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What Others Should Know While You Grieve

What Others Should Know While You Grieve

On the other end of the spectrum, those who are grieving can assist family and friends with ways to comfort them. Below are some useful tips.

Guidelines for Caring Friends/Family of the Grieving Person

1. I will need you to just listen to me whatever I may be saying and not judge me.

2. Please share with me your positive memories and experiences of my loved one, even if it makes me cry. This is good for me.

3. I do not need your advice right now; I need your supportive listening.

4. When I ask you to listen to me I need you to not say that I shouldn’t feel this way, that is trampling on my fragile feelings. Rejecting my feelings is rejecting me.

5. I am not helpless during this time of loss and grieving. I may be discouraged and faltering but not helpless. For you to do something that I can and should be doing for myself contributes to my fears and feelings of inadequacy plus increases my sense of dependency.

6. There are no magic words you could say, so relax and just let me be the grieving person I need to be.

7. Prayer works wonderfully for the grieving person.

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