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U.F.O.s and The Nation Of Islam: The Exclusive w/ Ilia Rashad Muhammad

U.F.O.s and The Nation Of Islam: The Exclusive w/ Ilia Rashad Muhammad

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Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): Congratulations on your latest publication, UFOs and the Nation of Islam, which was released on September 17th, a very significant day which we will touch on shortly.

One point in particular you make in your book is that it, “Exposes the deliberate attempts by the U.S. Government and mainstream media to conceal the reality of the wheels because of its validation of the truth and the divine backing of the N.O.I.”.

What truth are you referring to? Why would the U.S. Government go to such length to hide this information? What would they accomplish with the public unaware of what is truly taking place? 


Ilia Rashad Muhammad (RM): To be forthright, that truth which world governments have worked to conceal involves the fact that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad met God in person who introduced these planes to him. In turn, Muhammad introduced them to the modern world. The fact that these planes exist, just as he described, gives clear evidence and sure truth that he was taught and commissioned by a power and intelligence that extends far beyond the conventional wisdom of this world. It is that higher power that world governments (led by America) have worked to conceal for several decades. It is that same power that backs and guides the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan today.


EM: As you mentioned in your book, these planes have been sighted all over the world and even caught on video. What is the significance of these sightings?


RM: The reality of these planes offer tangible proof and lucid evidence that the God of Elijah Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan, and the Nation of Islam must be the true and living God! These planes have been sighted globally. They have been reported by high-ranking military officials as destabilizing some of the world’s most advance military weaponry. These planes can move and act in ways that military intelligence has described them as “millions of years ahead of us.” All their descriptions substantiate what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had already explicated before these sightings occurred.

What’s interesting about these sightings and reports is that if these planes can do all of these unfathomable things and move in ways that are eons ahead of today’s wisdom, then can’t the power and technology on those wheels rescue a man from what appeared to be his death? This is very significant since the Honorable Elijah Muhammad alluded that such would take place. This book (UFOs And The Nation Of Islam) tackles these type of questions leaving hardly any room for even our staunchest skeptics to doubt this reality.


EM: As you just stated, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is the first to present this reality of these so-called U.F.O.s to the modern world. Scientists are now confirming everything he has been teaching and everything the Nation of Islam actualizes. What does this mean for the Nation of Islam and what effect will this have on the entire world?


RM: This takes the guesswork out of the NOI theology. We have a saying that “Islam is Mathematics and Mathematics is Islam.” This suggests that we don’t have to guess and hypothesize and theorize about what we have been given; instead, we can research, study, and apply scientific scrutiny to this teaching and still find it to be true. If it’s true, then there should be some evidence to substantiate what was given to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, what was given to Minister Farrakhan, and what he gives to us.

Unfortunately, many of us do ourselves a disservice by not delving into the wisdom of what the Honorable Minister Farrakhan shares with us from his teacher. If we don’t approach this wisdom as thinkers, then we could be like those who ignored rational doctrine and followed those nonsensical teachings instead. The NOI theology is rooted in a mathematically pragmatic doctrine and it should behoove us to take advantage of having this truth on our side.

While many of us are oblivious to this Teaching, the scientific world is recognizing that what Elijah Muhammad taught is the most scientifically accurate doctrine that their academics and scientists have found. These wheel-like planes (called UFOs) that are being sighted worldwide are just one of the many tangible proofs of what he gave.


EM: On September 17, 1985 the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan had his more than a vision experience, where he was taken up onto the Mother Wheel and was addressed by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad through a speaker that was in the center of the ceiling of that Wheel.

He made a public announcement detailing what took place and what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad instructed him to reveal before the entire world, which brought him to do this public address.

How does your book, UFO’s and the Nation of Islam, further explain and verify to the world of this divine connection as well as the truth of Minister Farrakhan’s experience and how the U.S. Government/the media sought to portray him as “crazy”?


RM: The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan does not speak out of vain desire; instead, he speaks the truth of what was shown to him from his Lord at the highest part of the horizon. He made no mistake in telling what was revealed to him, because his experience has been confirmed in the real world.

Interestingly, the Minister held a press conference in the late 1980s to tell the world what took place in his experience on that huge plane called the Mother Wheel. Knowing that the media, his critics, and skeptics would ridicule him, he put forth a dare and a warning by telling the U.S. Government and the world that before they would make mockery of him or call him crazy, these wheels (UFOs) would be seen over the major cities of America! Unsurprisingly, his warning was followed by a wave of UFO sightings starting in the Washington DC area (where he gave his press conference) and continued throughout the country in the days and weeks following that Announcement. Fortunately, we have some of those sightings and news reports on film.

It is very clear and evident that Minister Farrakhan is THE voice of God on earth. No other leader even claims to be connected to and protected by these wheels! Certainly no other leader has been able to summon the powers of those planes and challenge the world’s powers to contend with this truth!


EM: Why is the general population so willing to accept two extremes; that either these U.F.O.s don’t exist or that they are operated by something other than human with all of the visible evidence?


RM: The general population is deceived by those who control the media and control the education and information of this world. So unfortunately, the masses of the people (even those who believe in UFOs) have been deluded by the media’s attempts to fictionalize this phenomenon. Knowing the truth of who and what these planes represent, U.S. Intelligence and their media cohorts have commandeered the public into believing these crafts are either aliens from outer-space, demonic beings, or just altogether fictitious hoaxes.

This is done by what I call ‘Preemptive Propaganda’—a term I use to illustrate how the media is able to deceive people about UFOs before the people even get a chance to witness these planes for themselves. This is why this book is so important, because it elucidates the truth about UFOs and it debunks those theories and misperceptions that have flooded the people’s conscious about this topic. Unlike other theories and UFO-centered beliefs, this research does not have to speculate or hypothesize because we use the most authoritative and reliable sources on this topic.


EM: For what purpose were these planes crafted? Why are they making themselves visible now? Who are the pilots?


RM: Simply put, these planes were crafted for two primary reasons: the destruction of this wicked world (its systems, paradigms, institutions, etc.) and for the establishment of true peace on earth—peace that will reign forevermore. In short, this dual nature explains the primary functions of that huge Mother Plane along with its 1500 smaller wheel-like planes that would be used to guide and protect the real chosen people of God amidst their powerful oppressors.

These are the real vessels of the real God and his host of real angels. These angels are the pilots of these crafts. They are human beings from earth differing from us only in their intelligence, abilities, and countenance. These are the angels whom the Honorable Elijah Muhammad referred to as ‘scientists’, because of their highly advanced intelligence and power. He even had a personal relationship with many of these angels who promised to play an important role in his departure… (hmm).


EM: For those who are not familiar with scripture and these wheels, and for those who are skeptical of the truth of their existence, what evidence does your publication offer?


RM: Regardless of one’s station in life, this book offers evidence from nearly all perspectives! Although we offer the most rational scriptural exegesis for the UFO phenomenon, the reader can approach this book from a strict scientific or academic perspective or even as a cynical skeptic—the truth and facts we present are so evident that they will have no justifiable excuse not to bear witness to what was revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Farrakhan! To deny this truth would be like denying 3+4=7. It would take more cognitive energy to disbelieve than to accept the rational truth. With nearly 300 pages of information, this book contains over 450 citations and references to make it easy for the reader to verify the sources and claims being put forth.

I believe that Minister Farrakhan is going to shake up the world (again) when he deals with this subject in a future broadcast of The Time And What Must Be Done. Hopefully this research will play a part in helping him spread the truth about this often-misunderstood aspect of our teachings.


EM: How can the readers purchase UFO’s and the Nation of Islam? Do you have any future speaking engagements? How can we stay tuned to upcoming events? Social media connections, web site, etc.


Ilia Rashad Muhammad bustRM: This heavily-researched book can be obtained online through our Nation Brothers’ website:

In the very near future, we will have our eBook version available through Amazon’s Kindle and subsequently through Apple’s interactive iBookstore and Barnes & Noble’s Nook—all of which we will have links from our Nation Brothers’ website. Here you can stay updated on different resources and events. Definitely stay connected with me on Twitter: @iliarashad too.

For lectures, presentations, and engagements, you can email to schedule or invite me for your events. Believe me, this is a topic that needs to be heard and understood—We have priceless resources and information that we are eager to share, so book your events today.

I may be out of the country teaching and presenting in Abu Dhabi for a week or so in November (if the Government Shutdown doesn’t affect my travels), but feel free to schedule an event with us.


EM: Is there anything else you would like to add?


RM: Sister Ebony, I just want to thank you and your staff at H2H Magazine for providing much needed content that informs, inspires, and encourages us to know better so we can do better. Keep it coming!

I’ll have you know that I’ll be offering a special acknowledgment to you and others in the upcoming eBook versions of UFOs And The Nation Of Islam. Much love to you from me and my family. Thanks again!


EM: All Praise Is Due to Allah! What an honor! Thank you beloved brother and may Allah continue to Bless you and Work through you!


WATCH: UFOs And The Nation Of Islam – Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Proof! 


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