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Feel Empowered, Feel Beautiful: One-On-One w/ Islamic Fashion Designer Diana Rami

Feel Empowered, Feel Beautiful: One-On-One w/ Islamic Fashion Designer Diana Rami

The Islamic Fashion Weekend Features Designer, Diana Rami

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Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): You are doing what thousands desire to do and that’s to own a business and clothing line. What does it take to visualize such an endeavor, manifest it and launch it for the world to see?

Diana Rami (DR): I believe everyone has a purpose and a passion. Some of us instinctively know it from childhood, some have to work at finding it and others may fall into it by happenstance. One of the things my parents, particularly my mother, did for me as a child was to expose me to all sorts of various activities. More importantly, they allowed me to creatively express what I wanted (or what I thought I wanted) to do. They, along with my siblings, always supported and encouraged my expression.

One should continually master and refine their craft, always have a picture of their vision, and study/learn/apply the principles of business in general and those associated with their industry. Lastly, I say to step out on faith and believe in yourself. There will be many days when the frequency is low…people who you thought would help don’t; contracts get broken; your own belief may waver; and life happens. Therefore, it is vitally important to be connected to y our Higher Power and to continue to surround yourself with positive people who want the same things.


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EM:  One concern that many in fashion are faced with are the lead and hazardous chemicals in the clothing/fabric. In what ways are you ensuring the quality as well as safety of your line?

DR: I strive to use natural fibers in abundance. One of my goals is to have a textile manufacturing plant so we can design, create and manufacture our own cloth.


EM:  There used to be a time where clothes could be passed down, hand-me-downs, among siblings or a wedding gown from grandmother to granddaughter. However, in today’s industry it seems like clothing is made to fall apart despite the high dollar price tag. Along with durability what are some other core values you uphold for your line?

DR: Because I am more of a custom business, I am afforded the opportunity to work with my clients in a more personal way. I value them, I value my product and I value the relationship that we build. Most of my clients are repeat clients. Many are still with me after 15 or so years.

In terms of garment construction, some of the details I incorporate are seams that are triple stitched and finished, extra buttons are provided, quality interfacings, under pinnings are used, pre-shrunk and more than normal hand work is incorporated whenever possible. Also, I understand the nature of the woman and our desire and need to be and feel beautiful. I use my expertise to offer suggestions and guide to insure customer satisfaction.


EM:  Many on the outside generally see the end product and the glamorous side of owning a clothing line. What were a few ‘reality checks’ you were given that you didn’t foresee? How did you adjust and overcome those challenges?

DR: Most of the reality checks for me came in the form of limited resources. Since we really don’t make our own fabric, we as designers have to rely on what’s available on the market, which may or may not fit into our vision for the current line. We oftentimes have to tweek the aesthetics on some particular pieces of the line.


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EM:  This coming October your line will be featured and celebrated at The Islamic Fashion Weekend in Atlanta hosted by Sister Carmen Muhammad of Al-Nisa Designs. What does this opportunity and event mean to you?

DR: I am honored, grateful and excited to be asked to participate. The show is important, because while most people think “the East” when looking at modest fashion, we are here to show that beautiful, modest and fashionable ideas and clothing can and shall come from the Original Woman of Planet Earth. We are here to reclaim our responsibility of clothing as the New World Woman!


EM: What are you most excited about regarding that weekend?

DR: Seeing all of the designers and their presentations at the show!


EM:  How would you describe you style of design?

DR: Like my personality, my style of design generally is clean and simple lines. I will throw a wrench in from time to time to mix things up 🙂


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EM:  What can attendees expect to see on the runway from your line?

DR: Expect to see clothing that makes a woman feel empowered and beautiful.


EM:  To anyone, male or female, seeking to start their own fashion line, what words would you offer them?

DR: Leave it ALL on the field…!!!!!


To learn more about The Islamic Fashion Weekend and to purchase tickets, click on the image below!

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Sultana Ali October 5, 2016 at 11:09 pm Reply

I wish I could attend. Make a video and sell it after the show, so that we can see it.

H2H Staff Writer March 8, 2017 at 8:35 pm Reply

Greetings Sis and Praise Be To Allah! Thank you for your comment and feedback. It was recorded and from what I’ve been told, it will be made available soon.

Gloria October 5, 2016 at 11:13 pm Reply

Wouldn’t Love a catalog, i’m so Loving your Fashion

H2H Staff Writer March 8, 2017 at 8:34 pm Reply

Greetings and thank you for your feedback and comment!

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