Transplanting Tips with Ray J. Muhammad, Certified Organic Gardening Specialist

Transplanting Tips with Ray J. Muhammad,  Certified Organic Gardening Specialist

This is the month we want to start getting our transplants for the spring season, if you are living in growing zones 6-9. You can buy seeds from you local gardening store or order online. My two favorite online stores are Johnny Select Seeds and High Mowing Organic Seeds. They both have wide varieties and have experts that can answer your questions. You can also order their free catalogs.


Here is some tips that can help you get started:
* When planting your seeds you want to make sure you are watering really good on the initial water.

* Once seed has emerged you want the soil to be moist not wet. Wet soil can cause a disease call root rot.

* If you are starting your seeds in a area where there is a lack of direct sun, you would want to get some florescent lighting over your seedling about 4 inches from the top leaf and staying on for 18 hr (for ideas on how to build it, there are a lot of good building plans on the web).

* If you are starting inside you want to harden off your seedling before planting them outside. Over the course of two week take your seedlings outside start at 5 minutes then bring them back inside. You want to keep extending the length of time up till 6-8hr before planting outside. If you notice the plants are showing signs of stress cut back on the amount of time there outside.

* Right before transplanting back fill the hole you dug for the transplant with good quaility compost and plant in the compost.

* As soon as you plant, water it in (soak it).


Thank you,

Ray J. Muhammad, Certified Organic Gardening Specialist

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