The Final Call Chronicles: We Are Here to SERVE

The Final Call Chronicles: We Are Here to SERVE

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Had to share this…..

While pushing The Final Call Newspaper yesterday in Southeast Houston, I spotted this sister from a distance walking and pulling a huge basket. Once she got closer to the corner we were on she was noticeably struggling. I walked over and said “Sister, can we assist you?” It was packed with groceries from a nearby store that’s about 10-15mins from where we were…if you’re DRIVING. So I asked her did she walk that entire distance and she said yes. I asked her how far she had to go and offered to pull it for her. She said she had to go to the next light, which was way too far.

As I offered to help, she said “Nah, that’s okay. I’ve seen y’all men out here a lot. Y’all are busy doing some good stuff and I don’t want to burden y’all with my petty problems.” I said, “No, sister you’re not burdening us, we are out here for you.”

She then started crying and telling me that the reason she was pulling the groceries by herself was due to getting in an argument with her husband at the store and he told her to walk by herself. Then she said, “And I’m pregnant too.” I said “We got you.” We had her to have a seat at the nearby bus stop as I pulled the basket and Brother Linton went to bring his SUV around. We loaded up her basket in the back and headed toward her home. She then told us how she’s 28 and her husband is 31 and how he hasn’t been the same since he came out of the military. Then she said that yesterday actually marked the 3rd month of her pregnancy.

As we drove her home, the distance was longer than we thought and we thank Allah she passed by us because that would have been a 45+ minute walk. I was sharing words with her from The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan lecture series titled “How To Give Birth To A God” and how precious she is, and why her husband must treat her better and the type of things she should feed the mind of the child as its formulating in the womb. When we got to her home she inquired about what religion we represent because she’d be interested in attending a service. We unloaded her basket, gave her contact info and invited her and her husband to the mosque. She thanked us and we headed to go door to door. We are here to SERVE. Praise be to Allah!

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