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One Mindset Shift That Can Change Everything

One Mindset Shift That Can Change Everything

By Maura Hughes

The key to success is not as complicated as many people think it is. It takes vision, commitment, action and consistency to build a business. It also takes patience because nothing ever happens overnight, even in the Internet age. No matter what industry you are in or what your goals are, it’s normal for it take a little bit of time for you to figure out what works for your business and build momentum so you can start seeing massive success. It can be extremely frustrating in the beginning when you feel like you are trying everything but getting nowhere. Too many aspiring solopreneurs give up at this point. Too many stop before they’ve even give it a chance and it’s because they haven’t experienced this one huge mindset shift.

You need to see everything as an opportunity for growth and learning. Developing a growth mindset can make the biggest difference in succeeding at your business and giving up on it. When you have a growth mindset, you see every set back as an opportunity to learn what is and what is not working. You learn to embrace failure and this helps you to stay in the game because you always feel like you are moving forward, learning, growing and expanding. When you have a growth mindset, you realize that abilities and skills are learned through effort and trial and error.

Having a growth mindset means you are regularly committed to taking action, to trying new things and seeing how they work. And if and when any of those efforts don’t pay off, a growth mindset will help you to look at them objectively and test and tweak them, instead of feeling like you are a failure.

The truth is, no one gets it right all of the time. The greatest business minds of all time have had many failures. But they never let it keep them down. Instead they used them as lessons and continued on to do more and enjoy more successes. When you are running your own business, you will do things that don’t work. There will be failed launches. There will be marketing campaigns that don’t convert. There will be people who will unfollow you and unsubscribe. It happens. It is a basic fact of business and if you let any one of those things knock you down and keep you there, then you will absolutely not make it as an entrepreneur.

You must learn to keep getting back up, to keep trying and seeing everything as an opportunity for growth. Too often people think “I can’t do it and I never will.” But that is just simply not true. If you want it enough and are willing to commit and learn every step of the way, you absolutely can do it. You become unstoppable when you embrace this growth mindset. Not only that but the entire process of building a business becomes more fun when you realize that everything is just an opportunity to learn, to grow and to play. A growth mindset requires embracing the challenge and realizing that everything is just a stepping stone to what you are building.

The next time you look at a problem, think about how you are approaching it. Is it from a place of “That didn’t work. What the heck? Nothing ever works!” Or are you looking at it with curiosity saying, “Hm, that didn’t work exactly right but parts of it did. So what can I do differently to make it better?” When you start thinking like the latter on an every day basis, you know you’ve adopted a growth mindset.

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