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“The Brother Jesse Experience” – Official Website Review

“The Brother Jesse Experience” – Official Website Review

By Ebony S. Muhammad @EbonySafiyyah


If you’re familiar with the words, “Mediocrity is not in your DNA”, then you’re well acquainted with the award winning blogger, social media expert, artist, motivational speaker and all around Renaissance Man Jesse Muhammad, affectionately known as Brother Jesse.

On August 9, 2013 Brother Jesse officially launched his newly designed website, “The Brother Jesse Experience”, ( that gives the viewer an in depth look into his life, work, ambitions, beliefs, as well as his community service and activism.  His web designer, Artiium Muhammad of 7 Star Designs, delved into the person, character, and verve of Brother Jesse to produce a flawless representation of the Renaissance Man himself.

At first glance you are introduced to a sleek, modern and interactive slider that also functions as a navigation system to the entire site. The clean and stylish “BJ” logo, designed by Jahleel Muhammad of M-Line Designs, impresses the mind enabling the visitor to recognize this stamp anywhere.

Naturally as a social media expert, Brother Jesse features all of his social media links at the very top, which makes it easy for him to connect with everyone who visits and those who would like to stay in tune with his online and offline engagements.  His main menu is very straightforward and easy to navigate through with its clear-cut layout and drop down sub-menus.

Although a great deal of his work and life has already been featured on The Brother Jesse Blog, he seamlessly connects over 10 years worth of reporting, speaking engagements, activism, video reviews as well as his personal journey with finding his biological father to the recently unveiled; all of which is conveniently featured within the main menu as well.

Not only does Brother Jesse introduce himself, he energetically brings many others to the forefront to highlight their unique work; whether they are Hip Hop artists such as Jasiri X, young entrepreneurs like Ayinde Muhammad or those who devote their lives to acquiring knowledge overseas like Ga’Brielle Muhammad. Brother Jesse has devoted his entire career to support others in effort to demonstrate his gratitude to those who have helped him along the way. Community service/activism, supporting worthy causes, motivational speaking and education has been the plowing force and a paramount priority, which is evident as you scroll through each page of his new website.

Aside from his service-oriented efforts, Brother Jesse does not shy away from standing up for what he believes in even if it involves controversial elements. His engagement among the Jewish community that sprung forth during his blog “The Upper Situation Room” featured on the Houston Chronicle (Houston Belief) religious page was of intelligence and strength supported with actual facts. Although it stirred many in various religions as well as those who don’t claim a religious affiliation, Brother Jesse never resorted to foul language or demeaning connotations. This approach to informing as well as respectfully correcting those who offer their opinion continues within his writings and social media interactions that he makes public within the pages of

Brother Jesse merges all of who he is within this World Wide instrument, which involves his poetry, artwork and photography to give everyone who visits an experience unlike any other. An experience with spirituality married to his contagious personality giving birth to the profound and prolific Brother Jesse Experience.

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