The Benefits of Rain Barrels

The Benefits of Rain Barrels



Rain Barrels are a great way to use Mother Nature to reduce our dependency on our water districts. Saving rain water that has been oxidized by the lightning from the storm in barrels can be used to water your lawn and plants after the weather improves. Your plants will show better growth and health, and will thank you for this natural water.  Rain water is vital since residential irrigation can account for as much as 40% of water consumption. This water can also be used if you are experiencing a drought. Most rain barrels can be connected to each other so when one fills up, the other barrel picks up the overflow.


Here are some benefits of rain barrels:


*It’s an environmentally friendly option. Cities spend a huge amount of money and energy to treat water so that it is suitable to drink, and then pump it to our homes. But rainwater falls from the sky naturally, for free.
*Plants grow better with natural water compared to chlorinated water.
*Drinking water is a precious commodity. By using rain barrels, you’ll be conserving it instead of dumping it on your yard.
*Did you know that a 5 minute down pour will fill one 50 gallon rain barrels to the brim?
* Rain barrels conserve tap water.

* With a basic filter rain water can easily be converted into drinking water.


There are several DIY (Do It Yourself) models on the internet for you to try.  The cost associated with making it should be no more than $40 that’s including the cost of a used food grade barrel.


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Ray J. Muhammad, Certified Organic Gardening Specialist

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Frank Delaware March 27, 2017 at 3:01 pm Reply

It has been raining quite a bit in our area lately, and my wife said that we should look into rain barrels. It’s interesting that you can actually use the water collected to water your plants. It would be nice to know that you won’t have to worry about giving your plants natural minerals.

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