These Three Men Saved My Life; Here’s How You Can Help Me Thank Them!

These Three Men Saved My Life; Here’s How You Can Help Me Thank Them!

[Publisher’s note: This testimony was originally published on November 2, 2017.]

By Ebony S. Muhammad

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad was given a Mission, which is the greatest and most difficult mission given to any man: to take a nation of former slaves and so-called negroes and raise a Nation of builders, owners, creators, scientists; a Nation of gods. To take the bottom rail and place it on top, as the Scripture says.

He said that when his Teacher Master Fard Muhammad, Who is the Founder of the Nation of Islam in the West, found him, he was up to his eyes in mud; figuratively speaking. It was the weight of racism, economic stress, the living conditions, the injustice, the lack of freedom and the non existence of equal opportunity….does this sound familiar?

However and regardless of the condition Master Fard Muhammad found him in, he was of the perfect material, possessing the perfect spirit, heart and mind. He was and is the perfect example of what being spiritually and physically transformed looks like and what having one’s mind made up into the mind of Christ and becoming one with God. Step by step, degree by degree. He wasn’t perfect in being flawless, he was perfect in his obedience, his willingness, his sacrifice, his determination, his dedication, his fearlessness and his love.

So before Master Fard Muhammad departed the presence of His student, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad prayed for a helper to assist him in this great Mission, just like Moses prayed to God for a helper through his brother Aaron.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who is the National Representative of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, became and is still his greatest helper. And just like Master Fard Muhammad, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught and trained Minister Farrakhan before he had to depart like his Teacher. AND 40 years in the absence of his Teacher, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is still standing strong at 85 years of age, raising a nation of, builders, owners, scientists, creators and saviours! After 64 years of devoting his life to the Resurrection of the Black man and woman and being a Torchlight for all of humanity, he is NOT tired, he is not slowing down, he is not stopping or retiring or slacking up one bit! It is because he has an Assignment in us; our minds being made into the mind of Christ. Just like his Teacher, he has become the greatest example of what that looks like. He is a moving reality.

I would like to bear witness, briefly, to the love of These Men and the value that they see in us as a people, collectively and individually. Some or maybe most of us may not have been taught our value growing up, especially our individual value as it relates to God. For most of us, we were steered away from seeing ourselves, individually, as valuable to God. I know I was. We think, “Who me? Why would He be thinking about me? Why would God be interested in me?” Somewhere along our lives we were convinced that we didn’t have value and/or that we are not worthy to be valued even by God, Himself. 

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that Master Fard Muhammad, who traveled nine thousand miles to find us and redeem us and restore us to our godly state, said that He would climb a mountain and eat rattle snakes to teach just one of us! Some of us dread climbing the two or three flights of stairs at work. Some of us get a little winded walking to and from our mailboxes, and some of us don’t even want to take out the trash, but Master Fard Muhammad said he would climb a mountain for you and I. He sees our deep value. But not only did He say He would climb a mountain, He said He would eat a rattle snake! Some of us run from roaches, run from mice or stray dogs, but Master Fard Muhammad said He would overcome and eat a rattle snake to teach you and I.

What He is saying to us is that He knows, understands and believes we are so valuable, precious and worthy to be taught the Truth of who we are and saved regardless of our current condition.

Minister Farrakhan said that The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad loved being among the savage. It’s not that our savagery pleased or delighted him, but he knew and knows who we truly are underneath all of that and more importantly Whose we are. Again, we are in this condition by design and circumstance engineered by our open enemy; our former slave masters, their children and those who work for them.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is a man with a heart like Abraham. A man after the heart of God and who practices perfect obedience to God and His Christ. He said himself that he is so thoroughly and deeply in love with Black people. He dies daily to teach us, to defend us, to raise us. He is the arm of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, sharing his Mission of raising a Nation of gods. He knows our condition thoroughly and is in love with us despite that, because he also knows who we are and Whose we are.

For the past 15 years these Men have been transforming me, taking me through a process that is referred to as the Resurrection. It is because of Them I am living with a purpose. It is because of Them I see my true value. It is because of Them I love myself, and that extends all the way into how I dress, how/what I eat, what/who I devote my time to, how I treat people no matter what condition they are in. It is because of these Men I see the value of life and see it as a gift in which I strive to glorify God with my talents and time.

Hurt2Healing Magazine and everything that extends from it is the vehicle by which I strive to do this. If it were not for these Men I would have NOTHING to write about, nothing to publish, nothing of value to share with you. The testimonies and interviews are submitted by those who also bear witness to the love of these Men and/or have been in some way touched by Their work; therefore if it were not for them my existence would have been nullified! If you are reading these words, you have been, in one way or another, touched by the Life-Giving Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad through His Student, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Every year, during the month of February, the Nation Of Islam and our supporters celebrate the birth of Master Fard Muhammad. We show our gratitude for the work, dedication and sacrifice of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who is the people’s champion, defender and greatest friend. We gift Minister Farrakhan with a love offering, in which my goal this year is $2,000, and quite frankly that is a drop in the ocean of what he deserves.

I would like to invite you to help me meet my goal by donating towards my Saviours’ Day Gift, by clicking on the following link. You can donate the amount of your choice; no amount is too small.  DONATE HERE!

I thank you for your ongoing support of Hurt2Healing Magazine and any of the work that I have been blessed to do over the years.

I thank you for your time in reading these words and testimony and for any amount you donate.


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