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::Cultural Revolution:: Making Farrakhan’s Word Bond: The Exclusive w/ Rick Ross

::Cultural Revolution:: Making Farrakhan’s Word Bond: The Exclusive w/ Rick Ross

[Publisher’s Note: The below is the full interview conducted with Rick Ross from the October 13, 2016 gathering in Atlanta with other leaders in Hip Hop Culture that was featured in The Final Call Newspaper.]

Ebony S. Muhammad: What was it like hearing from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan tonight and what stood out the most for you?

Rick Ross: Every time I had the opportunity and blessing to sit down and get wise words from the Minister, he speaks with so much confidence. You could be a young Black boy who grew up without a father and not know what that role is and not know what the position is supposed to look like, but he most definitely gives me that experience.

When you walk into a room and you see the Minister seated and his words still command that attention and it is still giving you that energy and synergy while he’s seated, it speaks volumes. The President can’t do that. They can’t debate sitting down.

Ebony S. Muhammad: Yes sir! What part of his words have you put into action?

Rick Ross: The home that I purchased, that was formally Evander Holyfield’s estate, and it was a decision I made after having a discussion with the Minister. I was questioning that move and he said, “That’s land brother. I would never second guess land and the investment in land”. So I did it, and it was one of the best investments thus far. My admiration and my respect for the Minister goes beyond these words that I’ve shared these last few seconds.

Ebony S. Muhammad: What do you hope other artists take away from their experience of hearing and seeing Minister Farrakhan?

Rick Ross: Anytime our brothers and sisters get under the same roof I feel we become that much more closer to each other. It’s time for us to really hold each other’s hands.

When he talked about squashing beefs, I respected his whole conversation on that tonight. He made that the focus. We can’t do a lot of things at once, and that is most definitely the priority of supporting each other instead of killing each other. Let’s put the guns down and stop the violence. So when I look down the front row and see Jermaine Dupri next to me, 2 Chainz next me and Maurice behind me, we’re all on that same page walking around with that same gaze in our eyes. We know that possibility is going to be hard, but we know that the possibility is there.

Ebony S. Muhammad: Those are some powerful words and I pray that other artists have the same mentality. Thank you for your time dear brother, and may Allah bless you all with success in this Cultural Revolution!

Rick Ross: Thank you Sis, God bless!

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