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Question: Are the People Around You Killing Your Dream?

Question: Are the People Around You Killing Your Dream?

I’m fresh off the heels of the Annual Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), held in Washington, D.C. There couldn’t have been a more appropriate theme for this month Hurt2Healing issue. I would like to share the experience that I had and how it relates directly to the theme: Living your dream, making it a reality.

First things first…

I always say, “Team work makes the Dream work”. Although I didn’t Patton that phrase, those are my thoughts. In order to achieve the dream, you must have the right team. Very seldom will championships be won when the team does not mesh in sharing common goals for success, establishing and maintaining good working relationships. Thus, building the right team is vital for success. You have to know when and who to pass the ball to. You have to know when you are in control and when you are not. You have to be willing to pass the ball. You have to trust that when you do pass the ball your teammate will know which way to go with it.

Knowing the direction to move towards should be established while formulating “plays”, if you will. When you have defined goals and everyone is on the same page, they are in the same play book, then the moment you are in the clutch you can pull out an all star performance. When building your team, you will have to make cuts where necessary (Extra baggage, coat tail riders, dead weight).

During the CBC, I encountered situations where decisions about what was best for the team were challenged.  This is perfectly ok, because it calls for deliberation. During the deliberating process you may discover two things: 1) who’s guilty of being successful? 2) Do you have the wrong person or the right person? When your teammate’s idea of how to complete a mission or accomplish a goal do not line up with your mission or they are so far apart that they encroach on your success, you need to make a cut. Not doing so can result in permanent damage in the area of your opportunity to excel.

Use resources…

When working toward your dream or your mission, Use resources: The CBC was a great resource, an avenue leading to a highway of connections for future business ventures. However, not having the right team will hinder this process. They will become an obstacle in the way of success. Keeping them on your team is you standing in the way of yourself. When your teammate lacks the same professionalism, class, etiquette, and respect you have then your team suffers as a unit. Commit yourself to your mission, stay with the plan.

Network and Communicate…

Network and communicate to people what your goals are. Some people within your arms reach may have the same vision you have; you can be more successful pooling together funds and plans to arrive at your commonplace.  These are the positive people along the way of your journey that you will meet. Some will be for a season and others for a lifetime. Old friends can sometimes introduce you to new friends. Therefore, their purpose in your life has been served. Asking for discernment from GOD will help you determine who’s who. That is why it is imperative that you keep GOD at the center of the plan. He is the blueprint for success. He is the master brick mason, Who never puts together anything that failed. Don’t neglect your values by allowing yourself to conform to ideas that are not in line with your morals, which infiltrate your thought process when trying to climb the ladder.  Keep positive people in your corner. Rid yourself of negative influences. Those people who put you down, criticize and ridicule have no business in your plan.

By way of communication, I have had the pleasure of establishing wonderful friendships that lead to working with wonderful people who share my vision and helped me achieve one of my dreams, and that was to be provided an avenue to share with the readers my thoughts via Freely Speaking, Inc.

The importance of having a vision…is having something to work toward. It’s your goal. If you can’t see it, how can you build it? If you wanted to build a deck onto the back of your house, start with the idea about how big or small you want it. That’s your vision. Seeing that allows you to go to the appropriate place for the parts. Once the parts are in place (people) you can begin to build your deck.

Completion to me is success…

Now that you have chosen your team, made your cuts, utilized resources, stuck to your plan, consulted with GOD, appointed him the man in charge, communicated your vision- you are on your way to completion. Welcome, your dream is now a reality.

Many Blessings,

Niedria D. Kenny

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