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Radio Galaxy Releases New Album “We Come In Peace”

Radio Galaxy Releases New Album “We Come In Peace”

For those who know me personally know that I am a lover of Hip Hop; old school and underground. If you ask me which album is in my CD changer right now, my response is Hueston Independent Spit District (H.I.S.D.) featuring Spacebunny of Radio Galaxy.

This Hueston (Houston) based Hip Hop family has literally changed the game and raised the bar in the music industry. Mainstream appears minor in light of these authentically talented artists.

On this past Saturday, H.I.S.D. hosted an exclusive release party for the brand new EP “The Hue A.D.” (available on iTunes) at Momentum Audi celebrating the critically acclaimed CD, Vinyl LP and comic book project “The Weakend”.

Alongside of H.I.S.D. is Radio Galaxy with members Spacebunny, DJ Cozmos and King Midas, whose debut album “We Come in Peace” is set to release Tuesday, November 15.

Hurt2Healing had the honor of speaking with the beautiful and talented Spacebunny after the group’s live performance. Her voice is melodic and unlike any sound I’ve heard before. She gives a new meaning to soul music married to Hip Hop giving birth to a futuristic and space-aged masterpiece.

Here’s what she had to share….

Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): First allow me to congratulate you on your new album “We Come in Peace”. How did you get your start with Radio Galaxy?

301353_235420343182053_506547841_nSpacebunny (SB): Thank you very much. I’m from Space City, aka, Houston, Texas. I got my start performing spoken word in Downtown Houston, and I linked up with Savvi and Equality of H.I.S.D. (Hueston Independent Spit District). I was invited to do a joint on “The District” album, which was the first H.I.S.D. project. The cut is entitled “Recess”.

After that I linked up with DJ Cozmos and King Midas, and what started as an EP turned into a full LP album. We decided to become a group and now we’re Radio Galaxy. We have an album coming out on this Tuesday.

EM: What should the listeners anticipate with this album?

SB: Something they absolutely would never expect to come out of Houston. This album is something that is totally different from what’s out there now.

EM: I would have to agree after watching the live performance. You all are on a whole other level with Hip Hop that many would be too afraid to explore.

Are there any future performances or appearances lined up to promote the album?

SB: Yes, the details are forthcoming and will be posted very soon. We will be appearing on 90.1 KPFT next weekend, so tune in.

Feel free to connect with us! We’re on Twitter @Radio_Galaxy and you can find me @Khimmyj  We’re also on Facebook @RadioGalaxyMusic

EM: Thank you very much, and congrats to you all!

SB: Thank you!

Click HERE to sample and purchase the album, “We Come In Peace”.

Follow @Spacebunny_J as well as @Radio_Galaxy

Check out the video of Radio Galaxy’s single “Feel Trip” below! Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

\”Feel Trip\” by Radio Galaxy

Check out H.I.S.D.’s video “So Lando” from  “The Weakend” album. Space Up! 

\”So Lando\” by H.I.S.D. Album \”The Weakend\” 

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