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The Truth About Birth Control

The Truth About Birth Control


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In spite of the numerous economical and social challenges Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) face, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan sought fit to personally pay a visit to these college campuses to address those in leadership as well as the general student body with a message of guidance. Prairie View A&M University, Bowie State University and Tennessee State University were among those visited.

Minister Farrakhan spoke to the woes plaguing students of each university, including the subject of abortion and birth control. “Sixty-seven percent of all pregnancies are unintended. We were just having fun and oops, 30 days later I’m missing something. So Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? None of the politicians want to deal with this as they should. Unintended pregnancies puts the female, sometimes the male too, in the valley of decision”, Minister Farrakhan told the students.

A young woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Hurt2Healing about her experience in college regarding her abortion. “I wasn’t married, 21 [years old], I could barely take care of myself and I was still in school. Even though my boyfriend wanted it, those were enough reasons for me not to want to. I had regrets later on in life”, she expressed.

HMLF-at-HBCU-300x187His message to those within earshot of his voice was not to condemn, it was to impart truth and compassion. It is safe to say that the majority of the youth today have been and are being mis-educated about their true value and destiny beyond themselves as individuals. “You are so precious and exceedingly valuable to God, no sacrifice is too great to get the truth to you even at the cost of our lives”, he expressed. Yet, there are those in power who seek to destroy this particular generation.

Today, it is a known fact that the origin of institutions such as Planned Parenthood, founded by Margaret Sanger, and eugenics were designed to control and ultimately annihilate the birth rate of non-white groups; specifically Blacks. Planned Parenthood was originally called “The Negro Project” (1939) as part of a plot to minimize the Black population growth with abortions and sterilization (birth control). 1 out of 3 women in the U.S. have an abortion by the age 45, according to Planned Parenthood. The age bracket for birth control and abortion campaigns are significant because these are, ironically, considered the best years to conceive a child. Yet, with each abortion the chance of conceiving is reduced and the risk of miscarriage increases.

What Abortion Clinics Don’t Discuss with Women and Girls

Minister Farrakhan spoke the following words to the majority student audience during his visit to Tennessee State University. “Since Roe vs. Wade in 1973 over 50 million abortions have happened in America; 50 million murders. You say, ‘Wait a minute, I’m not a murderer’. I know you’re not. Not here (pointing to head), not intentionally, but once life in conceived that life is real and its growing in your womb. You may say, ‘I’ve got a college education and I don’t need a baby right now. So abortion is legal, so I’ll get one.” He continues to say the following, “So in a clinic we go and life is taken from us and flushed away and we walk away, but sometimes the conscience begins to eat at us, because we’ve taken a valuable life”.

What these abortion facilities fail to do is inform the girls and women of how this decision will affect them and their relationships presently and in the future, with themselves and others. Although the decision is immediate, the distress of such as decision lingers for years.

chilliDuring Season 1 Episode 5 (part 2) of What Chilli Wants, Chilli, whose real name is Rozonda Thomas of the popular musical girl group TLC, expressed in her first counseling session how having an abortion at age 20 affected her psychologically and emotionally, which subsequently had an affect on her ability to have fulfilling relationships with men. “I was in the relationship. I got pregnant; first time and I didn’t have the support. I was so scared, and I didn’t know what to do and chose to not have it. It was one of the biggest mistakes”, she begins. “I’m 20 [years old], and my career hadn’t really even started. How can I do all of that? How can I be a mommy? It [the abortion] messed me up. It broke my spirit”, she continued. She concludes her thoughts about her abortion with the following, “I feel like it changed me from not my strong self anymore. I felt like I gave in and I broke to what someone else wanted. I would break down and I would just cry…because I wasn’t a mommy. I cried almost every day for almost 9 years”.

Although Chilli ultimately didn’t want the abortion there are some women who prefer this decision without the influence of another person, who still suffer emotionally. That is another aspect of abortion that clinics do not tell their patients. The process, itself, subjects the girl or woman to suffer from depression, anxiety, or what is known as Post Abortion Stress Syndrome (PAS).

According to, PAS “affects everyone and is a form of post-traumatic stress disorder. The process of making an abortion choice, experiencing the procedure and living with the grief, pain and regret is certainly, at its very core, traumatic. As with any trauma, individuals often try to ‘forget’ the ordeal and deny or ignore any pain that may result”.

On women share their experience with abortions and how it is still affecting them years later. One member shares the following:

“I have had three abortions. I was 16 and my parents paid for it. I am now 32 years old and I have three children. I had the abortions prior to being saved. I truly regret the decisions. At the time of my abortions I was in an abusive relationship I felt alone and abandoned by everyone. I know abortion is wrong. I now have what they call post abortive syndrome. I struggle with depression and anxiety.”

What If Mary, Mother Of Jesus, Had An Abortion?

mary-jesusDuring the college tour, Minister Farrakhan discussed the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus.

“I want you to consider Mary, the mother of Jesus. There were extenuating circumstances surrounding her pregnancy, so Joseph was minded to put her away privily. The Jews of that day, if they found her and couldn’t bring a father there she was guilty of fornication and the punishment was death. Now look at what she was carrying in her womb. She was carrying a world savior. If she thought of the extenuating circumstances surrounding her pregnancy and killed that life, Jesus would not be known to us today”.

niedria-and-son-300x300Niedria Kenny, a single mother, gave birth to her son under distressing circumstances and made the conscious decision to not have an abortion despite the lack of support. “Raising my son has been an experience for no words. He has added blessings to my life. It has been challenging doing it in a city without support of family and one that I knew I would face. I braced myself early on for the ups and downs, and the downs have been few. If it were a battle, I came ready to fight and so I win. Choosing life for my child was choosing life for myself”, she stated.

Minister Farrakhan expressed his views on the matter as it related to the recent elections and the position of Pro-Choice or Pro-Life. He explained his stance on being both. He explains, “Your womb is sacred. Exercise choice. The choice is ‘I’m going to choose carefully who I admit into the sacred chamber where life is conceived”. He explained that his position for being Pro-Life is allowing the life conceived to come to full term to serve as a blessing for the parents and whole of humanity. “I don’t want you to grieve if you’ve had an abortion. Don’t do that, because I represent God and He is quick to forgive”, he says. “But look, if tonight you’re pregnant, and it happened on the campus and you told that boy, ‘I’m pregnant’, and you know his answer, ‘What the hell you telling me for? You know what to do about that’. But I’m telling you don’t be afraid. Your womb contains a blessing for you, your family”.

The Birth Control Death Plan

HEM-300x300The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote an article published in the Muhammad Speaks newspaper entitled, “The Birth Control Death Plan”, where he explains that this world’s form of birth control is really sterilization and ultimately the elimination of a future Black nation. Mr. Muhammad writes, “I say beware of being trapped into the kind of disgraceful birth control laws now aimed almost exclusively at poor, helpless black peoples who have no one to rely on”. He goes on to say, “The motive behind these schemes is not designed to promote the welfare of black families, but to eliminate these families in the future.”

Hurt2Healing spoke with Dr. Wesley Muhammad, who is a single father with a son and daughter about the matter of birth control. “I have to be both mother and father as best as I can. I do my best to do those motherly duties that I’m able to; given the fact I am a man. These discussions of birth control, abortion and the beginning of her cycle I have assumed responsibility and have tried to do the best I can” he said. He concludes with the following words, “There’s a divine process that takes place in that womb, and I help her see that putting Satan’s chemical via birth control in her womb is contaminating her womb”.

According to Planned Parenthood, More than 99% of girls 15-44 at some point have taken birth control. 58% have indicated that they use birth control outside of pregnancy prevention. The number one reason indicated of why women choose to have an abortion is due to social concerns (28%) and next due to lack of resources or finances (23%). Therefore, Mr. Muhammad’s words of warning clearly reveal the hidden objective of abortion clinics.

With the same persistence and marketing campaigns as Planned Parenthood and similar clinics in our community provide, the message Minister Farrakhan and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad convey is that we must have an even stronger presence and voice to educate our people, especially our young girls, of their value and the divinity of the life they bring into fruition.

 —Ebony S. Muhammad



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