5 Ways to Turn a Woman Off

5 Ways to Turn a Woman Off

When you think of a woman what comes to mind? She loves to communicate. She loves to express herself. A woman wants a man to connect with her mind and spirit.


[dropcap_blue]1.[/dropcap_blue]A turn off for a woman is a man who does not know how to express himself in the proper manner. When it is time to talk he becomes upset. If you lack knowledge you do not have too much to say.  A prime example of this is, “Yo Baby, can I get your number?” Or a man who nods his head and words do not come out but you may get a grunt sound.

It is as natural as breathing for a man to be the provider for his woman and his family. We live in a society that makes that harder and harder for our black men.


[dropcap_blue]2.[/dropcap_blue] A real woman is not turned off that you are broke. She is turned off when a black man has not ignited his creative mind to come up with ideas to make money legally in these hard economic times. A woman who loves her man will get beside you and work with you and even for your success!


[dropcap_blue]3.[/dropcap_blue] A woman is turned off by a man who is self centered. He only thinks of himself. He believes that everyone and everything should revolve around him.  This is a huge danger sign for women! A selfish man by the nature of his selfishness can inflict deep mental pain and anguish on your life. A man should grow beyond himself before he tries to be with the black woman. As women we do this naturally because we bear children for men. Some men struggle more than others with this aspect. As the head of a household you will have to consider all the facts before you made decisions.


[dropcap_blue]4.[/dropcap_blue] Another powerful turn off for a woman is for a man to be a liar. Tell the truth from the beginning so that she can properly weigh the evidence you have brought forth. A lie will explode in your face and hurt the other person severely. An example of this is if you never tell her you went to prison and she discovers she is HIV positive. Or if you never told her you have three baby Mommas and the child support papers come in the mail.


[dropcap_blue]5.[/dropcap_blue] Another great turn off for a woman is when you are not sexually pleasing her as her man. Do not inflate your skills when there is little to none. On the honeymoon she will experience the reality. I did not say the first date. We cannot be a door knob anymore sisters for every man who wants a turn with us. We are the Co-creators with God.  We must protect our virtue and that of our girls. Wait for the honeymoon you are worth it. Thank you for reading these few words.


 – Sister Cecelia Muhammad


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Sis Tawon June 11, 2013 at 1:27 am Reply

Asa, very well put, straight to the point.

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