The Woman’s Role in Making Our Communities Decent Places to Live

The Woman’s Role in Making Our Communities Decent Places to Live

By Anisah Muhammad

God has provided the means for the animal kingdom to police the territories in which they live. If a predator walks beneath the trees of the monkeys, certain species will call out, and the monkeys then make a hasty exit out of the way of danger. Male lions defend their prides against other male lions. Elephants will stomp on animals that present a danger towards their offspring. Even dogs will growl at you if you approach their newborn puppies.

It appears that the animal kingdom knows how to keep danger away from their families and offspring. So, why is it that we humans allow the enemies of our babies to walk freely among us? These animals don’t have systems of law and governance, but they merely act according to the nature Allah (God) created them in.

According to the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, civilization is judged by the female. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said we must make our own communities a decent place to live. If civilization is judged by the female, and our communities are not in the state that they should be in, then what can we as women do to help repair them?

Women are the mothers of the earth, and as mothers, it is our job to birth into place a whole new world.

Let’s teach our sons and daughters how to solve problems and disputes peacefully. So much innocent blood has been shed all over the world simply because two individuals decided to pick up arms instead of dialoging intelligently.

We must also teach our children who their enemies are. The transgenic (artificial) seed cannot exist peacefully with the natural seed. One will weed out the other. Similarly, separation must take place between human beings that cannot coexist peacefully. This unhealthy sort of parasitic relationship exists among the Black and White populations of the earth.

Too many have been traumatized by the violence of Satan’s world, and efforts to stop gun violence and the killing of one another takes fearless men and women. We as women can start making our communities decent places to live by starting within our own families and teaching our children the proper way to settle a dispute.

Peace & Justice,

Sister Anisah Muhammad

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