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What Other Doctors Won’t Tell You – Sleeping Issues

What Other Doctors Won’t Tell You – Sleeping Issues

One-On-One with Dr. Patina Muhammad 


Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): You mentioned that we should get at least 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep and you mentioned a hormone that’s released at that fifth hour, which I have a hard time with because I’m a light sleeper. So, to get five straight hours, if we’re not used to that, how can we start to train our body to do that?

Dr. Patina Muhammad (Dr. P):  You want to train your body to do that because it may not be affecting you now but later on, it’s going to. First, find the reason why you are getting up.  Is it urination, you are a light sleeper, there’s noise in the house…..why is it that you can’t sleep five straight hours? I’ve seen many people who haven’t slept five straight hours in many years and when we get to the cause, a lot of times it is something just as simple as moving the computer out of their room or moving the T.V. out of their room. You realize that when you’re sleeping, it’s just pulling your energy and you’re waking up and don’t even know why you’re waking up. So, that’s one way, if you have a lot of electronics in your home.  When I come back here (Houston), I want to demonstrate a setup. It’s a very beautiful setup that you put in your home that breaks up all of those electromagnetic waves, but at the same time, it pulls all of the good energy so you’ll start feeling more energy instead of the energy being pulled by the EMF (electro-magnetic field).

A lot of times, that’s what’s going on with you waking up.  Also, if you’re eating too late. That would do it too. I don’t really think that you really have to train your body to get the sleep, because your body wants the sleep. Healing takes place when you sleep. There’s so many things that take place when you sleep, and if you don’t get it then those things are not happening. People don’t realize how important good, quality sleep is. Some people don’t even go into the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, that’s the rapid eye movement sleep that’s when you are relaxing. Some people sleep eight hours and wake up tired. So, it’s just a matter of finding out the cause. Everybody has different reasons why they can’t sleep.

EM:  You mentioned eating too late. Some of us eat between 4P-6P and then some of us, whether it’s work related or just circumstances, eat later that 7 P. How critical is the time in which we eat?

Dr. P:  The time factor is a huge deal and that’s one of the things that now, the medical field is bearing witness to the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad because he told us, back in the 30’s and 40’s to eat our main meal between 4 and 6.  He didn’t give us the why but he knew that at a certain time, the knowledge would come into the why.  It’s critical, because during that time is when the digestive system is at its optimum working condition so even if you are lacking something, but because it’s at its optimum working condition , it’s able to break down the foods so much easier and break it all down so that you gain the proper nutrients from the food. Now, when you start eating after 6, 7, 8, 9 the digestive system has practically already shut down for the day. So you go to bed not digesting your food and you wonder why you’re waking up. Well, your body is really trying and it’s expending a lot of energy trying to break down the foods. You notice a difference in when you eat early then in when you eat late.

EM:  Wow!  Let’s go back to not becoming comfortable with these conditions and how we can be stressed and not know it.  Is there a self inventory that is available for us to use to get in tune with our body?

Dr. P: Absolutely. When I ask those questions, the clients are usually like “Wow, these questions are really getting me thinking. I never thought about that.”  It’s those things that you never thought about but it’s those things that we do every single day or that we’re in contact with every single day. Those are the self inventory. Now, its making you think a little differently.

A lot of us don’t even realize it when we’re out driving all day long or we don’t even notice the cell phone towers or the EMFs in the home. So, there are definitely things you want to look at, and filling out those forms and doing a self analysis make you go home and see things like if your bed is against a wall with socket. That’s pulling your energy. I have a little EMF device that I put over the bed to see if I’m being zapped. I forgot to bring it this time, but I use it in hotels.  So definitely, there are checklists and things to see how your home environment, how your work environment [is].  I even ask how long do you drive in a car per day.

EM:  Is this EMF device something we can get at Academy or Wal-Mart?

Dr. P: No, you can’t get it at Wal-Mart, but it’s very cheap like ten dollars. It’s a hand held device, you press the red button and it analyzes the EMFs. Then, once you get the setup and draw the EMF from the room, you can do it again. The first place you can do is the bedroom.

EM:  Let’s discuss the digestive system. If you eat every day, you said that you should defecate every day. I know people who go once, maybe twice a week but they eat every day, sometimes two or three times a day. Just from knowing about the digestive system, that is a serious problem.  What is the cause of not being able to relieve yourself of that waste even if you’re eating every day, even if it’s just one meal a day?

Dr. P:  Right.  In spite the fact that the diet is good.  That is because before we became a Muslim or before we started changing our diet, you already had a problem. You probably had an infection in the colon already. The majority of us were eating pork and you know pork is full of parasitic infections, and so these infections are still in you until you take something to get rid of the infection. Now, they have all kinds of colon cleansers, but a lot of colon cleansers do not kill infection.

The colon is very sensitive, and so I don’t recommend all of those harsh cleansers and stimulants to force a bowel movement because there is a reason why you can’t have it. You need to find out why and if there is an infection, we need to get rid of the infection. Even if it’s a matter of you not getting enough fiber. You have to find out why and not just force the body to go, because you want to go but you want to do it right because in the long run you end up ruining the colon. And I see that among the believers, who have been taking all of these strong harsh stimulants.

EM: What would you recommend for a person to do before they are able to find out and get to the root of the cause to treat it so that it won’t misuse their colon?

Dr. P: There’s only one that I would really recommend right now, especially with not being able to see anybody.  We all know how wonderful garlic is. That’s one of the things that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said. You can eat all of the garlic you want and all of the onion you want, but how many people do you know that can eat a whole bunch of garlic? Yet, he was just making a point on how good it is. We’ve got a substance called Alacedin which is organic bare garlic and another type of garlic formula that if you have any type of infection, it is a broad spectrum antibody for the colon. It always gets you going to the restroom.

Most of us have infection and when you start taking it, you start seeing mucus come out, that’s a sign that you had an infection. So, the Alacedin is good and it doesn’t leave a garlic smell on your breath. Now, if you have a parasite, you have to take a parasitic natural antibiotic for that or if you have the liver fluke, there’s another type. But, the Alacedin, you can’t go wrong taking it because it’s going to go to work in your body somewhere just because we’re so loaded down with toxins.

EM:  Wow! Thank you so much for this information and solutions.

Dr. P: Thank you


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