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How to Change Your Environment to Grow a New Mind

How to Change Your Environment to Grow a New Mind

One on One with Ray Muhammad, Certified Organic Gardening Specialist

Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): What is your vision of this New World as it relates to what Minister Farrakhan shared with us regarding the “Year of the Farm” and your method of bringing this into fruition? 

Ray Muhammad (RM): I see what we are doing in agriculture as the beginning phases of seed germination and development. In that critical time the environment that the seed grows in is vital. When the little seedling emerges and the environment is not right the plant growth is slow. This is where we are. Allah has implanted a seed in us and the Minister is watering this fertile ground causing new life (ideas) to sprout, but the environment is not the best.

In Our Saviour Has Arrived, the Messenger says that the way of making something new is to change the way of thinking. Therefore, I see myself as one of the front runners in our nation in this urban agriculture field, and I believe we are making great progress, but until we change the environment in which we live (think), our growth will continue to be suppressed. I would like to see us one day have an urban farms near every mosque and purchase rural farm land across the nation so that we can produce everything of food we need. One of the developmental steps of a baby is their ability to feed them-self, so this baby nation is growing and very soon we will accomplish that step.

EM: Yes sir! Thank you very much!


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