SAT. JULY 22:: “Make Our Community A Decent Place to Live” Day

SAT. JULY 22:: “Make Our Community A Decent Place to Live” Day


Hosted by The Nation of Islam and The 10,000 Fearless Movement


Location: King’s Row Apartments (4141 Barberry Dr, Houston, TX 77051)

Date: Saturday, July 22, 2017

Time: 3PM – 6:30PM


What is the aim and purpose?

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has stated that, “We in the Black community have a fight on two fronts and it’s very difficult to fight a war on two fronts, but we have to take on two struggles. The evil that is in our community produced by us cannot be overlooked as we challenge our government for justice. We cannot pass by the killings, abuse and rapes, robberies and crimes we commit on one another and focus on the government as though we have done what needs to be done in our own backyard.” As a key solution, Minister Farrakhan has called for 10,000 Fearless Men and Women nationwide that are willing to stand in the gap between the guns—so that we can set up conflict resolution centers to help with beefs in the streets, that the beef doesn’t get to be death on either side. Once we can stop the beefs, and stop the killing, we will start seeing how valuable our lives are, and fall in love with self and one another. This and more will lead to us making our own communities decent places to live.

Along with conflict resolution and the stop the beef hotline, residents will receive information on job creation, money management, protecting our daughters, how to eat to live, and more. Everyone will also enjoy food, games, and live entertainment.


Why the Sunnyside area?

In a February 2017 report on SmartTravel.com, Sunnyside was labeled as one of two areas that travelers to Houston should avoid due to “high crime, violence and gang activity.” The report also cited a 2013 article by The Houston Chronicle stating that the intersection of Wilmington & Scott Street was ranked the 6th most dangerous neighborhood in America.


What has been done?

To address the ills of the community, on a weekly basis, the men of the Nation of Islam and the 10,000 Fearless Movement have been visibly seen walking the streets and knocking on doors spreading a message of peace. They have engaged thousands of residents, particularly young people, from the corners of Scott Street & Reed Road to Scott Street & Barberry Drive. Residents have noted that their presence has greatly curbed the violence in the area and many even witnessed them stop a street fight that was on the verge of leading to gunfire. The men of the Nation of Islam and the 10,000 Fearless Movement have become mentors to the young people, hope for the elders and a beacon of light in the community.


What is needed for this event?

The management at King’s Row Apartments is excited to partner with us to host this community event at their complex and we’re looking for community organizations, churches and business owners who would be willing to be a sponsor.


If you’re interested in being a sponsor of this community event, please call Jesse Muhammad at 832-452-2543 or Linton Muhammad at 281-372-9744

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