The Cause and Effect of a Violent Society

The Cause and Effect of a Violent Society

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The misconstrued power in weapons

Do we need guns? No. Where did they come from? Who gets these violent weapons into the hands of our children? Why aren’t those responsible being prosecuted instead of our children?

In this world, power is what moves people, and because many of us don’t realize that the real power is in the youth, a gun is put into a child’s hand, where they are told, “This is power.” This misconstrued concept of power in a weapon is what causes you to get a man to give up his wallet; or causes somebody to give up their own self to you if you are going to rape them. That is the misuse of weapons.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is our teacher, and he taught us that none of us, as Muslims, should carry a weapon—we don’t need them. We are not permitted to carry as much as a pen knife, because our aim is to show the world that we are a people of peace. We are not even permitted to argue with one another, because when you quarrel with one another, you destroy the spirit that would bring you unity, which would give you power to eradicate the impediments in the pathway of your progress.

But if we are always arguing and fighting, particularly in our homes where most of the problems take place, then it’s “I reach for my gun to settle my problem;” or, “I shoot my wife,” or she shoots her husband. Now the child sees guns every time they look at the TV. This is violence that is being promoted, so the violence is now down in the kindergarten. If we have a problem, then we must practice talking it out, because we must not harm our brother.


Let’s be truthful in our dealings with each other. Let’s learn how to love, which starts with loving our own self. If you don’t know you, you can’t love you.

Black children have to know themselves in order to love themselves. If our children knew their rich history, their rich culture, their rich heritage, we would have a healthier view of who we are, and Whose we are.

When we see our brother, though he may be a “Crip,” a “Blood;” or he may be a “BG” or a “BD,” we must see that I am looking at my flesh. I am looking at my blood. I’m looking at myself. So if I love my self, and love my neighbor as myself, we can start building community.

I want to work with Father Pfleger, and I want to work with Superintendent Weis and others, to let us try and make this city a peaceful city.

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