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How to Reinvent Yourself

How to Reinvent Yourself

Ask a new question and you will learn new things. 

~George Greenstein



Theresa’s story intrigued me.  She was an award winning songwriter and former guest on my radio program, Destination Radio, (WTCC-90.7) in Springfield, MA.  I remember her saying, “People always talk about being down and out but no one ever talks about being up and out.”  My interview with Theresa was the most successful radio talk hour I had conducted in five years.  The phone lines lit up like diamonds.  Ms. T had revealed and reinvented her Self.


Reinventing yourself is demanding work.  Essentially, you are starting over from ground zero.  You intend to meet your goals, but sometimes life holds up a bright red STOP sign to get your attention.  In 2003, one year after relocation down South, I had an emergency triple bypass surgery and my whole world changed.  As it did with *Iris, a high profile television producer with a six-figure income reduced to divorce and food stamps.  *Ivan, a 43-year young acclaimed writer reduced to living with his mother.  As well as *Ivy, single mother to a son who purchased her first home and then lost her job.


We all can relate to hardship.  Yet, in order to understand our physical and mental limits, we must learn the powerful value in reinventing our lives from the bottom up.  How do we make intelligent choices while standing in the line of fire?  Good question.  Let’s explore the most important work you will ever do.


When you are faced with misfortune go ahead and scream, cry, run around and release all that tension.  Theresa was admitted.  Since we are the cause of our emotions, do whatever is necessary for you to calm your nerves.  Then, breathe and relax.  A calm mind is able to perceive and interpret what is happening and what is possible.  Next, look at the challenge for what it is.  Ask yourself is it urgent?  Is it accurate?  Did I create this mess or was my life interrupted by something else?  Author, G. Finley says, “Our lives are nothing but a series of invitations, a series of moments in which we run into what we don’t know.”  Adversity knocks because it’s time for you to know the unknown.  Time to step out of your comfort zone and into the twilight zone—it’s time to reinvent yourself.


Let’s talk about choices.  To reinvent yourself is to re-evaluate your decisions.  When the pressure is on—and it can get real interesting—you feel as if God doesn’t recognize your face or hear your prayers.  My featured guests and I felt that God left us out there on highway “figure it out.”  However I knew deep in my heart that I was nowhere near my best self.  I ran from her.  You might be running too.  There is an urgent need for more movers and shakers on the front line.  The world is calling for more courageous men and women to step up and say, “I am committed to becoming more of my Self.”   Are you there yet?  Are you really ready to Discover the Diamond’s in You?  Are you ready to showcase your gifts?


I believe that, because we are gifted nothing is against us. (James 1:2-8)  God’s high standards were given to reveal our greatness and that includes overcoming obstacles that we cannot imagine conquering.  Managing my health is my greatest challenge.  Sometimes the pain in my body overwhelms me to tears.  Yet, the pain of abject poverty and unhappiness is far greater than the throbbing in my body.  Therefore, I lean into my pain and fight for my life.  I am pregnant with revenue producing ideas and prepared to give birth to my brainchildren as I am guided to push.  Do you hear me when I say that I will push to deliver excellence from wherever and in whatever position that I find myself.  Do you hear me?  What about you Diamond?


My Discovery:  Use whatever you have to start from wherever you land.  Who can tell what we shall find?   Be mindful that before you can have a different life you must first be different.  Reinventing yourself will help you be DIFFERENT.  (1) Release, (2) Breathe, (3) Calm down, (4) Perceive and (5) Interpret what is happening and what is possible.  All we have is right now.  So right now, reinvent yourself from the bottom of the stairs.  Since you’re down there, pray to God for strength, unwavering faith, and wisdom as you step up on each stair to redesign your life.  LIGHTS!  CAMERA!  ACTION!!



The rhythm of life is when you experience your own body, mind, and soul. ~Yogi


Kimyon Zari






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