believers say to you this, say this…”, what is He saying? He’s already seen down the line of time.

If two-thirds of the Bible is prophesy then look at the Qur’an. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad told the Minister, “Two-thirds of the Book is for me and the other third is for another fellow. I’ll let that other fellow worry about his part”. I wasn’t that good in math, but I know that two-thirds plus one-third equals three-thirds, and three-thirds is the whole thing. Therefore, it’s the whole Holy Qur’an; two-thirds of it for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the other one-third is for another fellow, meaning someone coming after him. To save time we’re going to go ahead and tell everybody that the other person is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan!hmlfsmile

If two-thirds was for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the other third is for the Minister then all three-thirds of the Holy Qur’an is for us today. To look at the Scripture any other way is to violate the purpose for why God, Allah, revealed it. Out of His Mercy He gave us the strategy and a playbook of our Enemy, in both Books (Bible and Holy Qur’an), and He told us what to say, when to say it and how to do it; not so that we can make a good play or make a good movie, but so that all of us can live a good life.

EM: Powerful points!

With all of the above that you’ve shared and bridging the gap between how Scripture is made to look like history and bringing it into modern time, recall Peter who denied Jesus three times. What would that denial look like today towards the one who is in our presence right now representing the Messiah? What is the penalty of that denial?

NM: Out of the Mercy of Allah (God), He gives us an opportunity to study the Scripture, and we can actually pick what role we want to play in life. We have the opportunity to look and say, “Wait a minute, do I want to be an enchanter, a sooth-sayer, a magician, one of Pharaoh’s people or do I want to be with Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Caleb and the Children of Israel? Now what we get an opportunity to do is study the function of those people. The Qur’an tells us to travel the Earth and study the ends of those gone before us. Well it would cost a lot of money to travel all over the Earth and interview a bunch of people, but it doesn’t cost anything to pick up the Scripture and travel the Earth through Scripture and even travel through time and look at the ends of those who have gone before us. We have the opportunity to look at the Disciples of Jesus, see what they did of good and we can also see where they went wrong. Being the disciples of Jesus in this modern time, we have to be involved in self-examination, self-analysis that should lead to self-correction, especially when we find our way or characteristics matching any of the disciples that did not stand as strong as they should have stood during the time of the capture and the crucifixion.

For us to deny would mean that we are afraid, timid in our willingness to express that which has saved our lives and more important than that who it is that has saved our lives. If we are tested in the heat of Martial Law, door to door combat or whatever the enemy has coming for us in the future, or if the propaganda machine and the Dragon begins spewing his flood out, or if Allah (God) chooses to allow the Minister to be arrested, then after he is arrested the Scripture says this, “Satan desires the head of the woman but he could not get to her head so Satan bruised the heel of the woman.” Well the woman represents the Messenger of God. The head represents the Minister; he’s out front, he’s the brains, he’s thinking for the Messenger and for the Nation (of Islam). Yet, the heel is beneath and behind. What is beneath and behind in the Nation of Islam or in any movement are the followers of that movement. Satan knows that he is not going to be able to break the Minister’s resolve to accomplish everything that the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad desires to accomplish. He knows that he can’t break his (the Minister’s) will. Therefore, he (the Enemy) is not investing a whole lot of energy on breaking the Minister. He’s coming after the heel to see if he can bruise the heel, and that’s us.

We have to take advantage of this opportunity to study the history of those who were with Jesus during the time before the capture, before the crucifixion and then after resurrection. Let’s just stay in the expression of discipleship that was attached until after they accepted the resurrected Christ.

To be honest with you, the Minister said as it relates to prophesy, some prophesies cannot be changed. They are absolutely going to come true, but some prophesies are conditional. With those prophesies that are conditional, we have the opportunity to either do one of two things: either beat it or repeat it. All it takes to beat it is to look at what they did, how they went wrong and change the way we do it, and be prepared for whatever test they flunked when that test comes to us. He shouldn’t find any of the soldiers outside with the Enemy trying to get warm and too afraid. The same person that cut the ear off of the man; you were so zealous, so powerful, so strong, so bold while he (Jesus) was here. The Minister said this to me one day; he said, “The love that you all have to have for me is not a love for me in the presence, it is a love for me in the absence. That was the kind of love I had to have for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and you all have to have that same love”.

We have people in our Nation (of Islam) that we call the Pioneers that were here prior to 1975 that have so many actual facts and actual accounts of history where those who chose to deny the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and chose to allow the Nation (of Islam) to fall, many of them ended up in insane asylums. Some lost their minds and even took their lives or went back to being worse than what they were before they ever met the Teachings. So we should say in our minds I don’t want to repeat the history of the time that they captured and crucified Jesus, nor do I want to repeat the history of the time that when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad left that people actually went crazy. I don’t want to be in that number. I want to be in that number when the Saints go marching in.

EM: Yes sir, absolutely!

Thank you so much for this brilliant representation and explanation of Who is the Messiah! May Allah continue to bless you Bro. Nuri!

NM: All Praise is Due to Allah! Thank you!






Brother Nuri Muhammad is the Indianapolis, IN Representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan at Muhammad Mosque NO. 74. You are welcome to follow Brother Nuri on Twitter @Nuri1974 and Instagram @NuriM

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