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When Did Stress Become Sexy?

When Did Stress Become Sexy?

By Dominique Anderson


“But first coffee!”

“I don’t have a 9-5, I have a from-when-I-open-my-eyes-until-I-close-them. #bosslife”.


From glancing at my feed, the thing that strikes me is how lack of sleep, crazy hours and stress has become a badge of honor for many entrepreneurs. The bags under your eyes are equivalent of a wall plastered with degrees from the world’s most prestigious universities. It proves you’ve been through the trenches and that you’re the real deal. People are proudly chiming on how many cups of coffee they need to make it through the day or share memes about their insane to-dos.


Stress is glamourous.

Frazzled is sexy.

Except it’s not!


Pushing to your limits sounds great, what’s a little less fab however is what happens when you actually hit your limits.
Ask the CEO of BMW who collapsed in the middle of a speech or Ariana Huffington who collapsed and woke up in a pool of blood how they felt. I would bet fab wasn’t the answer.

There’s nothing sexy about collapsing.

And in terms of adding value to business nothing screams I-am-in-control-trust-me-to-solve-your-problems-and-deliver-what-you-need-on-time more than collapsing from exhaustion in front of a client, right?
Yes, that’s what I thought.

I was kind of sold on the whole ‘work hard, push harder’ thing until I hit my wall. Since then my body has been very uncooperative every time get too crazy. So as much as I would be tempted to join the participate in the stress fest some days, I have had to take a pass for some time.

Instead I had to develop new strategies to limit my stress and bring some balance into my life. If you’re interested in learning my tricks I share some of the best ones here.

I’ve learned to say ‘no’.
I’ve learned to shut down and not go on all night.
I’ve learned to leverage systems.

It probably doesn’t sound as cool and glamorous as pushing like a maniac but it works. It also helps to preserve my health.

And honestly did we really get started on this entrepreneurial journey to work like horses or was it about working on your own terms, making a difference and having time for what matters?

I can’t help to think that we got side-tracked down the line and we’re mistaking the journey for the destination.

Yes, sometimes you do have to put in the hours and hustle hard. However when that happens too often instead of basking in the glory of our stress, wouldn’t it make more sense to ask what’s broken in our plan?

What do think?

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