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The Reality of God Through The New World

The Reality of God Through The New World

One-On-One with Abdullah Yasin Muhammad

Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): What comes to mind when you think about the concept of a New World as described by your father, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad?

Abdullah Yasin Muhammad (YM): When we talk about a New World, a New Vision, a New Reality in terms of the Hereafter a few things come to mind when my father was at the table, and it always haunted me as a child, when he said that he saw the New Book. The only word that he was able to recognize was lam or lamb. The Arabic letter of “L” which is “L-A-M”, and he said he saw the words as Light. The words lifted in Light from this New Book and that was the only Arabic word that he was able to recognize.

When I studied for the 36 years I read that Arabic is divided in Moon letters and also Sun. When I looked up the word lam, L-A-M, it’s classified as a Sun letter. This will tell us that this word is Light, and it sounds close to the word “Lamb” that’s missing the “b”. To me it was almost like a riddle to solve. “B” is very sacred in Islamic language and lexicography and even in biblical terms when God says, “Be, and it is”. “B” is very significant in terms of existence, “Be” and “Bismillah”. Everything in creation starts with “Bismillah” and that “Be” is a very powerful word.  Even the form that it takes in Arabic, it’s like a little hook and dotted under it.

There’s a lot of mystic science on forms and letters, nothing is taken for granted in Arabic, that’s why it’s such a very sacred language.

EM: Do you speak Arabic fluently?

YM: No ma’am, not yet but I’m learning from my nephew, Sultan, who is so beautiful in the way he teaches because he has a foundation in the Supreme Wisdom that he uses. I just love the way he teaches it.

The “B” that is missing in this word “Lam”, which was Light, and I want to say that it is the 19th letter numerically; I’ll have to look at my notes. Yet, this haunted me as a child because I was always curious about what he, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, saw and how he saw it. He was so excited at the table about what was shown to him. Light in itself is something that we’re taught that the Light was so bright that the Writers of history couldn’t see beyond the 15,000 year of history that they were writing, and it was for that person that no eyes had seen, no ears had heard, the heart hasn’t been able to conceive it. What we have, as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad says, is the ideal which always stands in front of the person to strive for. As we have this ideal of a New World, a New Civilization there has to be a New Mind a New Wisdom a New Knowledge to be able to pull and draw this out. It really starts with the educational system, MUI (Muhammad University of Islam). That is the heart and soul, the core of where it all begins in terms of this New Reality.

EM: You said that it starts with a New Knowledge, yet from what the Minister shares with us we really haven’t delved deep enough into what we already have. There are so many layers that we could pull from.  I think that new ideas can come from what we already have if we look further into them.

YM: One of the things, dear sister, which separates us from any religion even our “Orthodox” Muslim brothers and sisters is that we teach the Knowledge of God. They teach the knowledge of the prophets, and they’re stuck on prophets. They can give you the sunnah or tradition of the Prophet (Muhammad, PBUH), the Hadith or what the Prophet said. They’re really stuck on the old world. Even in the world of the Christians, they’re stuck on the prophets. That light, that moon light that borrowed Light from God, where we go deep into the Knowledge and the Science and Wisdom of God, Himself, the Science of creation going back 78 trillion years; the making of the Moon, the making of the Sun. Look at where we are. We’re so distinct from the old world as that closes and this New World begins, but you have to go all the way to the beginning to the atom. We always say that the Messenger asks, “Where is that first atom where Allah created Himself out of triple darkness”? He said, “We’re actually standing on it. This is the Earth”. This Earth that He created Himself out of, this is the Original Atom that existed. Isn’t that something? (Laughs)

EM: Would you mind repeating that?

YM: There was a question raised, “When Allah created Himself out of total triple darkness, that Original Atom, where is that atom”? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad answers, “That Atom is the Earth on which we stand. This is His home. This is why everything that is in it is a part of us”.

The thing is here we, like no other religion in the world; we go into the very scientific body and intimate Knowledge of God, Himself, that will produce a whole New Reality.

EM: You just sparked two thoughts. When you stated that other religions mostly study the prophets and we study God including His mind, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad mentions that in Our Saviour Has Arrived, “He [Allah] Gives us Education on the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding of Gods…not of prophets… but of the Gods of the Prophets of the past. He builds our minds according to the way Gods Think and not the way of thinking of servants (prophets).”

Another thing you made me think of was a point Sis. Ava Muhammad made as it relates to the position of the Earth. Forgive me for paraphrasing, but she stated that the exact position of our Earth is where Allah can see everything in the Universe.

YM: The third planet away from the Sun is perfect. I’ve heard that before. From where we are we can see the Milky Way. It places us at the center, but of course Allah is the Center.

EM: Yes sir. I think that it’s very interesting that the Hon. Elijah Muhammad offered that answer that is that first Atom is now what we have as the Earth.

YM: The Earth, itself, is where we get all of our needs met. This is actually the home…and you look at Master Fard Muhammad and he [Hon. Elijah Muhammad] talks about this in Table Talks where he’s going over the Wisdom of Master Fard Muhammad. To just think over a God that was able to be in this place here on Earth and extract a picture of the people and life on different planets like Mars. He was able to extract a picture and see them. I think about how a woman can get an ultrasound, and these images are all done through just sound. Sound has a way of creating an image with the high frequencies of being able to just penetrate. I’m thinking that He was either able to hear the thinking of the people or how He was actually able to extract… There’s always room to interpolate or extrapolate how Master Fard Muhammad saw in terms of life on Mars. The point is that we’re dealing with the Wisest of the Gods when we talk about Master Fard Muhammad. I like the idea how the Hon. Elijah Muhammad talks about the Scientists.

See you’re getting kind of deep with this. This is really a deep subject that you’re embarking on. Yet, he talks about the Scientist Shabazz 50,000 years ago who rebelled. He left the 12 Major Scientists in the East, because he had an idea that was different and contrary to that Circle. He broke that Circle by going away and taking his idea or new idea of a type of man to conquer the wild life of Africa or the jungles of Africa of which we’ve become descendants of that Tribe of Shabazz. If we study Shabazz of 50,000 years ago, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad says that we didn’t graft the white man 6,000 years ago. That came from our brothers in Mecca. That was a different set of people who made the Caucasians. We had no part in that, those of us who came from the Tribe of Shabazz.

Therefore, just as Shabazz rebelled, we have it on this side of the equation when Master Fard Muhammad rebelled and breaks the Secret Knowledge. He said that the Knowledge is always kept secret among a family of 12, and it’s passed from father to son. This is the very first time that Master Fard Muhammad breaks that Circle of secrecy by leaving. Thus, He does it on another side of the equation and goes to His uncle and raises him up here in the wilderness of North America to again on a spiritual side to conquer this jungle life we are living here in America.

EM: There is a pattern.

YM: There is a pattern and we see these different time periods even the 50,000 years is significant in the Quran. It’s mentioned and not many realize that. 50,000 years is a number that is mentioned and if you Google 50,000 years in the Quran, you’ll be able to see it. It’s a cycle that is significant and it relates to our history. Like you said, there’s a pattern.

However, getting back to this Lamb and how the Hon. Elijah Muhammad saw himself. You see, he really saw himself as the Lamb of God. As he says of himself, “I was plowing in the fields and plantations of Georgia working in the hot sun and picking cotton and being a share cropper in the fields, but I would have never imagined that I would be over the great scientists of religion and teaching the scholars of the world”.

I just saw my son’s graduation the other day and there were tears in my eyes and I was not only thinking of my son graduating and going out into the world, I was thinking about the Hon. Elijah Muhammad graduating in a way of him getting his degree to be on the right hand side of Master Fard Muhammad, the Mahdi, to execute the Secret Wisdom of the Atom, the Knowledge of this Universe and all of those things which are promised to us. Therefore, that original Atom, dear sister, where we sit on or stand on and the Minister’s desire to go right back to the Earth and become the real custodians. The Righteous will inherit the Earth. That’s what the Book is always talking about. It’s the Promised Land. There’s something of substance in the land, and I think with a new idea and a new reality a new thought and new mind, which is the beginning; it is the energetic light that starts, that electrical light and vision. That is what will produce the new approach to growing our own food and feeding ourselves. It will set up the re-taking of the original Atom and studying it in a way that will produce a new world.

EM: Thank you very much beloved for sharing these words! May Allah continue to Bless you! 

YM: All Praise is Due to Allah! My pleasure.


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