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{Ministry Series} The Role of the Ministry In A Time of War f/ Rashad Muhammad

{Ministry Series} The Role of the Ministry In A Time of War f/ Rashad Muhammad

Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): You’ve been a close companion of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan by way of his security team since you were 19 years old. You’ve been by his side during some of his most trying moments as well as moments of divine heights. How have both (his trials and successes) been a trial for you and a test of your faith?

Rashad Muhammad (RM): I find it quite interesting that you used the term ‘companion’ to describe my relationship to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan because from my perspective, I think of my relationship with him in greater or broader terms because he means more to me than a companion. It’s out of his existence that my being came to exist. He is the definer of the diameter of my mind, unlocking and undergirding all the principles of my actions giving me the opportunity to become what the creator intended for me to be from the beginning of my creation. I believe that my journey with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has allowed me to witness this remarkable man on his journey to oneness with Allah (God). I cannot, in truth tell you of his trials because they are his. What I do have familiarity with and have witnessed personally, is the depth of his faith and I can and do bear witness that it is out of his faith that he approaches every situation that comes into his life—no matter what the nature of that situation. I can also speak on how I have seen him act in what I perceived to have been profoundly difficult moments and soaring divine heights.


One of the most difficult tasks that I have witnessed him approach is the restoration of the Black man and woman back to our original self. For example, the Million Man March in 1995, the way it came about, the manner in which he worked to produce the momentum necessary for it to take place successfully on the day of and the day after, and in truth beyond to this day. I cannot fully express in words the absolute beauty of watching a man, guided by a power higher than himself, placing his unconditional trust in that power and allowing that power to govern, not some but all of his actions in order to fulfill the divine purpose of our Creator.


On January 24, 1994 the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan launched the “Let Us Make Man” tour in New York City. The tour was born out of his profound sensitivity to the conditions created by the planning of the enemies of the rise of the Black man, as Allah (God) blessed him to understand them. Plans designed by our enemies for the sole purpose of the annihilation of a people.   As the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan continued on the tour, the spirit of Allah guided him to make a statement that he wanted to take one million men to Washington, D.C.  and once the statement was made, he had to make his word bond and he started working to develop the momentum necessary to successfully overcome what was perceived to be insurmountable odds. He worked without the support to the black clergy, long time stalwarts of the Civil Rights Movement expressed that they felt that he lacked the experience necessary to organize a march and as a result didn’t aid him and in some cases worked openly against him.


His commitment to the idea and to making his word bond caused him to work harder and the more he worked over time he gained the support of some members of the Black clergy though the most well-known members of the Black clergy refused to help and in fact some even became open opponents of the March.  Armed only with his absolute faith and trust in the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Master Fard Muhammad, he continued to speak to large gatherings of men only reaching a staggering forty thousand men in Houston, Texas.  While touring he remained humble, never taking credit for his work but exalting Allah (God) Master Fard Muhammad, and his Christ, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, sacrificing his health and family the entire time.


At the height of the planning for the March, he remained in the place of a humble servant and student, making room at the table for all of his Brothers and Sisters even if they may have had a problem with him and didn’t help to facilitate the March. He never used their lack of support for the March against them but instead he honored them with the greatest honor of all, love and respect.  At the height of his rise in the view of this world, he gave his Brothers, an equal opportunity to share their views. Sharing the attention, he was gaining with others who had opposed him and he never at any point became bitter, though he ultimately suffered betrayal from these same people because of their envy and jealousy of what Allah (God) was blessing His servant with, yet he never retuned evil for evil. The real question is what allows him to do this, even to this very day?


I humbly submit that it is his absolute love for God and His Messiah and his people that is the fuel of his faith. An abundant and rich faith that springs out of his Love for God that we all gain strength from. He is The Door, The Way, The Truth and The Life and whosoever comes by him can have life more abundantly.  You may question me out of ignorance but know that my response will be simply, try him and you shall see for yourself if he a false man or a God sent man.  When the principles of what he teaches are applied, I assure you, that life as you know it will never be the same, you will become a new creature in The Name of Christ.

EM: This is a two-part question: The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been in the ministry for over 60 years and does not appear to be tired or slowing down. In fact he is increasing momentum/strategy. According to your interaction, observance and study of him how would he describe his ideal student minister? Along with his request of 1,000 new ministers that are young, what is the significance of a youthful age and a youthful spirit?

RM: I do believe the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan does experience fatigue and sometimes he is in great and deep pain over our condition, but it is his genuine Love for us as a people that fuels him. He will never give up on the aspirations of us as an independent people. He would give his very life to see us liberated. Even if it meant he died today, he would embrace death with great joy to know we are free.  The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is the most consistent man in the annals of history where black people are concerned.

In my humble opinion, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s ideal minister would be a perfect reflection of him and his relationship with the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. To be an ideal minister, the person must emulate his mind, heart and spirit. They must die so that he may live in them.  So that everyone who comes in contact with them truly feels the love of God coming through their being. We must reflect his attributes of kindness, patience, forgiveness, resilience and supreme intelligence and most importantly, absolute unconditional love.

If he had ten ministers that reflected him in this manner right now, each one would give him no less than one thousand Believers. It is in through the perfect reflection of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that the true Ten Thousand Fearless will come.  Allow me, from my perspective to paint a picture of what ten thousand under the command of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan could and will do by taking you on a journey. Let’s do the math. Ten thousand men taking one hundred Final Call Newspapers a week multiplied by four weeks multiplied further by twelve months. What do you think we are capable of accomplishing using the above mathematics, within a short period of time? So we’re in need of young people who recognize that they don’t know it all and are willing to be as babies and learn.  Willing to be nurtured on the pure words of Allah (God) in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, His Christ and there “Lead Wire” in the class of Gods.  Think of this, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said if he had ten Ministers like the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that he would take the country.

Minister Rahman Muhammad (Atlanta, Georgia) has testified that he personally heard the Honorable Elijah Muhammad say that he cracked Farrakhan into ten million parts.  There is a study that they do in toxicology to determine what may be in a body of water called PPM, PPB, PPT which is the acronym for Part Per Million, Billion, Trillion.  Which is the equivalent of 1/1,000.000 to determine what is in a body of water.  As I thought about this type of science and reflected over the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his Teacher the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I asked myself, what would the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan look like cracked into ten million parts? The thought that came to mind in response to this thought was the Body of Christ–formed in men.  I am also reminded of the cracking of an atom and a statement that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad made about Allah (God) creating Himself from an atom.  What does this statement and the scientific principles of Fission and Fusion have to do with The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan?  Perhaps, at a later date, I can share more of my thoughts with you and your readers on this particular topic.

EM: How real of an issue is burn out, resentment or even bitterness when it comes to being in the ministry? How do these sentiments enter the mind/heart of the one positioned to serve? How does one combat against it?

RM: The issue of burnout, resentment and bitterness is very real. It derives from an inordinate self-interest growing out of a lack of understanding of the greater picture and the natural progression of life.  The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan stated that time brings you in and time takes you out. Then he raised the question what are you doing with God’s time?  Each one of us is given a time to serve when we’re given the gift of life. A sign of our growing wisdom is that we will undertake the task of developing our potential so that our lives become relevant in accordance with the time. When we are allowed to serve as a Labour in any capacity, we are allotted time as long as we can remain relevant.  What allows us to stay relevant is our service to the Believers.  If our service is rooted in vanity, our time will be cut short. But, if our service is rooted in Love and good service, then you can serve the entire span of your individual life. No one serves forever, but if we serve a cause that is bigger than our self, our service may live long after we are physically gone.  Sometimes we can out serve our time, which can rob us of the good that has been done.

So one must learn when to exit with grace. That we may use the richness of our lives and experiences to help guide the younger generation.  One must truly come to understand that all praise is due to Allah, not some, but all. When we can accept this, we will learn how to enjoy the fruits from our labor.  We must accept Allah’s (God’s) infinite wisdom as related to evolution and appreciate the roles we are allowed to play in the development of self and others.  What makes the transition easier, is if while we are in these positions we learn to honor those who have gone before us; because one thing is for certain, we all will exit this stage of life and perhaps those that will come behind us will show us the same gratitude as we have shown our predecessors.

EM:  I always hear the Minister give care and consideration in his opening. He does not waste one word throughout his messages. What kind of spirit does it take and what kind of love does it take to overcome exhaustion where it doesn’t affect one’s ability to convey the word of Allah?

RM: We are taught that the scientists would take one word and wrangle over that word. Each word has meaning and a precise basis that directs its usage, causing specific electrical impulses the can give life or cause death. There is power in the word.  The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said that if you put the right word into someone’s ear you will see a change in their being within the time it takes for the blood to circulate from the head to toe which is 8 minutes 20 seconds.   The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is a man who has a profound understanding of the human potential and has been divinely guided in how to produce the proper combination of words to absolutely unlock that potential in each person who hears him.

The key to understanding the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is to understand the nature of his humility. He is the personification of what it means to be humble maintaining himself in his proper positon as a Student to a Divine Teacher, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. In all things that he undertakes he is seeking not to please people but to please his Father the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Master Fard Muhammad. This core desire manifests outwardly in how he handles the people of God and inwardly in how he thinks about the people of God.  There is so much in the word humility that most fail to consider. The true root of humility can be found in true, unconditional love and respect for God, which in turn allow one’s actions to be governed by principles that are upheld by Allah (God) Himself. Most of us fain humility when in truth we are in fact vain, desirous of being served so that our egos are feed which is a denial of the power of God in Others. There is only one kind of love, though we frequently put the title love on madness, which leads to the misunderstanding and misapplication of the word.  We are taught that God ‘IS’ Love, with ‘IS’ being equivalent to the equal sign, meaning that as in mathematics, what is on one side is the same, or equal in value and weight as what is on the other side.

Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan reveals to us in Study Guide 18: Rising Above Emotions Into The Thinking of God

“Though Love is generally defined as an emotion, I would say that love is not an emotion; Love is the Mother of Emotion. Love is the Creative Force out of which all things come from. Love can be broken down into four principles: Freedom, Justice, Equality and Obedience to the will of Allah (God). We call our intense feeling of like and dislike “Love” and “Hate”. 

But Love is not just an intense feeling. That is a limitation that this world has placed on it, making it our emotional reaction to something”.  


The only answer to your question is Love. Love is absolutely what it takes and what is required—unconditional love as our Christian brothers and sisters say, ‘agape.’

EM: What are the complexities related to tiring out? For example, there are some student ministers who work full time jobs. How does that or how can that affect one’s spiritual energy? How does physical health and fitness contribute to one’s spiritual energy?

RM: They have a very difficult task. Why? Because student ministers who work full time jobs are immediately in the valley of decision depending upon the requirements of their job because sometimes this makes maintaining ones’ spiritual energy—stamina, impossible. We are taught that you are what you eat.  One cannot maintain the spirit of God eating from the table of Satan. The service of God and his people is profoundly demanding and the more distractions you have in your labor the longer it will take to establish your ministry in a city. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has never given a minister a mosque. All ministers, under his charge, are responsible for the entire city, bringing everything and everybody into alignment with the governance (Will) of Allah (God) and while this task maybe difficult to do it is not impossible as we have been taught that the whole world must come under the umbrella of submission to Allah (God).  There will be men who will make this happen by Allah’s permission, this is what the Believers did under the banner of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the known world at that time.  What we’re to do is to exponentially increase our efforts so that we my benefit from our labor through the creation of an enduring environment amongst our people that they may thrive in business.

The history of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s work in New York; his activity and sphere of influence through his ministry was conducive to the success of all the Believers in their personal lives and in their respective businesses. We must work to free the Believers and the people and in return they will ensure our freedom from want and poverty.  The coin remains where it has always been, in the fish’s mouth. We must willingly and enthusiastically grab our nets. He came to make us fishers of men who do not cast a single pole/line of personal self-interests on the wrong side out of a desire to seek gain alone but to cast our nets on the side he directs us to.  Ultimately, our physical being must not be allowed to govern our spiritual being, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is a perfect example of this principle in action.

EM: As it relates to sacrifices, what do you consider healthy sacrifices vs. unhealthy sacrifices when it comes to being helpers in the cause of Allah?

RM: There is no such thing as an unhealthy sacrifice in the way or cause of Allah (God). There is nothing that you have to offer where Allah (God) is not worthy, including your very life. In the divine scheme of things, the only thing you have worthy of being offered to Allah, is your life and out of our faithful service and sacrifices Allah (God) gives abundantly in return, by coming into you and dwelling in you were you now become a reflection of Him in flesh and earn the right to wear the name Khalifa (one who stands in place of another—God) through serving humanity.

Let me be clear, there are in fact some unhealthy sacrifices, and they are rooted in Satan and most of them spring out of one’s own vanity. Any immoral sacrifice is unhealthy. By definition, an immoral sacrifice is the taking of life to satisfy lust, greed or the doing of an injustice, the using of the weak to pleasure a sick minded few.  To annihilate a people because of differences, this is an immoral sacrifice.  I pray were are not abusers of ourselves and families in the name of sacrifice. The ignorant mismanagement of time and resources is not a sacrifice.

EM: The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said that we must look at ourselves and be honest with ourselves in terms of our Faith and Belief. I love how transparent he was in his message “The Pathology of Hypocrisy” and how open he has been as of lately relating to his experiences throughout his life. It takes a tremendous level of growth and humility to exhibit that. What are some of the dangers current student ministers are faced with if they fail to see the signs of their own hypocrisy and what kind of effort does it take to reverse it once it is discovered?

RM: The greatest description that I can give of him is the picture of Jesus with his heart out of his chest, laid bare before the world, so that all who look may see.  He is a man without secrets whose whole life has been played out on a world stage.  His heart is pure and he’s wrapped up in the bosom of Allah (God). He does not care what men in general think of him. He is concerned only with how the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, his Teacher and Master Fard Muhammad, Allah (God) in Person, see him and his actions, his motives.  He knows that Allah is the Grantor of security, so man has no power over him. He has given himself fully over to Allah (God).

The  student ministers, as well the Believers, all will have to humble themselves and lay bare, before Allah (God) and His Christ, at some point because none can hide especially in this most critical of hours.  As long as we have something that we’re afraid of having exposed we can be used by Satan with the threat of exposure. When we trust totally in Allah (God), there is nothing to hide and no matter how ugly a thing may appear, it is not too big for Allah (God) to forgive and wash each and every one of us clean of any charge leveled against us, no matter what the charge.

There is only one sin that I’m aware of that is unforgivable, blasphemy.  Master Fard Muhammad has come to save us from the sin of our enemy and He has said that He will throw our sins in the sea forgetfulness never to be reminded of the activities we engaged in or the things we have done, if we accept His offer and become reconciled to Allah (God). Most critically, Master Fard Muhammad has said, and He makes His word bond always, that He will.  Will is a verb used in the future tense, which is a magnificent expression from Allah (God) that He is aware of our current condition, by circumstance, living under our open enemies and His open enemy.  This is not a license to throw the law behind our backs as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches, “In that day, your righteousness shall sustain you.”

Hypocrisy is something that no soul escapes, for all the deeds of hypocrite are recorded the core defense from hypocrisy is to diligently guard oneself from the whispering of the slinking devil. This is done by keeping focus and by not allowing disappointments to taint your heart causing doubt to start to creep into your heart.   Prayer is one of the keys to purification of the heart.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has said, “Doubt is the mother of hypocrisy.”  We all must be careful and examine our own heart to be sure to work on self so that we do not become what we say we despise in others.

EM: For those who have some trepidation about what their life/role will be like afterward the ministry, how can they continue to serve, be great helpers and feel as though they are still of use away from the rostrum?

RM: There in no one that has the power to make you irrelevant. We must prepare for the different stages of development in life.  There are many things we can do while we are in the positions to create opportunities for the Believers and also to invest in them where there maybe mutual benefits for self and family.  There are many positions to be held/had if we are working to build an independent nation that will allow us to have utility throughout our lives. We must learn to serve according to the time and what must be done. There is no post that we have where time will not require us to move on. As Allah points out in his Holy Qur’an, “The sun moves on in its course.” Great success in your city will lead to tremendous opportunities for yourself, the Believers and our people in general. I cannot stress this enough: The whole city has been given to the Student Minister. You are miners and the earth has untold treasure locked in your city. We have been given the key to unearthing these treasures by Almighty Allah (God) in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad. Let’s get up and go to work! The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said the universe is like a big mammary gland. She cannot withhold her blessing, but we must start the motion of pulling and suckling.  There are no limits to what you can do. We must overcome our fears and go to work.


EM:  If you don’t mind sharing one, what hurdle did you have to overcome to experience a significant growth that may have been life saving for you in the ministry?


RM: The past year or so has shown me that there was something in me that I was blinded to until I was able to look back retrospectively on a particular situation. Briefly, there was a meeting and I was requested to be at the meeting, and I said ‘I am not coming to the meeting’.  Now as a subordinate to the one calling the meeting, I did not have that right—to refuse to come.  Later when the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan counseled me he said, “As a subordinate you are to obey those in authority as long as it doesn’t conflict with your religion, and when your superior officer calls you to a meeting you are obligated to come.” The result of me refusing to attend the meeting, was that I have been suspended from the post I was holding at the time.


Now, I want you to put yourself in my shoes, and think about this very carefully. I have been securing the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, since around the age of twenty-one and I will be fifty-two this year. Please understand, this is all that I have done since I have been in the Nation of Islam. Now, I find myself in the “ranks” with the Believers. I am suspended, and I have to come back amongst the Believers. I could have been given time out of the mosque, but out of mercy, I was given time away from the E-Team and as of now I have not been reinstated. Many ask me, “Do you think you will be reinstated?” Honestly, I do not think so, but I also can say that I do not think being reinstated is necessary; because when Allah (God) desires to give you something, He takes something from you and when He wants to elevate you, you have to go through something that is comparable to the level of elevation that He will eventually raise you to.  I did not come into the Nation to argue over being on his left or his right as it relates to security.  What Allah (God) has blessed me through this experience to see is that the Believer in the Nation of Islam is a part of a security apparatus that is greater than the seen physical reality, which is why I am sharing my personal experience with the Believers wherever I go.  Once we can secure the Believer, then our whole Nation becomes secure.  We cannot secure the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan physically. The only one that has the power to do that is Allah (God) and to think otherwise is arrogance and ignorance.  What we can secure are the principles of what we have been taught, based on our understanding and our actions.


So, I share with the Believers out of what I have come to learn of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that will secure us, which in turn makes my position secure with him. It was not my intention to find myself in error, but I was frustrated, as many of us may get at some point. We must keep in mind what we have been taught, that we must rise above our emotion into the thinking of God and make calculated decisions based on the reality that we are dealing with. We cannot disrupt the entire Nation of Islam because we are personally angry. We cannot disrupt the entire Nation of Islam because we are in pain. We do not have the right to destroy the structure because someone offended us. I have personally learned this lesson and deeper than that, I have learned what occurred was more than just that for me, because buried underneath, deep within my mind, was another mind and mind-set. A mind-set where I  developed a disdain for some Laborers and the reality is that I didn’t even know that this was in my mind, because I got frustrated with what I felt should be happening but was not.


We think we should be making greater progress. We think that it could be done a little differently and sometimes we get frustrated with what we think and then we start to get into disagreements and sometimes in that we become disagreeable. So this had to be manifested in me because in the absence of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, a man that has been with him for thirty-years that has a problem, who is disagreeing with his Laborers, could create a rift in the Nation. We must learn to be patient.  Allow me to share with you and your readers a question that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan asked me in a meeting. He said: “Brother, let me ask you a question, do you love me?” And you know how the answer to that question always goes; “You know I love you Brother Minister”. He responded: “Well, if you love me then why can’t you take more from the people that I love? If you love me then your love for me should discipline your actions to take more off the people that I love, because the objective is to raise them and if you love me then you have to take it to get to them. Not that you are all wrong or they are all right but you have to be willing to take it and if you can’t take it then you are not cut out for this work.” Now, how do you think he knew that was a part of my trial? Because he went through the same thing. My point is that we will all go through this trial in some form or fashion at some point in our development.


How did the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan go through it? He came to the table frustrated with the Laborers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He said that he was ready to fight and go to battle with them and he had all the facts and came to the table with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad sitting at the other end of the table, and Minister Farrakhan is ready to ‘get those Laborers’.  As the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan got started, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad hit the table, got up and said to him, “Seek refuge in Allah from the envier when he envies,” then he walked away. That thought went through my mind. What is he saying? Don’t bring that crap to my table, you have to deal with that and you cannot deal with it your way, you cannot throw away anyone. You don’t have the right to get rid of not one of these Believers. You cannot get rid of one of the Laborers that is not your right to do. You have to rise above your emotions and you have the deal with them. You have to answer the need and find out what is missing in them because it’s really missing in you and the thing that you saw in them, that you despise so intently, was and is really in you.


What I had to do, is recognize that it was really me that had the problem, and the problem that I had was that I did not know how to change the reality that I was faced with. If I am rising in the principles and the knowledge of God, then I have to be able to change the reality that exists around me according to the principles of righteousness. Pouting and acting other than self does not change that. Getting nasty and cursing people out does not change that. What we are doing when we act that way is disrupting the body, and we know what we do with those that disrupt the body. OK Mr. Shabazz, take it over there. OK Mr. Yacub, take it over there. Exile. Then we get mad because we don’t all speak the same language and now we want to put explosives in the earth and we going around trying to put a new moon out in space, because the Mosque or some labour didn’t agree with you.  So the thing I had to learn to overcome was my emotions and my emotional reaction to perceived disappointments.

EM: What do you attribute to your success in being able to overcome it?

RM: I cannot say that I have overcome this aspect of myself, nor can I claim success. What I can say is that it was and is my continuous reflection over the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s life and words that allows me to look at myself and try to align my mind, heart and actions with his words and spirit so I may find the way of correction for myself.  This is the process that has granted me peace of mind, contentment and patience as Allah (God) is preparing me, for what, I do not know, as I journey down life’s road.  He is our example and if we study him and act accordingly we will find what is needed to be found in God’s infinite grace and success is guaranteed.

EM: You hold a very unique view and perspective as it relates to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s mission and his overall being. What do you find as a common misunderstanding among Black people regarding him, who he is and his work? In your view, what do you believe he wants our people to know about him?

RM: In short I don’t think he wants the world to know and recognize him but to know and recognize the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Master Fard Muhammad and in doing so, the world will come to know who and what he means to Allah (God) and His Christ. I spoke extensively on this particular point during a talk I had with the Believers in Orlando, Florida that I would be more than happy to make it available to your readers if you would like.

EM: Absolutely! Yes Sir!

 Based on where the Minister is, his desire and vision for his student ministers and with our overall mission, what words or piece of counsel would you offer to the current student ministers as we prepare for Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s departure to the Wheel and how critical their role will be to his flock (internal+external)? What words would you offer the upcoming student ministers?


RM: To be honest with you and your readers, I do not know where the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is. John 14:3 states “…I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back again and I will take you to Myself, so that where I am you may be also.”  One day I heard his daughter, Sister Fatima Muhammad, who is also his nurse, say, “As I listen to my father playing his violin, I often wonder where is he now, because he is like on a journey and sometimes you hear great joy when he’s playing and there is pain also [and] moments of great excitement.” I would bear witness to the same, for this is truly a beautiful analogy of his whole life. I believe his desire is that we come to understand and wake up to what Allah has given us in the person of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and become a pure reflection of his light to help guide a world that is in gross darkness back into the Light of Allah (God), never to stray again. I would like to approach the second half of the question from a more scientific perspective, and I pray that I’m congruent and that you follow my expression, analogy and analysis.


Starting with the atom. From science, we learn that atoms are the basic units of all matter and the defining structure of all elements. Atoms are made up of three particles: protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons and neutrons are heavier than electrons and reside at the center of the atom, which is called the nucleus. Electrons are extremely lightweight and exist in a cloud orbiting the nucleus. Interestingly, the electron cloud has a radius 10,000 times greater than the nucleus.

Protons and neutrons have approximately the same mass. One proton weighs more than 1,800 electrons. Atoms will consistently have an equal number of protons and electrons, and the number of protons and neutrons is usually the same as well. Adding a proton to an atom makes a new element, while adding a neutron makes an isotope, or heavier version, of that atom.


When I think of the structure of the atom the mosque comes to mind. There are two types of Believers in the mosque: One is productive and the other is neutral and both are vitally necessary to the development of a productive mosque.  The protons (Believers) are dutifully. They are full of life consistent with charity, attendance, and prompt.  The neutron (Believers) are ones that are not motivated to take on the responsibility of his or her Islamic life. They are easily recognized, because they are the ones that complain about everything and do very little if anything at all.


The amount of neutrons present does not define the elements, the activities (charge) of the mosque; the protons are the ones who define the mosque. Currently, due to our immaturity, there is too much focus on the neutrons when if we added more protons we would make a new element.  Next come the electrons (Labors) those who are responsible.  Electrons play an essential role in numerous physical phenomena, such as the creation of electricity, magnetism, thermal conductivity and they also participate in gravitational, electromagnetic and weak interactions. Electrons have a charge. They are surrounding the electric field, and an electron moving relative to an observer generates what is known in science as a magnetic field.  External electromagnetic fields affect an electron according to certain specific laws that govern this form of activity. Electrons will radiate energy and through this process they also, when accelerated, absorb energy in the form of photons.  In layman’s terms, atoms appear small and insignificant but the smallest building block for all matter in the universe is the atom and so too are the Believers in Allah (God). The Holy Qur’an states that “Allah does not waste the work of any worker” large or small.

We can start now by analyzing the Laborers (Electrons) roll as it relates to Allah (God), His Christ and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and then to the believers.  The Laborers (Electrons) have a charge that they derive from their relationship with the Sun (Son) that emits light and energy. The same fuel that charges the Sun, fuels the Electrons and Protons– the will of Allah.  As noted earlier, neutrons do not carry a charge, they work as a stabilizing force.

How do the Laborers, create electricity around the atoms (Believers)?  Through their motion of activities in developing schools, businesses, farms added to their ability to activate the community at large, creates the pulse of life.  In doing so, the Laborers of the mosque, create a magnetic field, becoming magnetized and drawing protons, building momentum and setting a pace for change. This allows the ministers to participate in a gravitational pull or power of the overall larger community affecting other groups and organizations. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches us that the revealed word of God “emits the highest form of energy in the human being.”

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan stated that the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches that if a man can master one atom, he can master one thousand atoms and all matter in the universe consists of atoms.  So man must master his own heart, bone and flesh in the mastery of self.  Then he can master all atoms in the universe.  The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan stated in an article appearing in the Final Call Newspaper, “Every truth contains electrical energy. The highest form of electrical energy is that which comes when we accept Divine Revelation. The light of electrical energy that is in the truth when the truth is believed and carried into practice gives you power and life, spiritually and mentally, and, the light of that truth is seen in our countenance, and, reflected in our action. The more you converse on the Revealed Word of Allah (God), the more you energize one another. Whenever your conversation degenerates into mundane things that are not necessarily connected to the revelation, the electrical charge in the conversation is diminished. When you waste your time engaging in the cheapest form of communication, which is gossip, rumor mongering, backbiting, slander, and defamation; this kind of conversation is not only low in electrical energy, it deteriorates and strips you of the energy that you gain from Divine Revelation. That is why Allah (God) and His Prophet’s forbid slack talk, gossip, slander, defamation, and backbiting. Whenever this kind of conversation is present you will find the lack of spirit or energy. It is this lowest form of conversation that brings death in the mosque, in the church, and death among the righteous. You kill each other’s spirit with this type of cheap conversation.”

Ultimately, speaking and teaching the revealed word of God will cause the atoms (Believers) to be charged and create new elements.  There are also weak interactions that take place with the electron, protons and neutrons, which highlights the need for discipline. Unfortunately, and to their own detriment at times, the Laborers give very little attention to the neutron, not highlighting the activities of weak Believers.  Weak Believers are neutral, unproductive once recognized they are given the proper attention. When properly understood, the neutrons are necessary.  We as scientists must stop trying to rid ourselves of what, if properly understood, helps us to develop to the next level. Any scientist that becomes emotional and throws out the essentials of his or her study, immediately robs himself or herself of what was gained in the discovery process.

In closing, I would like to direct our minds and hearts to one more principle—the external electromagnetic fields.  This deals with the electrons direct relationship with what scientists of this world call Black or Dark Matter and Black or Dark Energy. These two energies represent the closing of the book on the white man’s knowledge.  This is the power of Master Fard Muhammad and His Christ, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. As a student minister, this is very important to consider and keep in mind; because if your relationship with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is not correct, or you hold an improper view or judgment of him, then you will be profoundly limited in your ability to access ‘The Two.’

In my humble opinion, the greatest and only study we will ever need is of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his relationship to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

We must follow the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s way of devotion, none can escape his way which is Total Obedience to Allah (God).  Do not worry about what the world thinks. Live the life he has given us to live and the world will soon bear witness because of our Testimonies.  I want to close this interview by sharing the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s words to me for the Believers. He asked me to share two things with the Believers and neither of them do I take lightly.  Before I share what he asked me to share, I must say to be entrusted with his word to the Believers is one of the greatest honors and weightiest responsibilities that has been bestowed upon me, and I constantly pray that I truly reflect his mind, heart and spirit.  First, he instructed me to always extend the greetings of peace (As-Salaam Alaikum) on his behalf, which I give now: AS SALAAM ALAIKUM!!!

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches us that the greetings are a form of prayer and I present to you his prayers for you and your family, which is a gift from him, Allah and His Christ.  Secondly, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said to tell the Believers that “I’m going away to the Wheel and that I will return; and if they are faithful then I’ll shall see them on My return.” I do not know how you will receive his words, but to me this is one of the greatest declarations to be made to strengthen the Believers. The Believers should know for a fact, that his words are as true as the beat of your heart. As true as the next breath you will draw in an effort to sustain your life while reading these words. So to the Believers, I would like to encourage us all through the words found in Isaiah 40:28-31 (NIV):

“Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Thank you Sister Ebony Muhammad for this opportunity and I thank all the readers of Hurt2Healing. May Allah bless us all with the Divine Light of understanding. As-Salaam Alaikum!

EM: All Praise is Due to Allah! Thank YOU dear Brother Rashad for sharing so many beautiful words of and from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and from your own personal experiences! Please return the Greetings to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan! May Allah (God) continue to bless and strengthen you as well! Walaikum Salaam!


(Student Minister Rashad Muhammad is a Representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam based in Chicago, Illinois at Mosque Maryam.)


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Sis Donna Muhammad October 10, 2016 at 5:35 pm Reply

Wow! I can truly say this interview with Student Minister Rashad was indeed LIFE-CHANGING and I say that without exaggeration. It just opened my eyes to something in myself that I didn’t know was there and thought I was holding onto a thought or position that I felt justified in holding onto…but that was because the mirror was turned around reflecting OUTWARDLY instead of inwardly. APDTA for leading me to this interview at this time. On this Day. He is so Merciful. A Guide.

H2H Staff Writer March 8, 2017 at 8:34 pm Reply

All Praise Is Due To Allah!!! Yes ma’am! His words and all he share was and is definitely to be studied! Many great lessons and principles! Thank you for sharing beloved!!!

Jason TwoX October 10, 2016 at 8:18 pm Reply


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