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Recording Artists Savvi & Equality of H.I.S.D.

Recording Artists Savvi & Equality of H.I.S.D.

Ebony S. Muhammad: The latest  H.I.S.D. album is The Weakend and the newest EP is The Hue A.D. Let’s discuss the significance of the names and how you came up with the entire concept.

Equality: The Weakend was our journey where we were combating against the weaknesses. Whatever you want to identify as weak; weakness in frequency, weakness on the job or any type of weakness. The whole goal was that we were there battling the weak and it took place over the weekend. So it started on Friday and ended on Sunday. It was The Weakend during the weekend.

Savvi: Going into The Weakend we understood that we needed to take it a bit further. The thing about the moniker of H.I.S.D. is we have the “Slang District”. We came up with an actual storyline for it. We wanted to create a whole new dialogue and a new language for people to use. We’re looking at what’s out there, and a lot of it is weak and stale. We wanted to bring something refreshing to the plate. Whether people take a hold to it or not, we must embody a new way of thinking and a new way of saying certain things.  Language and culture are two things that made Hip Hop what it is. It’s the language, the way you walk and the way you talk. We didn’t feel as though anything new had been brought to the whole dynamic in a long time. So we said, “We can create that”.

Equality: The Hue A.D. is  just our way of feeling as though we have Spaced Up, elevated to a higher level, with The Weakend. The next phase after becoming Spaced Up was to be “Spaced”. It was our way of describing how a person is baptized or born again in a religious sense. Therefore, once you are Spaced you have that eternal glow. When you’re Spacing Up, you’re trying to be “Seen Green”; it’s the “Hue”, “The Weakend”.

Savvi: Once you’ve actually completed the process of Spacing Up, you become Spaced as it is with the whole symbolism and metaphor with Christ after he died, it became A.D.

Equality: That’s when we feel Christ became Spaced.

Savvi: He transcended.

Equality: We took it upon ourselves to say, in music terms, we want to have that same concept where we transcend so this is the A.D. The Weakend was like our B.C. It was our Spacing Up. As emcees, we’re all getting to the point where we’re maturing, and the music aspect has to mature. We want other people, who will be on that same journey with us, to mature. As they mature, we want them to have something to listen to.

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