[Special Saviours’ Day Tribute] The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Is the Man.

[Special Saviours’ Day Tribute] The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Is the Man.

By Niedria D. Kenny

When asked to share a testimonial about the Honorable, Minister Farrakhan, for such a monumental occasion as Savior’s Day; I was above all, honored to say the least. Humbled to have the opportunity to address the Minister, and remiss if I didn’t, I graciously accepted the invitation. How often do we have the hour to sincerely express to someone, the influence they have had over us, in any aspect of our life. No matter big or small.


We skip on chances to thank people for their kind words, their sage advice, and even neglect acknowledging those moments in time; where through receipt of a powerful message, we were able to implement pearls of wisdom in our daily living. We were able to improve our quality of life, simply by adopting and fostering a healthy way to live in our greatness, by improving our outlook. We were able to experience a shift that gave us a new and improved, empowered perspective that we needed for that growth to occur.


As it relates to my personal experience with The Honorable, Minister Farrakhan, listening to his teachings and devotion to the subjects of freedom, justice and equality, has often times captivated me. The Minister’s zeal in supporting the plight of our community and laying down the blueprint certainly deserves accolades. I have also been mesmerized, by his approach to effective leadership. His ability to impact a nation is very admirable.


The uncompromising respect and adoration for Queens, that rest in the heart of The Honorable Minister Farrakhan, further inspired me to continue to wear my crown. His instruction to men on how they too, should value the black woman, the black queen, by honoring her mind, body and soul; is astounding.


To The Honorable, Minister Farrakhan:


This is where I say thank you. It has been through several of your messages, that I have been inspired. I would like to thank you for being a fearless and bold leader, capable of and rightfully standing in the gap for our people. I am not a member of the Mosque and I do not attend one regularly. However, I have attended quite a few times in the past, where I sat, eyes fixed and completely engulfed in the message of standing up for ourselves, taking our stand in the army and fighting for justice, if that’s what it comes down to.


While I’ve never met you personally, it was and still is, your straight forward, no chaser approach; that was influential in bringing me to a more conscious state of awareness. Your words have departed, taken flight and reach across nations, where they found a home within several generations; without you ever having to shake their hand. The noble examples you’ve set and shared on how women and men should carry themselves, with regard to respect has been that of my own father, who has always called me a queen.

Thank you for reminding me.

Peace & Love,

Niedria Kenny

Niedria and son


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