Talkin’ About Good & Bad Hair

Talkin’ About Good & Bad Hair

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In my family, natural hair was the norm. I really didn’t realize that my hair was different until I entered school and was questioned about my race. I was told I had “good hair”.  As I became more aware of society’s view, I became uncertain and questionable about my hair. In fact, I fell into the false sense of being that the world had tried to set for me. Eventually, I entered into the chemical world only to find myself right back to my natural self.

Natural is not just dropping relaxers (perms) or just styling hair, it’s more mental to me. We have to totally embrace ourselves and be at one with that including embracing our natural hair. We need not to be afraid to wear our hair out publicly to school, workplace etc. Being natural is accepting yourself and having confidence, pride and also good health. Two points I would like to make is medical examiners report finding relaxer residue on middle age deceased women’s skulls and organs. Also less embalming fluid is needed to preserve the deceased due to so much harmful chemicals in hair and body products we use daily.

The bottom line for me, and something my mother has quoted to my sisters and I, is that we are made in the likeness of  God  and I’m a reflection of God .Who wouldn’t want to see a reflection of God in themselves?  I’m at peace with accepting my wool crown! Join me in the Natural Hair Pandemic Movement. We educate, motivate, help find safe products, and support the natural rebirth. We are all born with natural hair from the womb.

Naturally Yours,

Trina Muhammad


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