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EXCLUSIVE: The Hidden Enemy and the Plot to Kill All Black Boys

EXCLUSIVE: The Hidden Enemy and the Plot to Kill All Black Boys

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Ebony S. Muhammad (EM): Briefly tell me how did you first become involved with the CDC Truth campaign against vaccinations and it’s link between autism and Black boys.


Tony Muhammad (TM): Yes ma’am. About a year ago, a member of the mosque gave me a call and said, “Bobby Kennedy, the son of Robert F. Kennedy, would like to have a talk with you”. I’m like, “Really? Talk to me about what?” I was then told that he had some startling information about what’s going on at the CDC and with autism and Black boys. The vaccines are giving autism to Black boys, and he’s looking for a Black leader to bring this to. He’s having a hard time to get someone to take a look at what he has.  So I said, “Fine, I’ll come and meet with him”.

I met with Bobby Kennedy and at that meeting was a scientist by the name of Brian Hooker, as well as Michelle Ford, Reverend Al Freddy, and other scientists and epidemiologists that I did not know. They revealed to me and showed me that Dr. William Thompson, who still works for the CDC and is the Senior Lead Scientist, who was doing a study on the connection between autism and the MMR vaccine. So Bobby Kennedy showed me where he had hired the number one whistle-blower attorney in this country and showed the press release that was written by Doctor William Thompson. It read that he regret what he and his co-authors did. What they did was pulled data out that Black boys, after taking the MMR vaccine, had a 240 percent chance of getting autism more so than their White counterparts. I was like, “Wow!”

Not only that, it said that he released all of the documents that proved this, because he and his co-authors were pulled in a room by those in authority over them to force all of them to throw away the data. Dr. Thompson said everyone did it but himself. He hid his and kept it. As a result, he wants Congress to subpoena him for those documents so that he can talk about what he and his co-authors did. He admitted that every time he sees a child with autism he feels partly responsible for that, because that information did show that there could be a link between autism and the MMR vaccine. There is a spike of autistic cases in all groups but disproportionately in Black groups. It literally destroys us at an alarming rate.

Once I saw that information, I asked Mr. Kennedy would he take a meeting with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. He said, “I was hoping you would say that. I’ve gone to all of the top Black leaders I know and not one of them would touch this issue. We feel that if Minister Farrakhan did it, he is the true voice of reason for Black people.”

So I made a call to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, and I informed him of what I had just made contact with and asked him would he take a meeting. He said, “Of course I will! Will they come to Chicago?” Mr. Kennedy said, “We’re leaving now”. A day or so later we went to Chicago, and at that meeting was a billionaire Jewish guy named Barry Siegel. He’s a philanthropist and likes to fight environmental issues. Also his wife, Michelle Ford, was present. Eric Gladen who did the documentary Marisol was there as well. There was also Brian Hooker, myself and Student Minister Ishmael.

Once they showed the Minister what they had, he told them of the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad how we were warned that something like this would take place. Then he showed them that prior to 1986, children only got three to four doses of vaccine shots, period. However, since 1986 and now with the new vaccine schedule, children are getting 70 doses of vaccine toxins before they’re even two years old.

So the Minister said, “Ah, that’s in Scripture and the minds of those who would carry it out has already been known to us.” He talked to them about the Old Testament and the attitude of Pharaoh when he saw he was losing control of the slaves because of the teaching of Moses. Then he went to the New Testament and talked about Herod who was also told he was going to lose his kingdom to a new ruler. Herod sent out a decree as well, to attack the male and spare the female. Herod said kill them two (years old) and under, all boys.

So the vaccine schedule is brought by the pharmaceutical industry, which forces parents to accept a rigorous vaccine schedule that gives their children all of these doses before they’re two years old. And now they have passed a bill or passes a law in the state of California, SB277, where all children must be vaccinated or they will not be allowed into school, public or private. You cannot claim religious or philosophical exemption. All children must do this. Any parent that’s on government subsidy or help, if they don’t have their children vaccinated their checks also their housing will be revoked.

EM: Wow!

TM: Oh it’s really diabolical. The Minister, after hearing all of this, promised Bobby Kennedy and others that we would take this up and asked would they be strong enough to stand with him.  Mr. Kennedy said, “That’s why we’re here. There’s a lot of us who follow you whether you know it or not”.  The Minister said, “Well I’m quite aware that I’ve made a good impression on many Caucasians”.  He said, “We will certainly have Minister Tony follow up on this and we will make this a part of 10.10.15“.  Again, he asked Mr. Kennedy, “Are you sure you’ll be able to stand? You know I get a lot of attacks.” Mr. Kennedy said, “Matter of fact, I would like for you to take my picture right now with you and put it out in your publication”.



The Minister told Mr. Kennedy this was not the first time a Kennedy had been to his home. His (Bobby Kennedy’s) cousin who died in a plane crash had come to the Minister’s home, because he owned a magazine, and he came to the Palace to interview the Minister. Now, a few years later, this Kennedy is at his home. He also made him aware that he and Mother Khadijah got married at the same church as John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He said that the Kennedy paths and the Farrakhan paths have crossed quite often.

The rest of that is history and now we are involved.

EM: During the webcast of the Chicago town hall meeting regarding these vaccinations, you mentioned other instances that vaccines would be mandatory, one being employment. You also mentioned private and public schools are making it mandatory, and now we see a lot more homeschooling taking place. What are some other conditions or instances that are going to become mandatory, and is there a year that it will be installed?

TM: What we are hearing is that they are working on some legislation now, because this involves babies in nursery schools and day cares. Also, any worker that comes in contact with children have to receive mandatory vaccines. By the year 2020 they want every American to be fully vaccinated. This is how powerful the pharmaceutical industry is.

Bobby Kennedy told the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, “We’re the ‘Camelots’. My family is very wealthy so we run around in those kind of circles and we know all of the owners of all the major networks. Every one of them I know; those who own the radio stations. Minister Farrakhan they told me that I can go on any of their networks to talk about anything, with the exception of vaccines. They will not let me do it. Any of their journalists who tried to do it anyway, they would fire them.”

The Minister said to him, “You’re dealing with the big Shaitan. You’re dealing with the Dragon in the Book of Revelation. You have to have courage if you’re going to go up against the pharmaceutical industry.  You brought it to the right man. I hope you all are strong.”

So the billionaire Barry Siegel was like, “Minister Farrakhan, they’re very powerful.” And the Minister said, “They’re NOT powerful! The only power they have is what you give them. To me they look like a flea, because I know what’s backing me. I will show you the Power of God. We will deal with them”.

California has always been the jump start state for bad legislation. Once something passes in California, you can almost bet on it that a year or so later it will become a federal law. The sad part, dear sister, is that some of our Black elected officials are a part of the scheme and have been bought off. Some are only motivated by money, but they don’t even realize the dangers of vaccines. They really believe vaccines are safe. Many of them have not read on it or will even accept taking a meeting that we can inform them.

EM: You went right into my next question regarding the public figures, religious leaders, those leaders in education and other organizations. Who have you been receiving support from? How does it compare to the opposition?

TM: Right now it’s been limited support. We had two sister legislatures who stood up and did not vote for the SB277. Every other politician that we brought it to have tucked their tails and ran. I personally reached out to Congressman Elijah Cummings in Baltimore, because I knew him. We did business together. I called him. He’s over the committee that oversees the CDC. I called him on behalf of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and told him what I had. He was very cordial and friendly and excited even. I told him, “I’m going to send you all of the data so that you will see this for yourself. This man has hired a whistle-blower attorney and is admitting that they did something wrong.” He said, “Man, we just had them in here. Do you mean to tell me they lied?” I said, “You get the data and you make that decision for yourself, but we have to do something about this”.

He promised me that he would get on top of it and he would get back with me. Well three days later he called me and his whole countenance and energy changed and he said, “I’m for vaccines.” And I said, “Elijah, I’m not saying that you’re not for vaccines. We’re dealing with a whistle-blower who still works for the CDC who’s saying he lied and you all are using his study. It is his study that everybody beats everyone else back with that he said he lied about.” He said, “Look man, I’m not dealing with this. I’m not going to deal with this.” I was like, “Really? Right before the Million Man March (20th Anniversary)? You’re going to do this? I have to report this to the Minister?” He said, “Do what you have to do.” And he hung up.

The same thing happened with Frederica Wilson, Congresswoman of Florida. She has drafted the federal bill that will make it federal mandated of ALL children.

See sister, let me tell you what’s happening. In 1986 the pharmaceutical industry is the strongest lobbyist group in the world. They have exceeded the oil companies. The pharmaceutical industry have bought out Congress as well as our regulatory agencies; FDA, AMA and the CDC. Many people leave the FDA and CDC and take on a million dollar-a-year job with the pharmaceutical industry after they help them get legislation pass that delivers the American people to their arms. They were so gangster, they got Congress to pass a bill in 1986 that indemnifies them from being sued. Meaning that even if you can prove that your child was injured or killed, the pharmaceutical companies can’t be sued. They’re untouchable and the American people don’t even realize it.

So what they did is set up a vaccine court, and they used the tax-payers money. Now look, you’re talking about gangster…  If a child is injured, you and I pay for that injury from the tax-payers money. The pharmaceutical industry is more wealthy than the entire American government. So when people try to tell me that vaccines are safe, I say: Well if they are safe, this government has already paid out three billion dollars in vaccine injuries. So how in the hell is that safe? If the vaccines are so safe then why won’t the pharmaceutical companies stand behind their products? Something ain’t right with that picture. They aren’t talking. They don’t even have to go through the vaccine injury court that the government set up. The pharmaceutical industry don’t even have to show up.

There’s a sister, a Black woman, poor and can’t even afford that kind of court, because you have to have money to go up against that. Therefore, the Black and the Latino and poor White are out of luck.

EM: I am at a loss for words…

The tour that you’re on and the screening of the movie Vaxxed that actually goes into a great amount of deal regarding this matter; my first question with that is how is the tour going and what has been the reaction of those who attend been like? How has the response been as it relates to the documentary?

TM: Oh my God…the response of the people coming out? We have packed every venue; Chicago, Compton, St. Louis, L.A. In Compton, California we had to turn a couple hundred people away. When the people view the film, as Robert De Niro said, the people become angry, livid, and not a dry eye in the house.



The film just lays it out. They get to hear the taped phone conversations that Doctor Brian Hooker had with the Senior Lead Scientist. The Senior Lead Scientist didn’t realize he was being recorded. Brian Hooker was in Portland at the time, and it’s not against the law in Portland and in the state of Oregon to record private conversations. He has over a hundred taped recordings of this scientist crying his heart out to him showing him how to get access to the data.

The pharmaceutical industry do not want Black people, in particular, to see this film. Since they pulled the film from the Tribeca Film Festival, Robert De Niro went to go see it privately. After he saw the film he became angry and said, “No wonder they didn’t want me to see this!” He’s married to a Black woman, and their oldest son has autism. So he called his wife, and his wife said after the vaccine is when their son went bad. Robet De Niro went on FOX. He went on another news network and went off. He said that the pharmaceutical industry has too much control and something needs to be done about this. This conversation needs to be had and the scientists need to go at it and either prove or disprove. He said ALL people need to go see this film, but particularly African Americans.

You have in those screenings Black mothers coming in their feeling exonerated, because they were told by the doctors that it was genetic. Mothers knew it wasn’t anything wrong with their child, but because the doctor has on “the white coat” we take our doctor as a god. Many of them have been living in shame for years. Now to find out that their government did it or allowed it to be done… They are complicit, because there’s a whistle-blower that they won’t even call into Congress, that’s criminal! To hear the cry of these mothers, it will take your breath away.

So the response is absolutely overwhelming. People are saying in the premier, “Come back!” In St. Louis the pastors want us to come back and get a bigger arena that holds thousands.

The directors of the film gave it to the Nation Of Islam. We are the only group that has been given the right to take it into the urban cities in America, because most of their premiers happen in White neighborhoods at private theatres, so it doesn’t get to the Black community. We have to go out of our way to view it. Therefore, they wanted the Nation Of Islam, under the leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to have it. The Minister said, “Brother I want you now to go to every major city in America and do what you did in Chicago, especially that lecture you did”.





EM: All praises are due to Allah! Absolutely! With that said, for those who want to invite you to come out how can they go about doing so? What needs to be prepared? What can they expect with bringing you in?

TM: What we will give them is how to promote it through social media and through your Local Organizing Committees. They can expect a two-day event, possibly three days where we will premier the film. The film is the town hall meeting. We premier the movie on Saturday and then on Sunday I do the lecture titled “The Hidden Enemy” where I go behind the curtain and pull the covers off those who are involved in our demise. Sometimes we’ll do a Friday screening for leadership and pull all leadership into a private meeting, because many of them are scared. They are afraid because the pharmaceutical industry put a lot of money into faith-based grants.

EM: Thank you very much dear brother. Is there anything else you would like to add?

TM: The thing that is important is that we know that since 2004 when the lie was covered up, over 100,000 Black boys now have autism who may have otherwise not had it at all. So we realized that we’re not being shot down and killed by the gun, we’re being taken out by the mind that Yakub developed in the Devil. He used a minister, he used a doctor, he used a nurse and a cremator and when you go into the pharmaceutical industry that’s exactly what you find.

What is happening to Black boys through the vaccine makes Tuskegee (Experiment) look like a Sunday school outing. They are turning these boys into zombies, and now I’m wondering why zombie is the number one game that’s out now on these video systems. They’re desensitizing our people who may not have the mental capacity to get along in life with movies like The Purge. All of this is a part of it and people are looking at this like it will never happen. Well we thought we would never see the kind of watches they had on Star Trek where they start talking to you with their wrist to their mouth.

So with the Satantic mind, we know that legislation can be passed. They said by 2032, 1 in 2 boys will have autism.

EM: Oh Allah!

TM: Now that’s ALL groups! Now factor in it hits us worse. It’ll be 85 percent of Black boys. This is why we have to stand up and we have to lift our voice or we don’t have a future.

What we are finding out, dear sister, is that quite a few MGT & GCC (Muslim Girls Training and General Civilization Class) in the Nation Of Islam who knew better gave in (to vaccinating their children). So it hurts you. I met two sisters in St. Louis, MGT, whose children have autism.

That’s what I would leave you with and that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said that when we go to Atlanta this year in October,  he’s going to come and stand out in front of the CDC and he’s bringing the Nation Of Islam with him. He’s going to stand with the vaccine movement to call the government to subpoena Doctor William Thompson as well as going to go to the Black Congressional Caucus and Latino Caucus and warn them not to the vote on any legislation that would force children to be vaccinated.

So it’s on!

EM: Yes sir!

TM: These people have been at war with us. We just don’t realize it, and the greatest way for you to be taken out is through the faith you have. We found out that the medical symbol that is used is actually a religious symbol. It’s the religion of Satan. If you have faith in your doctor, faith in your nurse, faith in the medicine, that’s religion! So we were admonished by God in the Holy Quran where He said, “Take not your doctors or your monks as a god beside God”. This is why. That’s why Master Fard Muhammad came and went into our medicine cabinet and threw all the medicine away. So it’s on, and the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is more needed now than they ever have been.

EM: Yes sir, we are in that Time!

TM: Yes ma’am. I thank you, dear sister, for this interview. Thank you for allowing me to have this time.

EM: All Praise is Due to Allah! Thank YOU Brother Tony for your mighty stance and work! What you are doing is not for the faint of heart, and I pray that Allah continues to guide, strengthen and protect you. May He bless you and us with much success in reaching our people with this information.


You are welcome to follow Student Minister Tony Muhammad on Twitter for more updates @BroTonyMuhammad and learn more about Vaxxed and the CDC Truth movement by clicking the image below! #StayWoke


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