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No More FEAR

No More FEAR

Close your eyes. You feel the enemy approaching you unexpectedly from behind. You are a bit tense, yet, you are able to maintain composure (this time) by use of your senses to smell, feel, hear and see.

With your eyes closed, as he approaches; your senses become heighten and you brace yourself. Heart pounding, surroundings in slow motion and one last confirmation to yourself that you can do this. Confidently opening your eyes as you turn around swiftly, meeting the face or object of fear and discomfort.  Your awareness, preparedness, alertness and tardiness of fear allows your courage to ignite diligently.
You have arrived at the conclusion you know, see or at least feel and believe it better to work and give maximum resolution. No matter how erratic or irrational to the eyes of anyone who does not fully understand  the fear you were harboring (and how it was slowly causing decomposition to your soul), you were prepared for the worst of what you have accepted as a truth of which may come from the circumstance. You are okay with the possibilities. Whatever the plan he threw at you because YOU decided it was ENOUGH! Breathe! Open your eyes and face your fear. You have now destroyed his weapon of choice.

1. to reduce (an object) to useless fragments, a useless form, or remains, as by rending, burning, or dissolving; injure beyond repair or renewal; demolish; ruin; annihilate.
2. to put an end to; extinguish.

Facing your fear does not necessarily mean you are directly afraid of an object or person, but more so of what it can do to bring harm to you.

Such as the person who is not afraid of a spider or a snake but is aware and afraid of their venomous bite.

You are not exactly afraid of the actual person, but their tactics, ways, tenancies and the abilities to con, through use and abuse of status, authority and exercising charisma, in the second sense of the word.

Imagine being bullied, taunted and terrorized by someone for any extent of time. Imagine feeling limited in your options to bring such actions to a stop due to prior injustices or judgement and unsuccessful in obtaining determent instruments; such as: restraining orders and proper concealing of contact information, to prevent potential attacks. Just Imagine being backed into a corner that you can not survive in. Each of us have survival skills that in some, are exposed in order to survive. By whatever means you have concluded are necessary.

There are many things I’ve overcome in my life so far. As long as I live, there will be more things to overcome, as those things are designed to make you stronger. They are necessary for growth. The water of life can be the struggle, the food is the test and the light is the outcome. Again, all of which are needed for a plant to grow.

We can become malnutrition when we don’t accept the water, food and light in many senses. Declining the water, food and light happens when we do not properly go through or address our struggles, take our test and when we do not have closure on our outcome.

I have addressed something that was causing discomfort in my life. When I did it, I felt rejuvenated and totally refreshed and refined. I didn’t just address it mentally, I had to address it physically. Had I addressed it any other way than I though was necessary, I would not have my water. I don’t feel like I could have survived doing it any other way.

If a bear approaches you in the woods, you may expect it. However because you are on their territory and you know the possibility so you are better prepared. However if you have to open your front door to get out (the corner) but there’s a vicious animal keeping you locked in (the fear)  it doesn’t matter if its sitting quietly, you react accordingly;
based on the nature of that beast.

When you decide to come out of whatever corner your fear has you trapped in, that’s been hindering growth- you will soar! We walk by faith, not by sight.


Niedria “Freely Speaking” Kenny


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