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How Much Do You Really Know About Jesus?

How Much Do You Really Know About Jesus?

How much do you really know about Jesus? In the Book of Revelation 12:9, Jesus says that Satan would deceive the whole world. In another chapter he says that Satan would deceive every nation, tribe and tongue. With that being the case, we have to ask the question, “Did Satan deceive the whole world about Jesus as well?” I believe Satan did. Let’s think about it. Why would Satan deceive the world about everything except the man that the scriptures say will be born to destroy Satan himself? The scene in the Book of Revelations 12:3, the Dragon (Satan) is described as being red.  Minister Farrakhan said the red symbolizes Satan’s anger at the pending birth of he who would end his rule. Satan attempts to kill the child as well as the mother. This is further evidence to show that it is highly unlikely that Satan would not try to alter peoples understanding of Jesus.

In my experience of sharing what I have learned about the true history of Jesus with others, I have learned that it is very hard for people to acknowledge that their understanding of Jesus is more of a result of Satan’s deception, rather than from God. I believe the same will be true for many who read this article. For those who still think that they have a correct understanding of Jesus, let’s see.

First, close your eyes and clear your mind and envision Jesus standing in front of you reaching out his hands toward you. What do you see? There is a great possibility if we are honest that you see a Caucasian man that resembles the many false images of Jesus we have seen so often. That image is far from the true image of Jesus, which is a Black man. Now some of you will say it does not matter what color he is and etc. I agree it shouldn’t matter what his color is. However, when there are billions of people who say they await his return, the stakes are too high to have a false image of him. Plus he (Jesus) is quoted as saying, “The truth shall set you free.” If we still believe in and have a false image of Jesus in our minds, then that means we are not as free as we may think/feel and someone is holding our minds in captivity. Who is that person?

Second question, do you believe that Jesus and God are the same person (the Holy Trinity)? NOWHERE in the Bible can we find words spoken by Jesus and his disciples, which are authentic, that support such a belief. Jesus and those who were disciples clearly understood that Jesus and God were two different people. If they did, why don’t we? Go and read chapter 5 of the Book of Revelations when Jesus was taken into a heavenly assembly where God lived. Who was the man sitting on the throne and who was the lamb? The man on the throne was God and the lamb was Jesus. They were two different beings. If Jesus never said he was God, who is responsible for so many people having this incorrect view of him? Satan again.

Third question, what date was Jesus born on? If you say the 25th of December, you are incorrect. At the touch of a button on the internet we can find out that this is a lie that is not supported by historical nor biblical evidence. Who taught you that he was born on the 25th of December? The answer is Satan again.

Last question, do you believe that Jesus was born of a virgin and had no biological father? That is also a lie that has been taught about Jesus. Go and study the promises that God made to David and Solomon. Have you ever wondered why Jesus was referred to as the Son of David? The reason he was is because God promised David (2 Sam. 7:12-17, Luke 1:32-33) and Solomon (2 Chronicles 6:14-17 and 2 Chronicles 7:16-17) that one of their descendants would rule over the House of Israel and His Kingdom. That descendant is Jesus. Jesus is related to David and Solomon through Joseph his father (Matt. 1:16 and Rom. 1:3-4). I know that is a shocking statement that collides with everything that you have been taught. Go and read the Gospel of Luke when Mary tells Jesus after he was found by them that, “…me and your father have been looking for you (Luke 2:48).” The father she was speaking about was Joseph. The word in Greek that was translated into English in that Gospel is a word that means biological father. If anyone knew who his father was beside God, it was Mary. If that is not enough, go and read the last chapter of Revelations 22:16 where Jesus himself says that he is the “offspring of David”. Define the word offspring. The words of Jesus further validates the genealogy in the New Testament (Matt.1:1) and the promise made to David and Solomon by God which God vowed not to break (Psalms 89:34-37 &132:11). So if you think that his mother was made pregnant by a spirit, when scriptures show otherwise, I ask again, who taught you that? Satan once again.

So if people are deceived about these four basic aspects about the man Jesus, what else have people been deceived about? Could there be a possibility that he has deceived people about Jesus’ mission, prophecies concerning him, the fulfillment of those prophecies and even the time when Jesus was appear? The same people who made us slaves and had the audacity to bring groups of stolen human beings to these shores on a SLAVESHIP named the Good Sheep Jesus; are the same ones who taught us about Jesus. All of this bears witness to words spoken by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in a lecture titled, “The True History of Jesus.” “I saw quickly that this man’s (Jesus’) history was the world’s most misrepresented and misunderstood,” stated the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. I agree it definitely is.

Be blessed and aware,

Student Minister Brother Willie Muhammad

New Orleans, Louisiana

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