Getting out of my own way! Learning how to put #Respek on my own name.

Getting out of my own way! Learning how to put #Respek on my own name.


Today I woke up from a dream where I was with a friend showing a random professor something most likely regarding my brand as an artist. In what seemed like a total shock to me, the professor, out of nowhere starts reading my life. He started, “Don’t wait to do what you’re supposed to do. If this is what you want then do what’s necessary to make it happen. All this wasted time is not in the plan. What are you waiting on? You know what you want, do it while you can.”

Now this wasn’t what he said verbatim, because usually once I wake up from a dream I forget 90% of the details and only left with vague pictures and the general way it made me feel, but that was the gist. WHOAH! What a major wake up call right?! No pun intended. For a long time I’ve been coming to grips with the fact that the only thing that could and does hold me back from the life progress that I yearn for is myself and quite frankly, my laziness. I’ve watched youtube videos about how to get motivated, how to get rid of laziness (literally typing in “how to stop being lazy”), read books, religious study guides, prayer, etc! All of these things are awesome and help prep the mind for sure. However, it’s that next step that welcomes the “overthinking committee” of self; that step that if done will actually be the answer to all our prayers but also requires the overcoming of fear (which I learned from Brother Jesse stands for False Evidence Appearing Real). That step, you might have guessed, is ACTION. I mean, that’s it. I could literally end this post with that. Once we write out a plan, psych ourselves out to get prepped, eat the box of wheaties, make our vision boards, fast, pray, get back from the relaxing hiatus, the only thing thats left is EXECUTION!

By Akilah Nehanda

I’m still learning that things won’t happen for me just because I want them to. They will only happen if I take the proper Action. I’m learning to start small since my ideas are so grand. I’ve got to do step A before I can even begin thinking about step E or F! Even though the wise professor in my dream said don’t wait, I must be patient with the process once I do take the actions required. Waiting and being patient can be the same thing or two totally different concepts.

The Professor was talking about waiting as in expecting someone else to do things for me and being lackluster about my goals, while patience would be me taking action for my life but holding on until I see my goal manifest. Let’s take action and cut any excuses. “Well, see what happened was”, shouldn’t be in our vocabulary along with the classic “can’t” or even “I don’t have time”. WE have to do better since we know better. Maybe I can be your accountability partner by writing and you be mine by reading. Either way, we ALL must begin taking ACTION. Once the fear of not doing trumps the fear of doing, we will move mountains. Faith without works is dead. Dead…dead, buried six feet deep, nada, nothing, zero. I’m ready to be resurrected! How about you? Okay, then let us get out of our own way. Good luck!

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