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[Interview] Ebony S. Muhammad Helps Women Turn “Wounds Into Wisdom”

[Interview] Ebony S. Muhammad Helps Women Turn “Wounds Into Wisdom”

by Shahida Sade Muhammad


Ebony S. Muhammad is passionate about helping women heal from painful experiences. Whether its domestic abuse, drug use, or sexual assault – she strongly believes there’s a way to move past these traumas, and as the publisher of Hurt2Healing Magazine, Sister Ebony dedicates her platform to sharing inspirational testimonies and stories of triumph. She is also a certified Thanatologist, and has worked with a patients suffering from a variety of mental health issues and bereavement.

With a dedication to healing and empowerment as her motivation, Muhammad is hosting a phenomenal event on December 13th in Houston, Texas titled “Wounds Into Wisdom: The Women of Transformation Summit”. The day will feature an array of discussions, workshops, and panelists all dedicated to helping women gain freedom from the issues holding them back from their potential to heal and be whole. We spoke recently on what motivated her to put together the event, the importance of healing our wounds as women, and what she hopes attendees will take away from the summit. Check out our interview below.


What inspired you to host this event?
Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse/Assault have been the leading epidemic regarding violence against women and girls for too long. Unfortunately, only 25% of cases are reported and of those cases many of them go unresolved, leaving women and girls with a broken spirit and suffering in silence.

Hurt2Healing Magazine is a tool to meet the reader where they are to bring about a spiritual, emotional and physical transformation. Every interview and article is arranged where the reader can extract exactly what they need and begin utilizing the principles immediately. The principle of healing is not forced, it’s naturally accepted as the reader engages the magazine. Therefore, having an event where women and girls can attend for a more interactive and proactive approach to the life they deserve and to acquire a support system, guidance and resources was a no-brainer. Quite frankly, it’s long overdue, yet, right on time.

What do you consider your passion and/or purpose?
EM: I love helping others. I know that may sound cliché, but I have a passion for helping others heal and see that their healing and ability to heal is not outside of themselves. I love helping people see that all they need is assistance in activating their power to heal. A word goes a long way. Therefore, I believe that my purpose is tied into helping others discover that by offering that healing word by way of Hurt2Healing Magazine. What we think we lost, can be found. What we believe was taken from us can be restored. That’s what people who are suffering want to know, and that’s what I love to help others discover.

What is the significance of the title “Wounds Into Wisdom”?
EM: There are two great quotes that come to mind: “Life is 10 percent of what happens to us and 90 percent of how we handle it” and “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”. If we are able to see deeper into our experience, as painful as it may be, we can draw a profound level of growth from it. Our pain can lead us to a spiritual promotion. Our pain becomes our platform to self-empowerment and wisdom to impart onto someone else in need of a good word. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan tweeted, “God will not allow us to be tried beyond our ability to endure, though it’s difficult to remember this in the throes of the trial”. He also tweeted, “God loves those who are patient and steadfast under trial. Be careful of how you think when you are being tried”. If we can recognize the trial and begin looking for the lesson or the avenue to growth and how this experience can make us stronger, bolder and greater as a person, we can then acquire a level of wisdom from that wound and become what God intended for us to become, which is a reflection of Him.

What are some highlights of this event?
EM: We will hear from three dynamic speakers; Kelly Sargeant who is a survivor of sexual abuse  will be sharing her story of overcoming molestation. She is also an international award-winning speaker who competed and placed in Malaysia on a world stage. Mavis Jackson who is a survivor of domestic violence and substance abuse will give her testimony of overcoming both life-altering trials. She is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and the Founder of Overcomers Foundation, Inc. Also, Jillian”JJ” Simmons who is the founder of I’m Me Foundation, assisting middle school and high school girls with self-esteem.

These three brilliant women will give their testimony, sharing their experiences and what it taught them and how they were able to rise above it all and win. There will be a live panel discussion featuring the main speakers as well as the Founder of Hurt2Healing, Deric Muhammad who will give a male perspective as well as a child’s perspective watching his mother being abused growing up and the affect it had on him. The panel will also consist of Charissa Hall, a Licensed Professional Counselor, who will offer professional advice and onsite counseling sessions, free of charge. Charlene Muhammad of the Final Call Newspaper will be joining the panel giving a media perspective and sharing her work in covering related stories. There will be live entertainment, food and awesome giveaways!

What resources will be available to attendees?
EM: Every speaker and panelists is a resource; Kelly Sargeant is a life coach and consultant. Mavis Jackson is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. Deric Muhammad is a community activist and member in the Ministry of Justice. Charissa Hall is a Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Positive Fruits Counseling Services. Charlene Muhammad is a media mogul who sheds light on cases that most mainstream media outlets refuse to pick up. There will be representatives from various shelters and organizations related to domestic violence and sexual abuse. We will also have a 2015 lineup of events for women and girls to participate in that will expound into more details relating to domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, self esteem, self value, overcoming shame, guilt and much more!

Why is healing so important for women?
EM: Women give birth to the world, therefore, if she is healed and happy imagine what the rest of the world would be like. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan stated, “Any man that doesn’t respect the female, is a man that will degenerate his nation.” The reason the society and many countries are in the condition they are in is due to their poor treatment of women.  We are more than deserving to be happy! We deserve to be respected, we deserved to be protected, we deserved to be valued and we deserve to be healed. We are the apple of God’s Eye and anyone abusing the beloved woman of God is inviting His wrath. Therefore, the sooner we are healed and the happier we are, the healthier the rest of the world will be.

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