How I Got Out of My Comfort Zone and Faced My Fears

How I Got Out of My Comfort Zone and Faced My Fears

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By Lavell

Why is it when life gets tough or when we come across something that is a little out of our comfort zone, the first thing we come up with is an “excuse” to why we can’t accomplish it or overcome it?

About a year ago I had realized THIS…..WAS…..ME…

When these moments were taking place, I had always convinced myself that they were “legitimate excuses”. They had seemed to make sense to the people I was telling them to, so they had to be legit right? Little did I know that I would create a pattern for myself subconsciously, for anything that perhaps made me uncomfortable, or too timid to take on. I had been setting myself up for two things, either not reaching my true potential in my career, relationships etc, or failure with them all.

I had decided to re-evaluate myself.

The first thing I did was get closer with God, building that personal bond and relationship with him. When I took that step along with reading and studying, I started to learn better ways to go about my life decisions. Back then I was really just trying to avoid the real reason to why I didn’t go the route required, to accomplish or overcome what I was hoping to change? Which I had learned was part of the reason right there, only hoping, but I’ll touch more on that later in this article.

So what is the reason to why I would come up with an excuse, if it’s not TRULY legitimate (when most aren’t)?

It’s very simple when you really think about it. It all boils down to one reason, one word……

(Here’s a few things I let hold us back and I’m sure some of you can relate)

1) Fear of failure.
2) Fear of not succeeding to the expectations I and/or others desire.
3) Fear of the responsibilities that come along with the situation or task.

Can any of you admit that these are a few reasons that’s crossed your mind in the past, this year, or even now? This is definitely reasons that followed me on my life journey.

Here’s a phrase that has stuck with me for awhile now, and in this year of 2012, I’ve just begun to believe it, in the early part of the year.

FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)

“Hoping” was a partial reason of leading up to an excuse. I had learned that I had to have more than just hope. I also have to have FAITH! By only having hope and not faith, I was implying that it “might” happen, that its a “chance” that it can happen.

The definition of hope is grounds for believing that something good “may” happen. So when I was only hoping, I opened the door for “fear” which opened the door for an excuse not to do what’s needed to accomplish what I wanted and/or what God wants me to accomplish or overcome.

The definition of Faith is, COMPLETE TRUST AND CONFIDENCE in someone or something. By having that complete trust and confidence in the situation or task at hand, you would have no fear and it wouldn’t lead up to an excuse. You will do everything in your power to accomplish it. You will never give up.

The Bible says in Hebrews 11:1 NIV 1) Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance(-certainty about something) about what we do not see.

We don’t know the future, only God does. So when we’re going through a situation or performing a task, we just have to have complete trust and confidence in God & that we can accomplish and overcome whatever it is.

With that being said you have to have FAITH in what you HOPE for, if not, that opens the door for fear; which opens the door for EXC– USES.

Thanks for taking the time reading this article. God Bless you all and I have Faith that with you applying this trait in your life that you will achieve beyond what you imagine. Achieve what God has planned for your life.


LaVell The Malachite is a Singer-Songwriter/Author out of Chicago, IL. This Man Of God aspires to Encourage, Inspire and Motivate others through his music, message, and Christian Walk in which without hesitation, Boldly gives God all the Glory; with the goal to contribute to spreading the Gospel & Building the Kingdom of God.


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