From Pain to Purpose

From Pain to Purpose

by Felicia Watson

(Featured poem in the #Wounds2Wisdom Transformation Summit)

Proverbs 20:30 ~ The scars of past wounds are medicine for evil, and living reproof reaches the most secret places in the inward parts

Your wise eyes are a cover up for the pain you’ve endured….your mind holds on to etched memories that cannot be erased…internally you’re bleeding because your scars have yet to heal…your pain runs deep like poisonous venom trickling slowly through your veins…every breath is forced because the pain is so unbearable it restricts the circulation of air…the thought of death revisits you often but you just can’t seem to think it through…WHY…because my sister God has a plan for you…the turmoil you’ve tucked away in your bosom is what the devil uses to keep you bound…not realizing true freedom only surfaces once those shackles are broken down…you’ve dealt with more than most but don’t allow this to be where your story ends…your life is more precious than you realize and with faith and God’s help you will rise again…but that means you will have to be transparent and allow others to read what you’ve gone through…because only then will that secret no longer have a hold on you…the time has come for you to take your life back and experience what it means to be free…because you are your greatest strength…and now it’s time to re-plant that seed…and you’re right it won’t be easy but it will all be worthwhile…because the voice you use may just spare that next unsuspecting child…so pray, fast and seek God’s divine direction but please don’t delay…because one more day of silence may just be a little too late


Peace & Healing,

Felicia Watson


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nisa January 24, 2016 at 12:52 am Reply

This article is well written as I am healing and feeling the scars and the aching pain in part of my body. I never felt would only make me realize that pain is all I felt. Sad but I forgot what it feels like not to have pain. The scars began to look familiar like it was just apart of my complexion. Sad I was afraid to even think that looking in the mirror my eyes and my face showed what I been threw and not one person cared to say anything. I reach out and say I read the scripture three times it didn’t click, it hurts so bad but I know there is a message. Thank you I will keep moving forward and healing today during the silence. SISTER THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS MESSAGE

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