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How to Seek Understanding After Losing A Loved One

How to Seek Understanding After Losing A Loved One

Within the last 30 days I’ve received a surge of emails regarding prayer requests and announcements of those who have lost a loved one. This morning I was made aware that a sister-friend of mine suddenly lost her 17-year-old son, with no known cause. And if you’re a fan of Hip Hop or if you’ve been on social media within the last 12 hours, you’ve seen the announcement regarding Nipsey Hussle. The trending question among those who are in mourning is “Why? Why did this happen?” With so much loss in general and certainly with losing loved ones, it is only natural that one seeks understanding.

For me, when I need guidance, understanding and comfort on that level, one of my go-to’s is a playlist of lectures from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. There are many that I keep on repeat and one of those is “Seek Refuge In Allah” that he delivered in August 2017. This lecture has been so pivotal that I incorporated it into one of the RELENTLESScoaching modules for clients who are grieving or seeking a deeper understanding into their trials. Along with that message is his two-part series, “Losing A Loved One: How To Handle Death” (Vol. 1 and Vol 2). Within these lectures, Minister Farrakhan not only addresses loss and death, but he gives us the deeper meaning of it and a necessary look at it that has never been given to us before. He offers a perspective on loss that no training of this world could deliver (and I’ve had many grief and bereavement trainings).

Understanding is what those who are left behind crave. The soul yearns to make sense of the excruciating pain and void that is present. In the above-mentioned lecture and in those two volumes, Minister Farrakhan brings the reader and listener face to face with that understanding. He accomplishes that with a deep love, empathy and first hand experience. He addresses the thoughts that many have after losing a loved one or experiencing a loss but feel ashamed to express, and that is the role God plays in our life in such a time. He also gives the necessary steps to take afterwards, which is critical.

If you or someone you know has or is struggling with any kind of loss or transition, I highly encourage you to read, listen, absorb and study the words of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I promise you will receive exactly what you were seeking, and experience peace, comfort and calmness as I have countless times.

Also be sure to download the 2019 Saviours’ Day lecture that also speaks to the trials many have endured in life through adulthood.

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