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Fashion Fades, but Style Is Eternal: One-On-One w/ Islamic Fashion Designer Anju Tariq

Fashion Fades, but Style Is Eternal: One-On-One w/ Islamic Fashion Designer Anju Tariq

The Islamic Fashion Weekend Features Designer Anju Tariq of Sanriq Stylz

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Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): You are doing what thousands desire to do and that’s to own your business and clothing line. What does it take to not only visualize such an endeavor but to manifest it and launch it for the world to see?


Anju Tariq (AT): Honestly, it takes persistence, dedication, and energy- but it also takes humility.  Being a part of the fashion industry has been the most humbling experience of my lifetime.  You are building something that reflects a person’s soul.  So naturally, there are a lot of strong feelings involved.  You have to train yourself not to take things personally and allow yourself to learn from each and every experience.  Because every day that you can wake up and do something you love is a gift, even if that day was filled with criticism.


EM: One concern that many in fashion are faced with are the lead and hazardous chemicals in the clothing/fabric. In what ways are you ensuring the quality as well as safety of your line?


AT: My business partner oversees the process to ensure that we are producing a safe and reliable product.


EM:  There used to be a time where clothes could be passed down, hand-me-downs among siblings or a wedding gown from grandmother. However in today’s industry it seems like clothing is made to fall apart despite the high dollar price tag. Along with durability, what are some other core values you uphold for your line?


Sanriq 2


AT:  Style.  As the saying goes- Fashion Fades, but Style is Eternal.  Not only will my line last the test of time, but it will look good too!


EM:  Many on the outside generally see the end product and the glamorous side of owning a clothing line. What were a few ‘reality checks’ you were given that you didn’t foresee? How did you adjust and overcome those challenges?


AT: You have to learn to be humble.  You’ve put everything of yourself into your line and the reaction wasn’t what you expected- what now?  Do you see the reviews as not understanding- or do you look within yourself to see what you can gain from this?  Maybe the world won’t see your vision, or maybe your vision could be conveyed clearer, either way it is difficult and necessary to remain humble and gracious.  Then your mind and soul will be allowed to grow and learn from the experience.


EM: This coming October your line will be featured and celebrated in the Islamic Fashion Weekend in Atlanta hosted by Sister Carmin Muhammad of Al-Nisa Designs. What does this opportunity and event mean to you?


AT: I am so grateful for this opportunity to show my work.  This has been a culmination of decades of hard work and imagination, and I am so honored to share it with my community.


EM:  What are you most excited about regarding that weekend?


AT: Fashion is the highest form of art, because people live their life in it.  People, with their souls, smiles, and stories inspire my art.  I am excited to learn more about my fellow sisters and be further inspired!


EM:  How would you describe you style of design?


AT: I definitely have a more eclectic style.  I like to mix prints, colors, and embroideries that are outside the normal modern American aesthetic.  I like for people to look at my clothing and just think- Happiness. So maybe that’s my overall style- Eclectic Happiness!


Sanriq 3


EM:  What can attendees expect to see on the runway from your line?


AT: Attendees can expect Bold colors and extensive detail work.  It will be part on the runway!


EM:  To anyone, male or female, seeking to start their own line, what words would you offer them?


AT: This is not an easy job.  The mental Olympics, the physical work, and the constant networking can be exhausting, but also extremely rewarding.  Do not sell yourself short. Good things come for those who work for it.  Seeing a woman’s face light up when she lives her life in your design is worth every bit of your time.  You can do this!


To learn more about The Islamic Fashion Weekend and to purchase tickets, click on the image below!

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