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The Kings of the Mic Tour [Overview & Photos]

The Kings of the Mic Tour [Overview & Photos]

[Publisher’s note: The full interviews with Public Enemy are forthcoming!]

On July 3, 2013 Houston was blessed to behold the “Kings of the Mic” tour with four heavy hitters of Hip Hop history; Public Enemy, LLCool J, De La Soul and Ice Cube. This night would be one of the most memorable moments of my life; anyone who knows me knows I have soft yet bold spot in my heart for Hip Hop!

I was invited to interview members of Public Enemy, who were recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I spoke with my beloved brother Professor Griff, who I’ve seen present on various topics from the Illuminati to the mathematical formulas in music that can either awaken or kill the frequency of intelligence that we operate on.




He shared his deepest sentiment regarding the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan and his lecture series “The Time and What Must Be Done”, and the words by our sister Assata Shakur regarding Hip Hop.

We discussed his newly released book, Acapella Revolution with chapters such as, “Most of my Hero’s Don’t Appear On No Stamp”, “Color Confrontation: Racism White Supremacy”, “Power to the People Are You Ready for War?”, “A Suicide Letter from the USA to the US”, “The Quiet Storm, Hurricane Katrina: Renig, All Is Far in Love and War”, “The Story of  the Government Framing Hip Hop for the Murder of Jazz, Gospel, Soul and R&B”, just to name a few.

acapella revolution

We discussed how Public Enemy, during what many would consider the fall of Hip Hop, continues to remain timeless and relevant.  He replied with describing the difference between Public Enemy and some of today’s new comers, as well as those who have been around, and why Public Enemy has been able to stand the test of time. “We’ve seen a lot of people come and go…”, he said. He also answered with a question, “…stay relevant to whom and what”? He answered that question too and the response he gave was explosive!

Naturally we spoke about the Illuminati, and my Brother Darryl Muhammad who accompanied me asked a few questions. Professor Griff opened up about those who have taken that oath, those who avoid him because he refuses to compromise as well as those who are responsible; the Blood Suckers.  For those who don’t think the Illuminati is real…wait until you read the full explanation given by Professor Griff. Heavy!



Next I interviewed the legendary Chuck D of Public Enemy. This was my first time meeting him, and it was certainly a honor. I shared with Chuck D a few words that Minister Farrakhan shared recently regarding the Trumpet on the Final Call Newspaper being the symbol of the work and Mission of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He said that it is an instrument that can’t be ignored. I told Chuck D that this is how I see Hip Hop. Above all other genres of music, Hip Hop is the most powerful, influential and revolutionary. It inspires shifts in thought and behavior. It gave the world a strong wake up call to Black pride expressed by the youth through the DJ, the MC, Break Dancing and Graffiti. We discussed the change and downward spiral Hip Hop took and what he saw from the inside. I asked him to share his view of how Hip Hop was attacked and what it looked like from where he stood as an artist.





We discussed the various meetings Minister Farrakhan had with the Hip Hop community and what took place afterwards as a result that we may not be privy to. Meaning, who from that meeting responded afterwards.

One of my dearest concerns in Hip Hop has been the plight and presence of the female MCs. Chuck D poured out a great deal regarding our sisters in music and his thoughts as their brother.





The entire experience between Professor Griff and Chuck D was utterly EPIC! They have withstood immense opposition for their stance, including plots to kill the legacy of Public Enemy, personal attacks and much more. These brothers are a major torchlight for Hip Hop and a voice that crosses all barriers. Their spirit is so warm, youthful, determined, bold, and FREE! One of the most powerful statements made was that they continue to hold Allah (God) at the center of everything they do. They don’t bow down to anyone but HIM. They don’t compromise who they are or what they stand for. I absolutely love and respect them for staying TRUE!




[Photos by Darryl Muhammad]



My evening didn’t conclude there. Right before my interview with Professor Griff,  Plug One from De La Soul walked into the room! He came in to give the greetings before their sound check session. I had the honor of meeting him as well as the other members of De La Soul, Dave and Maseo. Beautiful brothers. Very humble, very cool and brotherly. They each gave the greetings and a hug. Although we arranged to interview after the sound check, the show began immediately due to the delay in starting. They were up first, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay considering the time.




I was beaming the rest of the night! A Hip Hop Head’s dream come true (smile). I must thank Brother Darryl Muhammad for the invitation and opportunity to meet everyone! Thank you and shout out to Public Enemy, De La Soul, Ice Cube and LL Cool J for NEVER letting up on what true Hip Hop is! Much Love!

I will be transcribing the interviews in full over the next couple of days and will publish them ASAP! My overview doesn’t capture a grain of what was shared.

Here’s to Hip Hop!

Love & Peace,

Ebony S. Muhammad 

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Sis Tawon Muhammad July 5, 2013 at 2:01 am Reply

All praise belongs to All Mighty Allah (God) for this interview the truth is being televised.

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