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What Other Doctors Won’t Tell You – The Truth About Male Balding

What Other Doctors Won’t Tell You – The Truth About Male Balding

One-On-One with Dr. Patina Muhammad 


Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): You mentioned that balding is due to dyhydro testosterone.  

Dr. Patina Muhammad: Having too much [of it].

EM:  Too much of it and it is an indication of prostate issues.

Dr. P: Absolutely.

EM: I, like many, have always understood it to be hereditary, but from what you’re saying, it’s an indication of something deeper.  Why isn’t this discussed more?

Dr. P:  That’s a good question.  I’ve only known of maybe two neurologists who actually show their patients about this male pattern baldness and relaying it to the prostate. When you start to see that it means that there’s too much dyhydro testosterone that’s underneath the scalp that’s not allowing the hair to protrude through the hair follicles. Then, eventually, when they become totally bald and it looks like they put grease on their scalp, that’s the dyhydro testosterone and it is definitely a direct link to the prostate. So, when you see that, that’s when you want to start taking this green mix, and I meant to mention that in the seminar. There’s a green mix with the oat grass and wheat grass. There are three. I can’t remember the other one, but there’s a blend that actually gets rid of the dyhydro testosterone, and they’ll start growing their hair but you have to catch it early enough before the roots start to die, because if it stays there too long, like years, the roots start to die so it would be almost impossible for the hair to come through.

So, when you see that, you know that you’re heading towards prostate issues and usually it goes into the benign prostate, the enlarged prostate then over a period of time, if the person doesn’t correct the problem or if the men are wearing their wallet in their front pocket or they have their cell phone or a pager on your side; all of those things are interfering with the prostate. Now, you’ve got the laptop computer and the poor reproductive system is being fried. I think I started seeing it about four years ago in my practice. These young men coming in with erectile dysfunction and I’m wondering ‘what is this?’ These young men, in their twenties, can’t have an erection. You see on T.V., that’s all their advertising now because so many men are suffering from it.

EM:  Exactly, and they won’t tell us why or what’s causing it. They just want to treat the symptoms.

Dr. P: One of the brothers at the seminar, talked about having a chiropractor that he sees regularly  and how his back keeps going out. The doctor told him not to carry his wallet in his back pocket, because it was throwing his back off but to carry it in the front pocket. And I said to him, “Yea, right. Now it’s frying your prostate.”  It’s so funny because his response was that the he (the doctor) didn’t really care about the prostate because he was a back doctor.  But the thing is, some people know about these wallets and what’s it’s doing, even the police, when you go to the police academy, they train the officers not to carry their wallet on them because it throws your balance off and it throws your back off. So, they know some but they don’t know how deep it goes into causing or being at the root of these terrible diseases that the men suffer from.

EM:  You mentioned cell phones as well. I noticed this morning on my way here that I usually keep my cell phone right here (pointing to lap) so I can feel it or hear it when it rings. I caught myself and thought to myself, “How long have I been doing that?” What damage is being done just by me keeping my cell phone in my lap? Something as small as a cell phone, you said cell phones are computers, but those small things that we really don’t pay attention to are costing us our lives basically.

Dr. P: Absolutely.

EM: I really appreciate that, because it’s helping me to become more conscientious of that. I need to get a protective devices to put on my phone.

Dr. P: Yes. That would be a big difference.

EM: I don’t use the Bluetooth. I have a wire earpiece so it’s not directly to my head. However, I was at work one day, and I had my cell phone on my desk along with paper clips.  I picked up my phone and the paper clips were stuck to the phone. The phone wasn’t even being used, it was on standby. So, when I saw that, it really opened my eyes to how serious it was.

Dr. P: Now, some of those companies, you do have to be aware of because now a lot of companies are just jumping on the bandwagon and making cell phone protectors that are not protecting at all. What I do, when I travel, I always try different cell phone protectors to see which ones are really working. Like the ones here, they work and then there’s some that offer no protection. Just like some of the bottled water.

EM:  You mentioned that there is a parasitic infection that mimics Alzheimer’s disease, and you were saying that it’s the excrements of these bugs that get into the brain. What other things can we look for or pay attention to, aside from just craving junk foods that could be an indication of that parasite?

Dr. P: Diabetes, hypertension or any type of heart disease as well as chronic craving. Now, if it’s a craving on and off or you basically know you were stressed; I’m not talking about that but if you just chronically crave ‘dead foods’ then you may want to consider that infection. That infection, it’s called liver fluke. It travels from the colon and it goes up to the heart and to the pancreas. So, when it gets into the pancreas, of course, the pancreas starts weakening and it doesn’t produce enough insulin so the blood sugar piles up in the blood system. In order for the body to utilize the blood sugar it has to have insulin along with it so you don’t have enough insulin to go around to the blood sugar so it piles up and now they can diagnose you with diabetes. When it gets into the heart, it may cause high blood pressure; it may cause, over a period of time, congestive heart failure. That’s why I say, those diseases, they go hand in hand. Next thing you know, you’re being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. So, you just have to look at the pattern and what’s going on with you. You have to really focus. Now, with the tests, if I see that a person’s colon is weak, pancreas is weak, spleen is weak, heart is weak, I’m definitely going to suspect that liver fluke.

EM:  Wow. So it just moves and infects all parts of the body and the major organs. Then by the time it gets to the brain it’s pretty much a wrap.

Dr. P: Right. That’s why it’s very important to get regular checkups, because if we can catch these disorders and disease in time, they could be totally reversed. But if you wait for years and years, it could cause permanent damage to the brain.

EM: I know, especially with black men, we have a problem with getting checkups. We put that off. We really have a hard time with going to the doctor.  Even to the point where now we have, I think Magic 102 has “Take A Loved One To the Doctor” day, because of that issue.  But knowing that you can catch these ailments and knowing that it may not always be bad news when you get that check up, we can reverse this right now.

Dr. P: Not only that, but you can always go and find out what’s going on and you don’t have to take the treatment right away. A lot of people are so afraid, and they have a right to be afraid but you have to use your common sense.  So, you don’t have to take the treatment. You can go alternative, complementary……there’s different other ways, you just have to be broad minded. But, you don’t want to ignore what’s happening in your body and you don’t want to learn to live with it either.

Continued in Part 3…

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