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Remedy Bad Breath AKA Yuck Mouth

Remedy Bad Breath AKA Yuck Mouth

So it’s the middle of the day, and your breath is less than fresh; what do you do? Or what if you’re on a romantic dinner date and you forgot to hold the onions? Do not fret! Here are some strong and natural remedies to combat bad breath.



Cloves are a wonderful remedy for stale or bad breath. Take a few cloves and place them on the tongue. Treat them as you would a peppermint without biting into them or swallowing.


Apples & Cucumbers

It is known that fruits and vegetables work wonders to sweeten and freshen breath. It also aids in bowel problems which is known for causing bad breath. “It’s true that bowel problem can cause bad breath,” says Dr. Sataloff. “These foods may help prevent constipation which can contribute to bad breath.”


Parsley & Mint Leaves

“When I’m out  on a dinner date, I clean my plate right down to the parsley garnish. I figure it’s there for that reason”, says Megan, 42, of Los Angeles, California.  In fact , that ‘s exactly why it’s there. The parsley garnish originated with the Romans, who munched on sprigs at banquets to freshen their breath.

“Whenever I feel the need, I chew on peppermint,” says Janice, 54, of Allegan, Michigan. There’s no shortage of this aggressive plant in her large formal herb garden. Besides freshening her breath, the mint seem to clear her sinuses, she says.

Both parsley and mint have long been used as breath fresheners with good results, experts say.

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