VOGUE Italia – Modest Fashion At Torino Fashion Week

VOGUE Italia – Modest Fashion At Torino Fashion Week

via VOGUE Italia (Translated from Italian)

Today, Billion 400 million euros a year, but Modest Fashion has always existed, although the attention of fashion designers to outsiders (not in style but because they have to cover the body without emphasizing the shapes), in line with the principles of culture Islamic and not only, has been growing for only a few years. And Turin wanted to help her make it known by giving her a significant space within the second edition of the Torino Fashion Week , which saw the fashion store representatives of Modest Fashion parade to the Devalle del Murazzi del Po stores.

“Muslims guide the question, but a large part of the market is made up of people of other religions who adhere to the cultural values ​​of Modest Fashion, how to cover the body with long, unobtrusive clothes. It is not the official outfit of the Islamic religion, but it is a cultural issue: designers who will be able to better understand the respect for these values ​​will have conquered very loyal customers , ” said Vogue Alia Khan, President of Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) , the leading institution of Modest Design representing the Islamic economy.

Organized by the TMODA association , the Torino Fashion Week has contributed, in Alia Khan’s words, to spread the knowledge of IFDC and therefore also of the Islamic and Middle Eastern world. “This year, the city of Turin has come close to the Islamic world on a social and cultural level, so we wanted to do it through fashion, because I think it is important to make the Islamic world more known at this time,” commented Claudio Azzolini , TMODA president and organizer of the Torino Fashion Week, an event that “aims to have more and more foreign audiences, so that next year we are getting in touch with China, California and South Africa . ”

The last night of the week was attended by 4 fashion designers of Modest fashion: Dian Pelangi, Aab, Natasha Kamal, Amal Al Raisi . After a speech by Alia Khan, a special jury composed of Yamna Aghrib , Brand Ambassador LVMH, Djamila Kerdoun, founder of Sommet International de la Mode (SIM), Aab, the leading international brand of Modest Fashion distributed by Debenhams, and Ala Hamdan , founder Of the AT FILMS production house, has awarded the best Modest designers for each category among the 31 who have parade.

In the category selected by AT Films they won: Ilham Ismail , first ranked, followed by Al Nisa and Bulbulia . In the category selected by the Aab brand, he won NurZahra , followed by Ella Brizadly, Nida Azwer and Sacred . In the LUXURY category selected by Yamna Aghrib, Brand Ambassador LVMH, and Djamila Kerdoun, the founder of the SIM, won first place Amal Al Raisi , Natasha Kamal , second place, Bambah third and fourth place for Jeny Tjahyawati. LVMH has delivered the prestigious Luxury Awards to Holik Gloves, Nida Azwer, Dian Pelangi and Al Nisa, who will join Sommet International de la Mode in Paris on 4 October.

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