Spirited, Militant and Fearless

Spirited, Militant and Fearless

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Min. Farrakhan delivers powerful three-hour address to close Saviours’ Day Convention

CHICAGO—Standing on the “invincible truth” he received from the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad—the “father I never had”—the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is now the “father” to millions of Black men and women who themselves never had a father, and the “Pops” to Grammy Award-winning singer and Broadway actress Stephanie Mills. The man whose life was saved from cancer and from a death plot spawned by the enemies of Black people, boldly declared repeatedly: “Here I stand!” for the freedom of oppressed people in the United States and throughout the world in a thrilling three hour Saviours’ Day address.


Minister Louis Farrakhan
Photos: Michael Muhammad

Minister Farrakhan loosed the tears of many of the thousands present when he said of the thrilling Feb. 25 performance of “To God Be The Glory,” by Ms. Mills: “I knew I would not be able to be stoic and not shed a tear.

“I like my teacher looked beyond our faults and saw our needs,” Minister Farrakhan declared. “To my Christian friends, the scripture says ‘Let this mind be in you, the same that is in Christ Jesus,’ because the undeserved suffering (of Black descendants of slaves in the U.S.) has made them the heirs to the greatest gift of all, the mind of God through Jesus.

“So now, I can say to the world, like Phillip, when they asked ‘When will we see the father?’ Have not I been among you this long, and you have not seen him? When you see me, you see the Father, for I am in Him and He is in me.

“There is not another Black man on this earth who can speak with the power and authority, and the wisdom and the guidance of Louis Farrakhan. There is not a White man on earth, who has the strength of Louis Farrakhan. I will prove what I am saying.

“If I did not love God, with all my heart and soul, my strength, I could not have withstood what you put on me. If I did not love God, and the mission of the resurrection of Black people in America and all over the world, White people would have destroyed me, a long, long, long, time ago. But here I stand!

“The government is my enemy. The powerful Jews are my enemy. And scared to death Negroes are my enemy. And weak Muslims and hypocrites are my enemy, but here I stand! I told President Trump, he Tweets everybody, but he won’t Tweet back at me, and here I stand!”

After the Muslim leader mentioned the riveting performance by Ms. Mills, he shared that she wanted to bow down at his feet to show the world her devotion to the leader who has befriended her for 46 years now, since she was just 16. Instead, she said, returning to the microphone, she expressed her passion on social media.


Wintrust Arena in Chicago filled to capacity for Saviours’ Day message from Min. Farrakhan. Photo: Hannibal Muhammad






Min. Farrakhan spoke before a packed audience. Photo: Lens of Ansar

Ms. Mills sings moving tribute which brought the Minister to tears. Photo: Andrea Muhammad

“Fear is the worst enemy,” the Muslim leader declared, reminding his listeners that members of the Nation of Islam proceed unarmed, throughout the U.S., in some of the most dangerous places in the country.

You must “challenge your fear,” in order to overcome it, recalling a challenge he received during an address at John Jay College of Law in New York City, where an armed White man, who took pains to reveal the weapon he was wearing, demanded to know if it was true that the Nation  taught “the White man is the devil?”

Rather than backing down, Minister Farrakhan said, he proceeded to offer a recitation of the evils committed by White people against Blacks, and before he could complete his list, the man waved his hands in the air, saying he’d heard enough.


Audience listens intently to message.

Regarding the message of Mr. Muhammad, which is sometimes difficult to face, it is better, the Minister said, “even if you don’t like, to go along with it.”

There is also another development which is challenging injustice among governments all around the world. “We thought the Million Man March was great, and it was. We called for a million men, and two million showed up, but when women rose up, they told every government on earth that women are not treated right,” said Min. Farrakhan.


Men in audience applaud. Photos: Final X

Men, he said, too often think they have the right to abuse women because men are physically stronger. But the Holy Qur’an—the Islamic scripture—teaches that woman is “one degree beneath the man.” Looking at a circle—360 degrees—“can you detect one degree? Women are the equal of men.” Indeed, the Minister continued, women are “the second self, not of man, but of God. And the womb is the workshop of God.”

Not even by force, Minister Farrakhan explained, can a man forever make a woman to submit to his ignorance, and he cited his own 65 years of marriage to Mother Khadijah Farrakhan, the mother of his nine children, and dozens of grandchildren, great grandchildren, and even great-great grandchildren, whom they both are now able to stand together and see. “The only way a man can have heaven is to have a good relationship with God and a good relationship with a woman.”



But the Muslim leader warned women rising up in this time “is the sign of the end of this world.” And women, he continued who master the science of the kitchen, cooking and preparing the proper food for consumption at the proper time can cure 98 percent of your illnesses, so said Mr. Muhammad in his groundbreaking books “How to Eat to Live.”

The audience filled seats in the Wintrust Arena, home court of the DePaul University basketball team, many sitting beneath the dozen or so NCAA and other conference championships. Muslim women in white garments were spread throughout the audience in every section, but most of the men—the F.O.I., the Fruit of Islam—were deployed all around and outside the arena, securing the comfort, the safety, and seating availability of all the guests.

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