Intimate Justice: The Struggle Between Male & Female

Intimate Justice: The Struggle Between Male & Female

By Ebony S. Muhammad

[Originally featured in Heal Thy Life Magazine October 2015 Edition]


“A woman is not the second self of man, she’s the second self of God”.
-Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

In December of 2014, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan met with various groups from the community which included hip hop artists, activists and those in black media. Among the discussion was the subject of ‘intimate justice’ in relation to the abuse and violation of women at the hand of men. This subject has been and still is a component of Minister Farrakhan’s message no matter what audience he speaks to. Violence against women must be done away with, but first within the home.

Minister Farrakhan states, “It is part of our teaching and training, to lay down our lives for the honor of our women. We will never be respected as a people until we show honor, love and respect for our women.” (Holy Day of Atonement, 2014)

The teaching and training he is referring to is the class for the men that belong to Islam in North America, the Fruit Of Islam. We must examine that if there is a teaching and training taking place to honor, respect, and protect the female, what is the teaching and training that has our men doing other than that?

During Minister Farrakhan’s recent message in Memphis, Tennessee in the Cannon Center, he spoke on the social engineering of Black people that has led to the current degenerative condition, particularly with Black men. “The condition of Black young boys is a socially engineered conspiracy by the highest in the U.S. government”, he said. Along with being socially engineered, Black men suffer from mass incarceration and mass killings at the hands of one another and rogue police officers. According to Minister Farrakhan, the ideals of nation building is carried in the male. The woman naturally reflects the ideals of the civilization that’s in power. Therefore, if the masses of Black men are incarcerated, dead, or socially engineered against the Black woman, this means that he is no longer the power source of the Black woman and she is reflecting the ideals of those who are in control of the circumstances, White supremacists.

Although the battle between the Black male and female is largely within our own community, those who initiated it, facilitate it, and continue to instigate it are not. Intuitively we know this, yet because we lack proper knowledge of God, self and our open enemy we internalize and misplace the fury onto ourselves and each other.

Minister Farrakhan stated, “A real man is a reflection of God”. He also said, “The nature of a woman demands a provider, a protector”. Therefore, when our (male and female) demands are met naturally, our nature complement one another and there is harmony.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is inviting men, women and children to the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March set to take place on October 10, 2015 in Washington, D.C. to demand ‘Justice Or Else’ from the government of the United States. This will be an opportunity for them to right their wrong against an entire nation of people. Learn more at



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