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When It’s Time To Let Go

When It’s Time To Let Go

It’s time to let go.

Let go of the need to heal other people instead of taking the time to heal yourself.   You spend so much time worried about the pain others endure without looking at the toll is takes on you.  Your anger, depression, and internal pain could be because you choose to neglect yourself in the process of taking care of someone else.  You say to yourself, “If I don’t take care of this/him/her/them, then who will?”  But who takes care of you?

It’s time to let go.

Let go of the pain passed on from generation to generation.  You don’t have to be like your mother or her father’s mother or anyone else in your family.  You have to remember that a generational curse cannot be passed down to someone who recognizes it, and some of us seem to drown ourselves in the pain from our past.  We get fixated on what we think our life is supposed to look like and we forget to live in the now.  We forget that we make up our future based on our mindset from our present.  If you spend your present living in your past you’re sure to repeat that past in your future.

We just can’t let go.

We don’t take the time to heal from past hurts before piling new ones on top to mask the old.   Our minds become an episode of Hoarders as we hold on to this past hurt from an associate, a friend, a relationship until we can’t enjoy anything healthy because our minds are focused on what could go wrong based on the past.  It’s this type of dysfunction that keeps you in bondage to yourself.  STOP IT.

It’s time to let go.

Let go of toxic people who come into your life to cause you harm by way of mental, verbal, and emotional abuse.  You deserve more than the horrible words someone wants to place upon you.  You deserve more than a guilt trip because you choose to not give your all to someone who is not worthy.  You have the right to say goodbye to anyone at anytime for any reason.  You owe no one an explanation for your decision to let go of an abuser.

Let Go of those who stunt your growth by telling you what you cannot do, who you cannot be, what you cannot see…  THEY don’t know you, so how then could they speak this into your life with your permission.

Let go of the need to allow anyone to tell you who you are NOT by first knowing WHO you ARE.

Let Go of every single thing that you think or believe is the key to your success if it isn’t working.

Let Go of every situation that stunts your growth; your branches were made to spread wide, not to be plucked by the unworthy and untrained toxic individuals who you have around you.

I know it hurts to Let Go.

I know it hurts to let go because: He/She loves me, I can’t live without him/her, he/she will change, I gossip for entertainment….and all the while – these things, these excuse you make to pacify self, turn into your crutches that bare too much potential to be collecting dust the way you are allowing!

Please take some time and let go.

It’s so necessary.  It may be the first time you actually have felt relief in months or even years.  It may scare you half to death because it’s so unlike you.  You may be afraid that people won’t recognize the “new you” but what you don’t realize is every time you make a decision to harm yourself, that’s not the “real you” but some façade of who you are supposed to be.   Your freedom should be your priority.  Your freedom from mess, stress, gossip, lies, pain, frustration, ego, pride….  Your freedom is your birthright and you are supposed to exercise your right to freedom daily.  When then, my love, are you holding yourself in this emotional purgatory?



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