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Intimate Justice: The Power In Valuing the Female – One-On-One w/ Student Minister Willie Muhammad

Intimate Justice: The Power In Valuing the Female – One-On-One w/ Student Minister Willie Muhammad

Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): What is the connection between the condition of the Earth as well as society and the mistreatment of women? How does failing to understand her value affect the relationship between men and their understanding of themselves and Allah (God)?
Willie Muhammad (WM): Good question. Isn’t it interesting that at a time where the disrespect of women is at an all-time high, the pollution of the Earth which is referred to by many as “Mother Earth” is also at alarming rates. Man is destroying the earth he lives on. It shows that disrespect of women spreads to all aspects of our lives. When the value of a woman is not correctly understood, then her power, majesty and purpose is not valued. This negative view greatly impacts a relationship; this is why so many women feel disrespected, unappreciated and undervalued.

EM: “(We take) Allah’s (God’s) colour, and who is better than Allah at colouring, and we are His worshippers”. (Holy Quran 2:138) The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said that we follow the Light/Truth of God. Therefore, we must begin to see or perceive reality as Allah (God) perceives it. Take on His colouring, which is His view.
How exactly does Allah view the female and what is her reality with Him?
WM: I’ll say this: She is the vessel in which Allah has placed the means by which not only we are able to extend our lives into the future but she is also the vessel that produces the human body that holds the Supreme Spirit of Almighty God, Allah, Himself. She is the vessel that plays a critical part in helping man in his development into his divinity. Remember, that the first act of creation of Allah (God), so teaches the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, was not the Sun, Moon and Stars but the Woman, herself. I have heard people say that we can tell what’s valuable to someone by what they do. The Sun, Moon and Stars are of and have been of great importance to life itself on this planet earth. However, they are second, third and fourth to the value of the woman.


EM: What is the world’s view of the female and how can we see this playing out in various realms especially with our young girls?
WM: All we have to do is turn on the TV and see how women are viewed in this world. Look at the reality shows. Women are allowed to be referred to “wives” and they are not married. Our young girls are being groomed to be sexual objects. Look at the style of clothing that are being designed and sold to parents of young girls. Unfortunately, our young girls and women have internalized this Satanic view of themselves and are manifesting them. Now more than ever our girls and women need to see examples of women that are contrary to what this world is fashioning women and girls into.
EM: How has the improper view of the female and her value contributed to the current mental, spiritual and physical turmoil of this world?
WM: The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has said on more than one occasion that the horrible condition of this world is the disrespect of women. He also said, “The reason you are far away from God is because of your attitude toward women. You will never find God and you will never grow to honor God, as long as you are a mistreater and disrespecter of women.”
EM: Why and in what way has Allah’s view of the female been outcasted, ignored, and untaught?
WM: Thy “why” is found in the opening chapters of the Bible in the Book of Genesis. Satan has created a world aimed at destroying the woman physically and the view that men and even women have of themselves. The reason he has done so is because he knows that the prophecy speaks of one being born from a woman who will destroy Satan’s civilization. So his world does not reflect the divinity of the woman. His world seeks to pollute the mind and spirit of the woman. For in doing so he pollutes the seed. But Allah is the Best of Planners. The scriptures show that Satan failed.
EM: How does one begin to take on the colouring of Allah (God) in such widespread turmoil and chaos?
WM: The scriptures say that Muhammad is a great example for humanity to follow. The Bible says that the Messiah is the modern Way. All we need to do is study the one who is the Way and the one who is the modern Example. I believe that, that one today is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. For he, more than any person on this earth, helped me to better my view of ALL women. Show me another leader in America or outside of America who has taught numerous lectures talking about the sacredness of the female, the Divine value of the woman and her being the Second-Self of God.
EM: Minister Farrakhan says, “We must reverence the womb that bore us…”.
What does this mean and how does this world abuse the womb of the female? How can we reverse this?

WM: We reverence the womb of the woman when we respect and honor women as they should be honored and respected. We reverence the womb of the woman when we look pass what the world has made of our women and see them as God see them and work to help them to gain a proper view of themselves. The example of the womb being abused is the view of the womb being solely for the purpose of sexual intimacy instead of the sacred channel from which vessels that can hold the Divine Spirit of God are produced from.
EM:  In a recent message you gave in Houston, you spoke on the importance of accepting yourself, first, as it relates to the success of male-female relationships. However, can one improve themselves before fully accepting self? How does this affect the foundation of our relationship with self, God and others?
WM: I recently did a video blog titled, “Being Our Authentic Selves!” If we do not bring who we are genuinely are to a relationship, we do not give people the chance to fall in love with who we really are. As a result they fall in love or grow to life a mirage. Then when they find out we are not who we portrayed ourselves to be, they see us as a phony and then they feel betrayed. This greatly limits the success of a relationship. As Jesus encouraged us to build our homes on solid ground, nothing is more solid than truth. If we are honest and sincere about our efforts to self-improve, we will also love what we are becoming as we do so and accept who we are becoming.

EM: Minister Farrakhan said in Memphis during the Justice Or Else tour: “Black Woman: You don’t love yourself enough to be your beautiful self?”  He also said of the two natures of the man and woman, “When our (man & woman) demands are met naturally our natures complement one another.” And lastly he stated, “We will be in so much harmony with the Will of God, that everywhere you look you will only see peace”.

If the two are not adhering to their nature what does that look like and how can they correct that?
WM: The Honorable Louis Farrakhan talks about this in the book A Torchlight for America. He says that our natures are meant to compliment. However, he said that in the absence of knowledge of our natures, the complimenting doesn’t take place but instead conflict happens. We see the results of this in the horrible condition of relationships in our communities. The nature of a man is to be a provider, maintainer, protector and producer. When a man cannot do these things he does not feel like a man. Black men live in a world that has systematically placed obstacles that prevent us from doing so. The nature of the woman is to console and to help a man who does what I mentioned. But right now many cannot do that because they are not meeting men who are acting in such a way that will call forth that from them. Both men and women need to be exposed to the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. They have helped me to better understand relationships and are at the root of me writing my book.
EM:  Minister Farrakhan said, “The process of perfection is the manifestation of defects.” What is the process to becoming one with the Will of God and when does one know they are on the right path and making great progress along the way?
WM: The process can be found in the Al-Fatiha prayer. Read it carefully. Define the words. In the prayer there are important attributes of Allah that we need to know more about and begin to cultivate in ourselves. It also shows the proper mindset the Believer needs to be in. With these principles, with the guidance and example of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan we can get back on the right path. We will know when we are making progress, because our will to resist those things that take us off the path is stronger and they can’t easily pull us off the path.


EM: Thank you very much for your words! May Allah continue to bless you dear brother!


Willie Muhammad is the New Orleans representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the student minister of Muhammad Mosque No. 46.

He recently released his very first e-book, The Journey to Get the Love You Desire Begins with You! To get your personal copy email him directly at!

Follow him on Twitter @BroWM46. Visit the official New Orleans mosque website @

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