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The Testimony Of Torino Fashion Week: The Story Behind The Missing Luggage

The Testimony Of Torino Fashion Week: The Story Behind The Missing Luggage

Hurt2Healing Magazine has been blessed to cover a number of events over the past 10 years of publication. One of the top genres in the H2H is the fashion and beauty segment, where we highlight designers, fashion shows and models that exhibit a unique and sophisticate approach to the industry.

This summer has been eventful for H2H Magazine, to say the least! After “Beyond The Veil” fashion showcase hosted by Muslimat Collective and its successful display of modest fashion and sisterhood, the very next month I received a call and invitation to join Sister Carmen Muhammad for the Torino Fashion Week in Italy. What!!! ??? She informed me that she was invited to debut Al Nisa Designs, which includes showcasing the beautiful MGT-GCC (Muslim Girls Training – General Civilization Class) headpiece!

Model: Hassanah Muhammad


We understood this was much bigger than any one particular line. It was the opportunity to put the MGT-GCC style of covering, designed by Allah in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, on a world stage.

I was initially invited as the media correspondent on behalf of Hurt2Healing Magazine and The Final Call Newspaper. Just as I did with the Islamic Fashion Weekend, I interviewed Sister Carmen to promote the honorable invitation that would be the opportunity of a lifetime for her and all of us attending. Along with myself, there would be two other designers assisting Al-Nisa Designs, a couple of her brand ambassadors and those who have modeled for her previously traveling to Torino, Italy.

For the next 30 days I prepared myself for what I needed media wise. I planned the shots I wanted to capture for the video footage, and I purchased the necessary equipment that was travel friendly. A LOT of prayer and spiritual preparation went into this as well. Press releases, interviews and word of mouth about what the MGT-GCC were about to embark upon was given to solicit the support and prayers of the Nation Of Islam and our families.

Each of the sisters traveling received five garments from Al-Nisa Designs to model that showcased the MGT style of covering. The plan was to flood the city of Torino with images of Muslim women in ways they’ve never seen before and that would make it near impossible to turn away from. Everything was set, ready and rock solid for Italy. Yet, as soon as we landed the test and trials and our faith in Allah began.

The line for customs in Milan, Italy


After an eight hour flight and a super long line through customs, when we made it baggage claim, all of our luggage with the exception of one, was recovered. The one suitcase that was missing belonged to Sister Carmen, and to make matters worse it was the suitcase with ALL of the Al-Nisa Designs showcase pieces in it! Yea…exactly! Whatever just crossed your mind, triple that feeling in the moment!

Naturally, she was worried (a total understatement). It was suggested to contact the JFK airport in New York where we departed from to confirm whether the suitcase was loaded onto our plane to Italy. It turned out that it was still in the New York airport! There was a sigh of relief that the worse (it being stolen) hadn’t happened but that it was located and on the next flight to Italy. We were told to expect it at 2 a.m. the next morning (Wednesday).

Sister Carmen Muhammad, after receiving news her luggage was still in New York.

We loaded onto the bus from the Milan airport to the city of Torino, which was a little over an hour away. I think just about all of us passed out once we were in our seats, except Sister Carmen, which I’m more than sure her mind was fixed on getting her luggage within arms reach. To give you an idea of the time difference, we departed New York at 6PM. We arrived in Italy at 8AM. We were eight hours ahead of our home cities.

Two whole days passed by and the suitcase was still not in Italy. On the third day (Friday) a few team members were prepared to travel back to Milan’s airport to find out what was going on. Myself, Sister Carmen and one of the other designers Sister Sonya, decided on an alternative considering she was scheduled to attend the B2B meetings with other designers. Yep, Torino Fashion Week had already kicked off and she did not have her showcase pieces. Although her segment wasn’t until Sunday, she had to have her pieces lined up with the other designers in a room specially designated for the fashion week.

Sister Carmen wanted to go by her hotel room first to get the extra room key. She walked in first and I walked in second. Before I made it all the way into the door, I noticed a large purple printed suitcase sitting upright in the hallway. From the description given at the airport, it matched what I was looking at. I looked at Sister Sonya and called after Sister Carmen, “Wait a minute! Is THIS your missing luggage?” Sister Carmen ran back into the hallway and screamed for joy!  Sure enough, it was!

Evidently the concierge brought it to the room after she left earlier that morning. Wow! All praise is due to Allah! She rolled the bag into her room and opened it to make sure all of her pieces were inside and that nothing had been tampered with.

Everything was there and in perfect condition. You could literally see the stress and weight of the situation lift from her shoulders. Her mood was tremendously elevated. All we could do was laugh and thank Allah for the reunion of Sister Carmen and her luggage. We quickly called the other two team members to inform them the suitcase was at the hotel so they wouldn’t make that hour trip to the airport.

Now, Sister Carmen was ready to engage Day 1 of Torino Fashion Week! Watch the below video as she makes her official entrance! Part 2 of The Testimony of Torino forthcoming!


DAY 1:: Al-Nisa Designs at Torino Fashion Week, Italy from Ebony S. Muhammad on Vimeo.

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