The Testimony of Torino Fashion Week: The Overwhelming Love We Received In Italy

The Testimony of Torino Fashion Week: The Overwhelming Love We Received In Italy

On Day 2 we attended the fashion segments to show love and support for the other designers participating in Torino Fashion Week.


This was also when the Torino Fashion Week photographer took the photo that went viral of the MGT-GCC recording the fashion show!


While we were backstage, one of the Torino Fashion Week photographers were so in awe of Sisters Hassanah and Harmoni that she offered an impromptu photo shoot!

Sister Hassanah Muhammad


Sister Harmoni Muhammad

After attending the first set of showcases, we walked down the cobble stoned street to an area filled with cafe`s and boutiques. We enjoyed sister table talks, coffee, tea and cheesecake. I had a nice warm slice of quiche that I enjoyed so much I forgot to take a photo of it :-D.

Everything you see is chocolate!


We were approached by so many people who wanted to know who we were and the meaning behind our style of dress. They were incredibly curious and intrigued by us, and since we were all dressed in the rose pink garments, we were hard to miss.



When they asked who we were, we replied, “The Nation Of Islam”, “Farrakhan” and “MGT-GCC”.  We receive so much love, it was overwhelming and humbling. One after the other, families and individuals came to hug us and speak to us. This was happening every single day we were in Torino, especially when we were in our garments and headpieces. There was no denying that Master Fard Muhammad, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan have made friends for us all over the world! All praise is due to Allah!

One Italian woman riding her bike circled back to speak to us. When we said the name, “Farrakhan”, she smiled, nodded her head and said, “Yes, yes”! This was certainly a highlight of the week!

Click below to watch the video coverage from DAY 2 of Torino Fashion Week!


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DAY 2:: Al-Nisa Designs at Torino Fashion Week, Italy from Ebony S. Muhammad on Vimeo.

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