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Turning Wounds Into Wisdom – Fighting Against Domestic Violence/Sexual Abuse

Turning Wounds Into Wisdom – Fighting Against Domestic Violence/Sexual Abuse

On Saturday, December 12th, at 6P (CT), the live premiere of the Turning Wounds Into Wisdom Summit will air for your enjoyment and empowerment! As a special bonus, we have included the full footage of the power-packed panel discussion. This panel discussion delves into some of the most difficult questions revolving around sexual assault/abuse and domestic violence and answered by those possessing personal and professional experience. We pray that not only will this summit provide you with tools to heal from past events of sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking victimization, but that you will be inspired to thrive forward in spite of these events. If you know someone who is battling the above, be encouraged and extend the invitation to them to view our live premiere! It will be life-changing and life-saving!

Peace & Love,

Ebony S. Muhammad, Publisher of Hurt2Healing Magazine

Founder of Wounds2Wisdom

The Gold is for the value that our Wounds bring into our lives, resulting in invaluable Wisdom…

The Purple is for the God-given Royalty we possess despite our Wounds…

The Teal is for the Majestic and Glorious journey back to loving ourselves and seeing ourselves as worthy to be loved in spite of our Wounds…


Wounds2Wisdom Transformation Summit (Part 1 – Featured Speakers)


Wounds2Wisdom Transformation Summit (Part 2 – Panel Discussion)





Ebony S. Muhammad, Publisher of Hurt2Healing Magazine, is sounding the alarm. She is calling together all women and girls, ages 10 and up, for a day that will be the catalyst for healing and transforming wounds into wisdom.

According to, 1 out of 5 girls are a victim of child sexual abuse. 20% of self-report studies show that adult females experience sexual assault or abuse. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 1 out of 5 women have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime. 1 out of 5 women have experienced stalking victimization during their lifetime in which they felt very fearful or believed that they or someone close to them would be harmed or killed. The troubling fact about these statistics is that these are only the reported cases.

It’s time to gather all women and girls for a life-changing experience that will not only arm them in the case of prevention, but will also initiate a healing from their pain to be transformed. Our suffering in silence is OVER!




Hurt2Healing, which originated in 2006 during the Essence Musical Festival, was an event organized by men for women; From Hurt to Healing: Protecting the Essence of Our Sisters. This groundbreaking march and rally was led by brothers Deric and Jesse Muhammad. Ebony S. Muhammad, who served as the assistant event coordinator, desired to continue the effort of taking women as well as men from hurt to healing. After meeting with both founders she designed a publication that would provide a world-wide platform for healing. Ms. Muhammad expanded the subject matter to relationships, music/entertainment, spiritual health and wellness.

Hurt2Healing Magazine, affectionately referred to H2H Magazine, offers that glimpse of hope that there is life after painful experiences. H2H Magazine provides a support system through each article and interview by letting the reader know that they are not alone and that someone lived to tell their story with a smile on their face and with a renewed mind and spirit. They acquired wisdom, they became transformed.


W2W 6x4



On December 13, 2014, Hurt2Healing Magazine will come off of the pages to provide an empowering experience with dynamic speakers and expert panelists who will tell their story and provide sound guidance.  This will be a very interactive summit! These issues affect women and girls all over the world, whether by way of a personal experience or an experience of someone they know. It’s time to affirm our victory! Our suffering in silence is OVER!  On this day, shame and loneliness will shed like the ash from the Phoenix Bird. On this day you will experience the power you’ve had all along and claim the life you deserve, the magnificent purpose God Created you to fulfill!

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the Will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. – Romans 12:2

 W2W 6x4 2.0



Ebony S. Muhammad


Ebony S. Muhammad is the Publisher of Hurt2Healing Magazine (H2H), which is celebrating five years of publication. She served as the Assistant Event Coordinator during the 2006 Hurt to Healing march and rally against domestic violence, “From Hurt to Healing: Protecting the Essence of Our Sisters”, which was an event organized by men for women during the Essence Music Festival weekend in Houston, Texas.

Ms. Muhammad is a Certified Thanatologist, specializing in grief and bereavement with a background in forensic psychology. She is also a published writer and photographer.

In 2013 Hurt2Healing Magazine was listed as a finalist in the Black Weblog Awards for Best Health or Wellness blog, and is currently a semi-finalist for 2014.

Ms. Muhammad is the proud Owner of Origins Massage Spa, the first establishment to use food-based products in all spa treatments. Her motto is, “If it’s not safe enough to eat, why put it on your skin?”




Deric Muhammad believes that man is given power for one reason; and that is to serve others. Muhammad is an accomplished Houston-based Activist/Organizer who addresses issues on Social Justice, Black Male Development, Police Brutality, Racial Inequality and other critical topics. Muhammad prides himself in being an “on the ground watchman” of Freedom, Justice and Equality for the Black community and other poor, underserved, disenfranchised communities, as well. Mr. Muhammad is the Founder of Hurt2Healing, the Black Male Summit and is a published author.

In 2009 he independently produced and starred in a critically acclaimed documentary called “Raising Boys: Tips for Single Moms” that addressed the plight of Black women raising sons in the absence of a father. He recently launched a Houston-based Black Male Initiative called Project FORWARD that focuses on Stopping Inner-City Violence and creating Economic Development.



3rd Best Speaker in the World


Kelly Sargeant is the recipient of numerous local, regional and international speaking awards. She is often requested to share her enthusiastic energy as a facilitator or speaker at various meetings, conferences and special events. What sets Kelly apart are her uninhibited ways of exposing her own vulnerabilities; while making her audience feel comfortable acknowledging, expressing and overcoming their own. She consistently delivers with impact – leaving her spectators uplifted, intellectually stimulated, and emotionally triggered. They describe Kelly as, “motivating, animated and entertaining.”




Entertainer. Philanthropist. Mother. Author.
Jillian “JJ” Simmons, a fifteen-year veteran radio host from Cincinnati, Ohio, is more than just another voice to fill the airwaves. As an on-air talent, she has captivated listeners from major cities from across the country, and currently Houston (KBXX-FM). Through programs like JJ’s “I’m Me Tour”, young ladies in middle school and high school receive empowering messages of self-worth and what their value is to the world. The “I’m Me” Tour is designed to give the tools they need to challenge themselves in all areas of their lives including sessions on Health/Fitness, Beauty/Style, Goal Setting, Etiquette and more!





Mavis Jackson is the Founder and CEO of the Overcomers Foundation, Inc. Its mission is to provide consultation and counseling to individuals seeking help overcoming addictions and major life changes. Ms. Jackson desires to help those who want to help themselves by simply taking the first step. She believes that people can overcome any & all life challenges with the appropriate assistance and the personal determination to live a better life. Ms. Jackson strives to serve populations that find it difficult to find help and those having an honest desire to change their life. She is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and a survivor of domestic violence.



Charissa Hall, LPC



Charissa Hall is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the Owner of Positive Fruits Counseling Services in Houston, Texas. She has been in mental health and social service arenas for over 9 years. A Houston native, she has her undergraduate degree in Psychology and a graduate degree in Counseling. She has worked with a variety of populations including the elderly, mentally impaired, children, and incarcerated females. The kindness of her spirit and friendly personality helps her build positive rapport with her clients. Through a cognitive behavioral perspective and heart based in Christian principles, she tries to assist clients in reaching their best potential by changing their thoughts and how they interpret the information around them.



Charlene Muhammad


Charlene Muhammad is the National Correspondent for The Final Call News. She is also the Founder of Pumps on the Ground, which is independent media project that focuses on the stories behind the stories that do not always make it to the news cycle.  She has done extensive cover stories surrounding sexual abuse and domestic violence such as Save Our Girls, Breaking the Cycle: Domestic Violence Among Youth as well as Beaten, Branded and Abused.

Mrs. Muhammad is the host and executive producer of Liberated Sisters Radio Show based in Los Angles. She is a proud wife and mother of two; a son and daughter.


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#Wounds2Wisdom Radio Interview Schedule (Central Time)

11.8.14 Tre` Vibrations w/ Paul Queen & Secunda Joseph (8AM)

11.16.14 Pan-African Journal w/ Akua Holt (8PM)

11.21.14 Harlem 411 w/ Haja (5:30PM)

11.26.14 Proclaim It Radio w/ Aqueela Muhammad (5:30PM)

12.2.14 The Black Voices w/ Jose Grinan on FOX 26 

12.3.14 Connect the Dots w/ Robert Muhammad  (3:30PM)

12.4.14 Elevated Places w/ Ava Muhammad (7PM)

12.5.14 Liberated Sisters w/ Charlene Muhammad (6PM)

12.7.14 Sunday Morning Live w/ Magic 102.1 FM (9AM)

12.9.14 Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say (On the Air) w/ Liana Lopez (6PM)

12.10.14 All Real Radio w/ ZIN (









Surviving In Numbers – Survivors of Sexual Assault

Stalking Resource Center

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape

Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Center (SAVA)

Wendt Center for Loss and Healing

Victims of Crime

Rape Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)

Break the Cycle

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H2H Magazine is the ultimate lifestyle digital publication that has been described as inspiring, life-saving and cutting-edge. Known for it’s penetrating exclusive interviews, H2H holds to the principle that there are no subjects too heavy for discussion.

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[…] women everywhere, through auditing (pathways to inner healing), the Hurt to Healing process of (Turning Wounds into Wisdom) via discussions in her Magazine ( and the background experience she has in […]

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