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The Level of the Mind in Procreation

The Level of the Mind in Procreation

By Anisah Muhammad

Do you enter into relationships only to discover that your man was only attracted to your body?

Is putting on lipstick and eyeliner a regular routine while you are scarcely found reading and studying to develop the brain?

While maintaining and keeping yourself up is well and dandy, you become focused on attracting a man by the lowest part of his mind. Scientists refer to the part of the mind where the reproduction and survival of the human being kicks in as the reptilian brain. Reproduction is natural. In fact, God instructed us to, “multiply and replenish the earth.”

The woman is man’s earth. She has the ability to reproduce good fruit or bad fruit depending on the level of her mind when she is in the act of procreation. The man’s mind, too, affects the quality of fruit that will come out. If both minds are focused on the outside appearance of each other, what kind of fruit will develop, a devil or a god?

When it comes to relationships, what’s on the inside is far more important than what is on the outside. God did not create the woman to be a play toy for any man, but He created her to be His Second Self and to reproduce man in His image and likeness. If a man is only attracted to the form and outward appearance and not the mind of a female, and if the woman maintains her physical appearance without developing herself mentally and spiritually, then both are willing agents devaluing the purpose of procreation, which is to make gods, children of the Most High God.

Let’s look at two women in scripture: Eve and Mary. They both had children, but what type of offspring did they have?

Eve: She produced one good child and one bad child. In the How to Give Birth to a God Series, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan taught that the woman starts shaping the mind of the baby from the womb. Let’s take into consideration that Eve had already disobeyed God. Now, she has children, Cain and Abel, based off of her mindset. Her looks alone do not produce good children, but what was in her mind allowed her to produce two opposite children.

Mary: She was always in the temple learning and studying. She was mentally and spiritually strong. Her great devotion to God caused her to give birth to one who would become God’s son in spirit; one who would become the Christ, which is a title meaning “anointed with the power to crush the wicked.”

Eve did not have the right frame of mind to produce two children that would glorify God, so in the How to Give Birth to a God Series, Minister Farrakhan said that women often hit and miss; a god and a devil may come from the same womb, but, with the right frame of mind developed from studying and strengthening the spiritual connection with God instead of relying solely on outward appearance to attract men and produce children, we would all be like Mary who produced a mental and spiritual giant among men.

Peace and Blessings,

Sister Anisah Muhammad

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