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New Author, Samantha Luck, Releases First Novel

New Author, Samantha Luck, Releases First Novel


Samantha MC Luck

Author Leaves an Impression with Her First Novel
Samantha MC Luck Explores Love, Fear and Rebellion in Organic Leaves

Hyattsville, MD –– Self-published author, Samantha MC Luck, releases her debut novel, Organic Leaves. When Melanie Bridges, a beautiful, single, successful D.C. journalist decides to attend her first love Derrick’s wedding to her college nemesis, Katira, she thought she would finally close that chapter of her life for good. Instead she unknowingly opens up a world of deceit, betrayal and more heartache than she had ever bargained for.

Organic Leaves is the literary “baby” of author Samantha MC Luck, who took several years to birth a story filled with experiences not only familiar to her, but those that also mirror the journey through life, love and loss that many young women have faced. This must-read novel explores what happens when Melanie realizes she is no longer the person she once was – she lost her organic and authentic self.

“I wrote this book to unleash a range of emotions all at once. If you don’t see yourself in this book, you definitely have a friend, a sister or cousin that is just like one of my characters,” said the author. “It amazes me how we, and even myself at times, think we’re islands; that we’re all alone dealing with issues unfamiliar to everyone else. It’s simply not true.”

In this imaginative yet realistic novel, uncover the parallels between fiction and reality as the author reveals how, despite secrets, lies and buried memories, Melanie rediscovers herself with the help of her three best friends, by facing her fears and through the power of faith and prayer.

Organic Leaves is available for digital download and can be found at Smashwords ( for iBooks; and on Amazon ( for Kindle. Follow Organic Leaves on Twitter at

Samantha MC Luck resides in the Greater Washington DC area and works in trade publishing. She is currently working on her second novel. For more information on the author, visit and find her page on Facebook: “Samantha MC Luck”.



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