Major Mistakes Women and Men Make In Relationships

Major Mistakes Women and Men  Make In Relationships


If you’re not ready for honest, straight forward tips regarding this subject, turn the page. This is for mature men & women only.

[The below are tips submitted by both men and women]



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Don’t fake it til you make– Be yourself, because the truth will come out eventually.


Mama’s Boy – Don’t give your mother too much say-so in your relationship. Cut the umbilical cord, release the breast and get out of your adult stroller. Time to grow up.


No respect for a liar- Let go of thinking that you have to lie, because you believe the woman you’re with won’t accept what you say or do. She’ll respect your honesty as a man.


It’s the little things that count- We can’t forget to do the things we used to do to get the attention of our woman. This will also keep her.


We don’t step up to the plate – When men find a companion, many of us lose control. She begins to be the go-to decision maker of the household. She begins to govern the finances etc. Sad to say that when you factor in her cooking and cleaning, it’s almost like he becomes a child to her. He becomes a chore when his strength and independence was part of what attracted her in the first place. It’s cool to let her help out, but fellas should practice some restraint with giving up so much of their responsibility. No one likes all of the workload to be dump on them, so why would she? You only foster resentment in the end.


We lose confidence- Often guys tend to get too comfortable in the relationship. He stops calling as much, he stops giving flowers, gifts and quality time. Well this has a diverse effect, because it fosters lack of confidence in men. When a guy knows he has the bases covered with his woman, he walks with a different confidence. What’s crazy is how a woman’s intuition picks up on his high level of confidence. It makes her feel better about the relationship.


Men also lose confidence, because of their health. It’s a known fact, that if you look good you feel good. We, as men, need to spend more time in the gym or working out. It will increase your stamina and her attraction to you, thus, increasing your confidence.


No woman wants a pushover- Remember strength was one of the things she was attracted to. We have got to be able to say “no” sometimes. Women like a challenge, not a pushover. You can be generous and attentive, but please practice some restraint. When she feels you’re a pushover, she will begin to lose respect for you.


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We get clingy and slightly possessive- That is a major turn off to a man. Be self-assured and maintain your individuality.


We fall in love too fast- We think every man is “the one”. We don’t take enough time to get to know the person. We don’t find out critical information and always regret it in the end.


We tend to lower our standards as we get older- We settle and accept things we would have never accepted before. Raise the bar!


We give it up too easy– Nuff said.


TOO emotional – They allow their emotions to get in the way of understanding where her man is coming from. If a man is serious, he wants a friend more than anything.


Manipulation NEVER works- Some women try to control a man and attempt to make him feel in a lock down situation. This will only push a man further away.


They become the “bag lady” – Women have a tendency, once they’ve been hurt, to carry that baggage into every relationship. You must learn to deal with the pain and heal before moving on.


They share too much too soon – When they meet the new guy, they tell him everything her Ex didn’t do, therefore giving the new guy all he needs to take advantage of her heart. She thinks he is “the one”, not realizing the game.


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Drastic changes in personality – You were one way before you got into your relationship and that person accepted you.  If it’s not broke, don’t fix it… unless it’s an upgrade.


Lack of depth- We lean on lust and physical attributes instead of finding out what we both have in common on a deeper level.



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Sis Tawon Muhammad June 28, 2013 at 1:21 am Reply

Asa, ma’am, excellent points to note. All
we have to do is start listening and praying to Allah (God), that we can improve on our God
qualities from the Creator and strive harder to be righteous in every aspect.

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